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I really can't believe a whole year has passed since joining the Gauche Alchemy design team. An amazing time has been had playing with their delectable, quirky stuff and being let loose to ramble away on the newsletter. So it is with great sadness I bid them adieu...


*loud nose trumpet*

*wipes away a tear*



I'm still on the team! NyanyanyanyanyaNYAAAAH! Woohoooo! Still writing the newsletter and two articles for the blog a month. I feel I've grown so much in confidence and changed a lot both within myself and my arty craftiness over the past year, a lot of that is down to the Gauche DT experience :D So thank you very much ladies for your infinite madness wisdom in keeping me on and assigning me to my baby! (The newsletter!)

The rest of the new team have been announced over on the blog today - want to meet them? Hop on over and say hi! Lots of new and exciting things are happening behind the scenes - keep your eyes peeled people, keep 'em peeled!

Can I just say for the record... WOOOHOOOOOOO!

I thank you and goodnight. (Well, morning actually.)


  1. Well done you - I love it when real talent is recognised.

  2. Congratulations hun. It's been awesome looking through your creative goodies for the last year, glad to hear there's more to come

  3. WTG Carmen!!! You have real talent. :)
    Hugs xx

  4. I am so happy for you ...well done ... and yes you have grown in confidence ... in all areas...hope the move is going well too xx

  5. Hey - glad I get to work with you now! Can't wait! x

  6. You tease! Pretending you had finished at GA! Great that you are continuing with them, I have always enjoyed your creations and humorous posts and will look forward to seeing more! x

  7. Great news, looking forward to seeing what you create this year.

    I'm still happy about Tom :o)


  8. I am so happy for you Carmen, CONGRATS!!!!!!

  9. I was a little worried there for a second and then saw you were teasing us I love to come over and read the posts!

  10. Hi Carmen, I'm catching up after being away - well done, you! I had a sneaking feeling Gauche wouldn't want to let go of you!

    I'm not much of a Facebooker, but I am there somewhere and I'll hunt you out - wouldn't want to think I was missing out on the gossip hahha


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