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I'm becoming very aware that my memory is atrocious and getting worse. So with that in mind and the fact that I have zillions of photos not getting looked at on my hard drive... I've decided to try scrapbooking again. Document my photos before I forget what they are showing.

I became quite disenchanted with scrapbooking, I never could find my style. After the initial excitement at discovering all the cool products out there I quickly realised that my trying to emulate people who cram billions of pounds worth of product onto a page (OK, slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean) was not the way to go for me. Pretty to look at on screen but I had no clue how to store them and I didn't like my own pages like that, they just didn't ring true.

Plus I'm a cheapskate.

So looking back through the one solitary album that I did fill in the short time I scrapbooked - over a year ago now, I've picked out the few that I do actually like...

Whoopidooings   - Feed The Birds Scrapbook PageCarmen Wing at Whoopidooings - Embossed Baby Feet - Tiny Toes Scrapbook PageCarmen Wing/Whoopidooings - Dadisms Dad Scrapbook PageCarmen Wing - Whoopidooings - Mum Remembrance Scrapbook Page

Carmen Wing Whoopidooings - Labyrinth "Through Dangers Untold..." Scrapbook Page

Looking at them makes me realise that although in other arty crafty areas I'm all about the grunge and throwing everything within reach at something and hoping it sticks... and then gluing and painting some more... perhaps in scrapbooking I'm all about the pictures and maybe trying to concentrate on the story.

Keeping it simple.

So my challenge to myself is this:
Actually start scrapbooking, which means physically printing or ordering some photos.
Use only the stash I already have which should appease the skinflint in me. What embellishments I don't have will be made, won or swapped.
Journal - don't think about if it sounds cheesy or not to anyone but me - sharing on here is simply that, sharing. Really - the pages are for us here in this house, why do I worry what other people might think? No, I don't know either.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ponderings  :)


  1. I too have struggled with the fact that my LO's are simple and not always full of embelishments and techniques ...infact when I try to be trendy or too arty, I hate the result....its not me. I think the answer is ...if you are happy with the results and you feel it does the photo justice or tells the story, then its right ...the ones you have above are prime examples especially 'Feed the birds' and the one of our Mum. I have to say that many pages I see I think are amazing pieces of art but the photo is just another embelishment and some times I have to look hard to find it. I fell ...probably wrongly that scrapping is all about the photo and preserving the past... and today... for those in the future ...or to rekindle memories of happy times within the family ...a canvas is for being arty.
    Use what you have...thats what I am doing but just adding the odd new paper ...make your own back grounds if you want ...bubble wrap and paint break up a plain card stock if it seems too plain ...just do what YOU feel is right you usually do and YOU are are usually right...look forward to seeing your new LO's.
    Sorry ...went on a bit there.xx

  2. Scrap-booking is definitely something to do just for yourself. Don't worry about the masses, just enjoy it for...YOU :D You're too talented to worry's true :D

  3. I've never really got into scrapbooking but can appreciate what people create (I always enjoy looking at Virginia's LO's and SusieJ's). The LO's you have picked out here are very YOU, and so personal that of course you shouldn't give a stuff what anyone else thinks about them. They're FAB though! The one about your Mum (?) is so touching and heartfelt I wanted to give you a big hug, so here it is, a cyber hug ((x)). I know that probably isn't the right doo-dahs for a hug, but it's my kinda cyber hug!

    Btw, I may be shiny and I may be happy but I'm no lurker!!


  4. awwwww gorgeous layouts....I really love the tiny toes one :)

  5. I really want to do some scrapbooking some day. Your page with your mum on made me cry, not just well up; proper tears ~ it's beautiful!
    Kandi x

  6. Fab pages hun - love each and everyone. Ashamed to say that I bought a stack of scrapbooks from TK Maxx and have only ever done the one page that I blogged eons ago :(

  7. I've never been 'into' scrapbooking - probably comes from not having children - but I love the simple pages much more than ones that have loads of 'stuff' thrown at them - the photos tell the story - especially yours, which are fabulous! As you say, they are for YOU and your family to enjoy. Go Carmen!!

  8. I agree, my scrapbooks are about the image and the story FULL stop - no embellishment needed,


  9. No need to worry about what other people are doing, you do what is right for YOU! When I look in magazines and they list the products used, they often cost a fortune all added up, especially when they've piled 'em high with embellishments. The main thing about scrapbooking is the message you want to say, which is what you've done so well here. (Love the mum one btw, would want to pinch that idea!) xx

  10. I found scrapbooking whaen my daughter was born...I lovingly maintain logs of all her firsts and milestones and made complete books of the first 3 years of her life.....

    I've kinda given up now....don't find much desire for it when I can play with paint or other fun stuff...

    I like your pages! I, too, could never understand why some would choose to put just 1 photo on every page and fill the rest up to the brim with embellishments...not my style either :)

  11. Great beautiful, have never gotten into scrapbooking.. no wish to.. I would just like to get the thousands of pics upstairs scanned for the rest of my mom wasn't an album person either.. arghhhh)gotta agree though.. do what you're happy with that's all that matters.. xx

  12. It’s well timed that you wrote this blog post, just as I have been starting to think that I ought to document my family’s life better. I don’t know if I’d ever go back to full on 12”x12” scrapbooking, as I haven’t done that since 2006 and I just can’t bear the thought of going back there! I’m not used to such large canvases any more :) But maybe more mini books / smaller journals that are scrapbookish in nature…. I’ve recently started work on a mini book of our trip to Paris in Feb. Let’s see how it goes….

  13. Just popped back to thank you for your comment ...glad i was of help in a small way. I have just had a look at that link .... I am sure you could create the protector pages ..add some artist trading card or comic trading card wallet pages ...maybe sew up a 12x12 protector down the middle to give other sizes to store bits. ...i think you could have fun.xx

  14. It is so funny how me and you always seem to be thinking about similar things at the same time missy!! lol. I'm also just getting into scrapbooking and journalling and am going to start with our Paris trip and document that. I agree with what you and all the others have said, it's a personal whing, who cares what others think! I've seen so many styles and ideas out there whilst researching this so am gonna do a bit of everything, scarp files filled with clear pockets and card etc and more of a journal type book aswell. We shall see!

    Loving some of your layouts though, hope mine turn out half as good.

    Becks xx

  15. I can so totally relate to this. Scrapbooking is such a tricky one because I think we all want it to be about the memories but then the arts and crafts and stuff gets in the way.

    My scrapbooking is all over the map. I find scrapping with my painty stuff makes me happiest though. For example, this page is photos, the calendar blotter page I was done using to catch my messes and staples:

    The pages you posted are lovely. Looking forward to seeing more.


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