Rocking My World Friday...

So, What's Rocking My World Friday... on Monday!

A box of deliciousness arriving in the post. Mmm paint. Was getting very, very low and so ordered some more... haven't bought any in absolutely ages so this was a real treat. The colours are just lovely.

My sister giving me the heads up about one of my favourite ever childhood films being on Amazon at just over £3!! When I went to browse, there was LOADS of my favourite old films at that price so two fell into my basket completely by accident. Much groaning and muttering from Craig when they arrived but I can't wait to watch them.

I can now rectify the terrible misdeed I have done to my children in that they have never heard of Danny Kaye!! Gasp! Either that or, if you listen to Craig, I am going to inflict more of my tat onto them - either way they are in for a fun, fun, fun education in film!

A certain bonkers person phoning me up just as I'd got in the bath. Then, because I took the call and was splashing away merrily and she then heard Ruby come in and proclaim she was going to the loo... well, this was her apparent reaction...

Teehee! Thanks for the laugh on a day when I really didn't think I would Gaily.

The same day Craigy had already taken me out to lunch so we could raise a glass to my Mum. It had been the anniversary of her going. Once again I thought I'd handle it better than I did - strangely it was the day before that got me all emotional, I wasn't so bad on the actual day. But thank you both for being the people you are!

Saturday - should this technically be the coming Rocking Friday? Ah well, it's going in here. Saturday I went to Pickleberry Papercrafts for a workshop with Jane Dean who was brilliant and very, very funny. I spent the whole day making something I really love and not only that... I finally met The Bristol Girls. This is a group of girls I chat to on UKScrappers. One of them, Debbie, was in the original group of girls who took me under their wing when I first started getting back into crafting. That was 4 years ago so it was amazing to properly meet her and the other girls. They've been so supportive through a lot of highs and lows, they may not realise how much but it was fabulous finally meeting them face to face. And blimey I love their accents. I was chuffed to bits when they announced they were coming to Kent to celebrate Jayne's birthday.

L-R: Debbie, me, Jayne, Cheryl, Lynne & Joy

This is my version of the box we made - you can see Jane's version that it's based on here.

Look what I rescued - the wetwipes I used, aren't the colours gorgeous? Comes to something when wetwipes rock your world doesn't it?

Then afterwards we went for a wander around Whitstable and had a yummy curry. Really delish.

On Sunday, Craig, the girls and I went to a charity BBQ at the fishing club he goes to. Hottest day of the year. Heat and I generally don't get on but I was able to duck into the shade quite a lot and it was a really lovely day. Devvie held an owl and Ruby even stroked it.

By the sound of it quite a bit was raised for the cancer charity too - they do such a great job every year and it's a lovely day out.

I have to say though, the best part of the day was the bloke with the owl asking Devvie if me, her and Ruby were sisters! Hahahaha! That's the second time in a year she's been asked if me and her are sisters, last time was at Ally Pally. She is not impressed. Teehee! Craig wonders if it means she looks really old or I look really young - I know which I prefer.

Oh yes, thank you also for all your lovely words on my  rant on Wednesday. We really are not happy to stay now, we can't get bollards put up as it's the only access to the firm out back. There is CCTV already out front - it was actually the reason I took this house, there is a whacking great camera on a pole directly opposite my front door.

Things are in motion. You wouldn't believe how much has happened since Wednesday - the truck hitting our house seems almost serendipitous now. I'll keep you updated.

So what Rocked your week this week? Why not pop along to Virginia's and play along? You'd be amazed at what good things you can find in a week that you really thought was pants.

Thank you as always for stopping by.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend after your crud (albeit clean) start to the weekend ;)

    You were talking to me aaages before you said you were in the bath.. naked.. thanks for not mentioning my lady garden tho ;p

    Love you loads- I really wish we could see each other more often- maybe in the future



  2. Blimey, that's been a bit of a week! I love that pic of you creating with the others - I'd wish I lived a bit closer to lots of my crafty friends!

    And, um, I'm a bit of a closet Danny Kaye fan too

  3. What a week! So glad you had - mostly - a great time - you deserve it. Of course you could pass for sisters, you look way younger than you claim to be. The box you made in your class looks fantastic - I love it. As I do my birthday card - thank you again!

  4. My, you have been busy, no wonder Friday became Monday. I love the box!

  5. Love, love, love your box. Glad your week eventually rocked and that you've even managed to put a positive spin on your housig problem. xxx

  6. Fabulous box and thanks for the giggles.
    I know some of your week was pants but bits of it were really lovely - esp. the being asked if you're sisters.
    How lovely to meet fellow scrappers in real life - wish we all lived near each other.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. there's a message for you in my rocking post. :)

  7. Oh my what a full on posting that is - Jane Dean is one of my scrapbook heroines so I'm so totally green with envy now, I'm also giggling at that photo of Gaily now her photo makes complete sense as to who she was talking to LMAO!

    Can't imagine (don't think I want to) what else has happened since said lorry did its reversing followed by disappearing act hun, hope you and your clan are OK!

    Off for tea not been in long and well I'm shattered!

    biggest hugs as always

  8. Glad you joined the Rocking party this week, better late than never, eh? Lovely idea to celebrate your Mum's life with lunch and a raised glass, although I understand how difficult it is.

    Your altered box is lush, how lovely to meet your friends for some craftin'. Is it strange that I'm lusting after your wet wipes? Was Gaily not wondering what the splashing was before you told her you were in the bath? Did she think you were a mermaid?! Great photo of Devvie with the owl.

    I hope everything gets sorted out with your home, sounds like there's lots more happening.

    Have a great week,


  9. What a great week! Love the owl especially....and being mistaken for a much younger (and I'll just add hotter, for good measure) version of yourself is always a good thing :D

    ...And Court Jester!!!! Yes!!! We still quote that movie at my parent's house often....the chalice from the palace holds the brew that is true!

    Love ya girl!!!


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