What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Hello, hello, hello. Not done this for a while have I? So that means lots of pictures - I'd click away now if you're in a hurry...
Still here? Good. Have you got a cuppa? Piece of cake? Okay - then we'll begin...

During an afternoon I head to the dungeon...
On the floor is where I dry my canvases and do messy, splatty stuff. That box has some of my paints in. I love the swivel chair - Craig's Mum gave it to me a while back. It's brilliant, I zoom up and down that room on it. The dark brown chair is rubbish and hurts my back so now it's just used to dump stuff on.
My desk - there's Craig through the window, scoffing the lunch his wonderful girlfriend made him, not suspecting he's about to star in my WOYWW at all.
As you can see my monster needs liposuction on his backside... don't we all eh? He'll have to wait.
Close up, because if you're anything like me you want a little rummage. My new Kaiser Colour paints arrived this week. Oh how I love them - was running real low! The round thing is a polystyrene pizza base. I use them as paint pallets - when they are loaded up with layers and layers of colour they then get chopped up to make pretty, grungy things! Just started on that one so it'll be a while before it's pretty. There's a cup of tea under there somewhere too...

Turn around if you will, and there's my sewing machine...
Closer up and this is me laughingly trying to sew Number 2 Monster's latest Brownie badge to her sash. I say laughingly as it took me a good 10 minutes just to do that... and it was her home skills badge! Ahaha! I never know if you are meant to sew those things on by machine or hand or what.
The grey stuff is some stamps Number 1 Monster wants cut out and Ezmounted. The uber cool skully bag you can see is a Lunch Lady Jan creation that goes everywhere with me and that I love to bits. It's perfect for lugging my stuff to and fro each day and is like the tardis inside! So much fits in there!
So that's my desks today. I hope you enjoyed your visit, I can't promise to get around everyone else but I'll do my best and will definitely stop by all the desks that stop by here, just drop me a comment so I know.

If you haven't played along before and want to open up your creative space to a bunch of nosey parkers like me, be sure to link up with Julia, our leader extraordinaire :)
... ... ... ... ...

The following is a rant and purely for me to let off steam so that it doesn't seep into my Rocking Friday post...

We've lived in this house for nine years. For that nine years the lorries that reverse down the tiny alleyway next to us, to get to the steel fabricators behind us, have been reversing straight into our living room wall. Our landlord comes round and patches up the bumps and scrapes... and so it goes on.
Not one apology from the drivers. Not one. The couple of times I have gone out and politely asked for their details, to pass onto my landlord, I've been met with a gob full of abuse. I'd like to know how they would feel if I drove to their house and just kept reversing into the walls and then driving off.
Anyway. Today we get home to this. (You can see where the landlord has previously patched.) The wall has been hit so hard it's actually moved the wall.

Our living room wall... it's like this floor to ceiling.

I'm fuming. Positively steaming. Again no apology, not even a note through the door. I'm now thinking that one more big whack... well, I don't even want to think about it. And what if one of the girls is sitting there?
Landlord is coming round to inspect tomorrow. Bloke from the firm out the back tried to deny all knowledge.

Did I mention I am absolutely livid here?

I can't see any other option but to move now. And that really, really *insert several rude words here* me off. We are in a prime location here. A large green with park opposite the house. Library, train station, community centre and free carpark all opposite the house. School 5 minute walk away. My dad is a 5 minute walk away. We have a great landlord...

And we have literally been driven out.

What do we do though? We are going to ask our landlord tomorrow if he has any other properties empty at the moment... but what if he doesn't? We don't have money to buy or to place a large deposit. We have pets which most private landlords don't want.
Gaaaaargh! We can't stay though. I keep looking at the wall and looking at the girls. Makes me feel sick just thinking about it.
Anyway, just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for stopping by and letting me rant and rage, lovely people.

Ciao for now x


  1. Loving the canvas on your desk, looking fab already ... wish I could get down there to have a few lessons from you.

    As for the wall, what utter Ba$!@£ds!! Could some bollards be put up, maybe attach something to the wall that would damage the lorries, but only if they back up too far with sign up warning them. ((((big hugs)))) hunny, I hope you get somewhere even better than you have now, maybe even with central heating!! xx

  2. Bloody hell, no wonder you need to rant! I hope you get something sorted soon, and your landlord can help! You were fortunate indeed that you were out... doesn't bear thinking about.
    On a lighter note, how fab to see the dungeon in occupation - by you both, lol!

  3. WHOA.

    I was going to say something funny to make you laugh it off,
    but that's awful.

    Freakin unacceptable, unwelcome lorrie.
    lorry? lorrie?

    i'm not sure how to use this new word you've introduced into my vocabulary.

    I'll decide and get back to you.
    I think i'll use it an an adjective And a noun. Sort of like when i say shit.

  4. cover all three gir1s with tomato ketchup and lay them in front of the damage

    1. Turn the image into posters and tell all the locals and the council are they waiting for this accident to happen????

    2. Insist that the council protects the public and removes the access or makes it safe.

    3. Give Luke & I chance to graffiti a group of children onto the wall and demonstrate the point further with a public information video of the lorries activities that will be shown to all local residents, landlords and Councillors... and we'll get local TV to cover it too,

    FIGHT it Carmen...


    also love your desk and that you are woywwering...

  5. I enjoyed a good nose round your desk and work room. When you've developed the bum sucking liposuction please put me at the front of the queue, ahead of ungrateful inanimate monster object.

    As for the lorries - bloody hell. How about suggesting cctv to landlord - all this patching up must be costing him a fortune, and if he could prove who did it.......... also, he has a duty to sort this problem out maybe by suggesting legal action against the steel fabricators for being responsible for damage to his property. In the meantime, however, it stinks :o(


  6. omg carmen hope you are all ok and it can be sorted for you. I'd be asking the council to stop access if they can. That's disgusting. No wonder you're angry and worried.

  7. Holy cow! That's terrible. I wonder if you could do something defensive like attach some large spikes and such to that part of the wall on a bright orange sign saying, "STOP!" Something to get their attention.

    I'm scared for you, that seems dangerous.

    Love seeing WOYWW - you're always up to the most interesting things.

  8. Ah I think Donna has a point -= phone the local paper...or the local TV....frightening.

    meanwhile though, can I say - great to see ya. And Craig! And the sweing machine.wowser!

  9. OMG Carmen that is way too scary. I think Doone has a fab suggestion and also the CCTV might be a good idea. Why should you be driven out of your home?

    Love your dungeon and the zoomy chair!

    Claire x

  10. every girl should have a zoomy chair but not a blinky blimey lorry damaging you home........ There must be something the landlord can do and even if he is a nice guy he should be doing something. CCTV is a good idea. Hope you can get something sorted....

  11. OMG Carmen - that is soooo not right. You should be safe in your own home. Def. CCTV and I'd contact everyone I could think of...Council, local newspaper/radio/TV. You shouldn't be forced to move like this. Also tell your landlord to grow some b******s and do something! Must be costing him loads and he'll never find tenants again!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. pardon my French and love your workspace. :)

  12. I too think you need to fight this ...talk to your landlord ...then contact the council and the papers and think about a camera thingy. Have you talked to the boss of the company ...is it him who says its nothing to do with them, or just a worker ????
    Happier things ....wow you do have an amazing space to work in ....and I love your canvas.xx

  13. ....and we'll take the baby to the Goblin City, and you will be free. great film, his tights were a bit tight though weren't they!
    ...yes, get pictures to the local paper, great idea, what a shocker!! you could get a 'hand' coming out of those cracks they're so big! or...a cats tail, people will tink there's one stick in there!! Hope it's not spoiling your crafting or work! HaPpy WoYwW

  14. Insane!!! You poor thing, you deserve to rant all you like. So glad everyone's safe. Sending many good thoughts your way :D

  15. Oh sweetie, I so enjoyed your WOYWW and all your creativity and then the latter part left me absolutley gobsmacked, in all honesty not even a note! I agree bollards are the way to go surely, the house will need to be checked to ensure it's structurally sound and ask for some bollards lots of lots of them and perhaps permission to draw a giant target on the size of your house with copious notes as to what they can do if they hit the bullseye grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - thinking of you all - biggest hugs!

  16. i'm reading this with my jaw dropping lower and lower...


    what's wrong with some people!!!!

    So sorry to hear your life has been flipped upside down. I'd be taking their reg plates. police trace it very easily.

  17. Maybe the city can erect some sort of metal or concrete post ther after hearing your case? Perhaps the landlord will fight with you?

    That is sooo messed up!!!

    ...loved poking around your stu.....I mean dungeon, though ;)

  18. Oh Carmen what a nightmare and really scary. You definately need to take it public, get the local paper/radio station/ TV involved. Hold a protest and we will all come and lay on the ground in front of the accsess for you. Great idea from Doone about painting children on the wall. I hope you can get this sorted, what an extra worry you just don't need.
    Lovely to see your dungeon and all your works in progress, wish I lived close enough to come and play!

  19. Carmen, that's terrible! Definitely start with the council, then if there is anything that can be done, they should issue the landlord with an order to force him to do it. Let us know how you get on! And do think about trying this first before putting yourself through all the hassle of moving

  20. Love your page on your desk.. and your studio.. so nice and airy.. and so much room.. love zoomy chairs..
    That is insane though.. like the idea of painting children on the wall.. there are some other great suggestions too.. hope the place is still sound though.. can't they put some kind of big pipes or something there to stop them before they hit the house? they put them around buildings a lot here.. hope you can get that landlord moving on it.. so you don't have to move..

  21. Flippin' 'eck Carmen, such attrocious behaviour from these drivers... shame them, name the firm behind your home, see if that makes them take some responsibility...take the advice of many of us here and fight this - you're happy there in that house, your landlord is great... sending big hugs for small comfort :D

  22. Just popped back to say I am glad things are looking up a noch,...and re my comp ...we were thinking about the tower only, too ...just need to find a PC World ...as you know, Fife has very little of that sort of thing, so that why I internet shop a lot.xx

  23. It is terrible that you have to live in fear that your girls might be injured. I am with the others. I would 'doctor' the girls up and lay them in various poses, take pictures, make posters and distribute them about. I would make the landlord put the retaining pipes in or even do it myself if you really want to stay there. Hope you get it sorted out soon! Vickie

  24. Oh my goodness, you deserve all the support you can get! Hopefully the landlord will be very active because ultimately it is his property which is being damaged and which he will have to pay for to make it habitable for you. The council also have a responsibility, so we are all fighting your corner here!

  25. I was so enjoying all of your WOYWW fun; especially that zoomy chair! Then I read about the lorry monsters. I hate that you are living with that nightmare. You shouldn't have to move from a place you really like. Something has to be done about them.

    I'm hoping your landlord steps up and realizes that's his property getting damaged and maybe his tenants will be next. Surely he can put up some kind of barrier there or something! I hope this gets worked out for you.

  26. Love the tour of the dungeon and now have a mental image of you tearing up and down on the zoomy chair!!
    More importantly... DO NOT BE DRIVEN FROM YOUR HOME!! That is completely appalling on behalf of the firm the trucks are delivering to and the truckers themselves!! So, give written notice to the firm that this stops... they must make alternative delivery arrangements. The company the lorries/trucks are delivering from would be very upset that this is going on... I know, because I worked for a steel delivery firm and any damage to property by our delivery drivers was an insurance nightmare! Fight back... go to the press... anything to make this stop!

  27. Can't you report it to the police or something? I'm sure that's against the law!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed peeking into your craft room. I too work on the floor sometimes! And I love the idea of re using the pizza base! Patsy from

  28. I love your workspace by the way! wish i had something so cool! Im hoping to have a little more space in the new house...that brings me on to new houses....its really very sad that you have to move, but i think i would to, the worry would just be too much! Just think, maybe you will find the perfect place that everyone loves and you can have a nice new start!! :-) chin up!


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