Rocking My World Friday...


In fact I even accidentally posted yesterday... on THURSDAY! I know! I shall wait a moment while you compose yourselves after that shock.

I've been away not just from Blogland but for the most part from the whole internet for a few days. I can't even tell you what I've been doing - not because it's top secret or anything... I just don't know. Feel like two weeks have just zipped by there and I blinked and missed them. No arting, no crafting, not even much reading really... maybe I was abducted by aliens and had a good probing! Who knows?

So a couple of weeks of Rocking catch up. Hmm.

Well, I'm still grinning as I think about this one. We got Craig the Family Guy Monopoly set for his birthday and he, Devvie and I sat down one night to play it. Let me just tell you I wiped the floor with their arses. At one point they were laughing at my merrily buying properties and building my little streets and mansions while they stockpiled their cash...

...not laughing so much when they decided to take a stay or two in my properties. Oh no sirree. They even ended up joining forces and I still trashed them. They are baaaaad losers but I am an even worse winner! Should I even be admitting how much glee I got from forcing my own daughter into bankruptcy and denying all pleas for a deal, a loan, leniency... all accompanied with (quite over the top) sobs and wringing of hands? Hell yes! They shouldn't laugh at mama! Oh no sirree! There has been much whispering in corners, I have noticed. I suspect a rematch is on the cards. MWAHAHAHAHAR! Bring it on lahooohoohoosers!


Next up is managing to convince that same teen that a 10pm bedtime during the week is more than acceptable. Especially when you have exams next day. For a couple of years now she's been heading off to bed at the same time as Craig and I... in fact I've sometimes been going up before the pair of them. For the past week or so she's been heading up at 10... with only minimal grumbling. The change is astounding... no more zombie Devvie of a morning and no yelling for half hour before she rises from her pit. She's up, dressed and downstairs on first call. And almost coherent! Plus... less arguments between her and Pheebs - I swear it's connected! It's brilliant!

This also means that Craig and I get a couple of hours each evening to be a couple rather than parents or work colleagues. It's made such a difference to us too. We've spent every night curled up on the sofa, cuddling and catching up on Season 2 of True Blood.

In fact... it's been so successful he only went and ordered season 3 yesterday! Woohoo! At this rate we may actually get to watch all those other DVDs we have that are still in their cellophane wrapper! Haven't watched loads because Devvie is squeamish!

  Next up is lovely mail. Don't you love it when you get gorgeous things arrive that aren't bills through the door?

First was my PIF from Jo. Click through to her blog to see better pictures. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a bag bling thing... I'm thinking of hanging it off my green pen/pencil holdall. So much to sit and look at. I really must get my PIF's finished and posted - am glad we have till the end of the year!

Underneath the PIF is some sectioned 12x12 page protectors from Sarah. She sent me these after seeing my last Rocking post. How lovely is that? They are perfect for what I wanted to do and have convinced me to get some more albums. Going to start doing a yearly book of 12x12 scrapbook pages interspersed with these type of pages to hold things like the school Star of the Week awards and the cover of the box of fudge Ruby won for her tiara. I've already started filling these pockets. I'll share when I get going properly. Thank you again Sarah, they're brilliant!

I also won a book this week from Graeme's blog. You should really check him out if you like books. He holds regular giveaways both UK and international, I've won twice with him. He reviews a right old mixture from comic books to fantasy to horror. Anyway - I won this one. A horror that his review assures me will leave me looking over my shoulder long after I finish it. I shall let you know what I think *g*

I am a bit behind on my blog reading and hadn't seen Graeme's post announcing the winners. I was literally hand down toilet scrubbing away when the postie knocked so this really brightened that day for me.

Next is the pair of blackbirds that have been visiting our yard. We think it's a dad and child. Goodness knows what they find out there as we only have two tiny troughs but they keep coming back. I've started leaving some bits out for them and keep trying to get a photo but when they see movement they shoot off. Their antics are so funny to watch. We've just been standing at the window making up the father/son dialogue you can almost see passing between them.

Other things to make me happy this week are lovely enquiring emails from people wondering where I was - thank you :) Loving how a 3 year old embraces the rain rather than complaining - jumping through puddles and dancing. Our stupid dog Cooper and his overly dramatic presenting of his backside or ear to people and freezing on the spot till said body part is scratched. Honestly, freezes like a statue and just has this look as if to say "I'm waiting?" Almost a whole week has passed without Phoebe doing some kind of injury to herself... we still had ripped school trousers and stained clothes, holes in her shoes... but no injuries! Woohoo! And a visit to Hastings to see Craig's parents which is always lovely.

How have you been? Why not stop by Virginia's and play along? Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. I hear ya when you talk about bedtimes. My girls are a nightmare to get to bed at the weekend. They think I should make their bedtime later during the week, but they are miserable enough now.

  2. Bits of my week have been rubbish - you wouldn't believe how much your Friday posts remind me to look out for the good little things. Thanks, Carmen!

  3. mmmwah xxx well at least people emailed you- apart from you I go missing and nobody cares/notices and if they do I'm not worthy of an email...grumble, mumble.moan.. I'm allowed to post negatives on another person's friday posts, right? :P ... Currently 4 weeks without anyone even popping in for a cup of tea... if it goes on much longer you'll *have* to come up so I don't combust like a combusty thing hehe. Yeah exams are crudola. Corey's had his too the past couple of weeks. more mmwah xxxxx

  4. So glad your post is finally here, lol,I mean, really rofl! In fact I was convinced yesterday was Friday, when I saw your tweet.... so disappointing to find out we had another damn day at work (but today I am in the office on my own, hence doing this when I should be doing something meaningful..... nah nah nah, boss!) Enjoy your rematch at Monopoly and the best of luck again - go Carmen! Hope Devvie embraces her earlier bedtimes for a long while to come - and you get to continue enjoying "couple time".
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I swear there is something going on with the rotational aspect to the earth. I lost a day as well!

    Oh and I had to stop by to say I loved that True Blood poster! LOL

  6. What a lovely post - I was wondering where you were and totally confused by you posting yesterday (I've done that before!).
    Anyhoo..good to see you and to read your gratefuls. Enjoy your "couple time" and catching up on your DVDs - what fun.
    Remember the bedtime traumas from when DS was a teenager - he used to get so grumpy through lack of sleep. :(
    Have agreat weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. this week's reading has been vampires,fairies and shapeshifters..just for a change!

  7. Wow I'm exhaused reading that list - I wondered where you were - now I know catching up on vampire series LOL! Thank you for the your heartfelt thoughts they are much appreciated as always! The 'date' nights in sound great, maybe I should stop moving paper around my crafting table and do the same!

    Glad you found the Dara sketch - absolutely genius and much needed this week I can tell you! Well have to dash got to collect little man, get him changed and head down to Church for part one of the funeral!

  8. Popping in to say 'Hi', we keep missing each other with our comments. That question you were asking about the Facebook book competition I answered a while back somewhere (in the comments) on one of our blogs - think it was yours somewhere? It WAS the same publishers that produced that other altered book, I chose to win the book you recently saw on my blog rather than the one I won via you simply because I had read the other one. Still hope to get it as well though... Sorry for all this ramble, its almost as long as your post! Chow, Nicky x

  9. I have missed you! ...and, I know...I still have an envie to mail to's not just sitting here stamped and me, lazy, I swear! I truly want to put awesomeness in it since I'm sending it across the pond and all...hehe! Give me a bit more time...

    So nice to hear you've been enjoying couple time! Perhaps the probing you mentioned is no longer alien? ;P Did I just say that!?

    Anyhoo, I've truly missed you...and love these posts...makes me glad to know you and I get to laugh a bit, too!


  10. I wondered where you had been, the blog link doesn't always come up when I go into fb but I always look on your wall at the weekend for it and it wasn't there!! I won't be long til you're up here, can't wait to see you all again xxxx

  11. So glad you're back!
    lol...nothing like a good probing...(really got a kick out of that one)
    Now they're definitely going to have some devious master plan to crush you in should be afraid...very afraid :o
    I still keep my 11 year old to a ten o'clock bedtime...but the older ones...Ahhhh!!! not so much :'(
    Miss those


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