Rocking My World Friday...

...look if I did it on Friday you would all die of shock and I don't want that on my conscience.

Happy Friday (actually, Saturday) everyone!

First of all - My Rocking week was kicked off by you lot last week. I almost didn't post my last Rocking Friday and so very nearly pulled it many times. Thank you for all your comments and emails, I'm so glad I did write it in the end and you really all just blew me away. There was serious sniffles this side of the screen I can tell you. Thank you. Again.

Much more positive this week.

Lots of talking still with Craig, who also happened to hit the dizzying heights of 30 on his birthday this week. Yes he's my toyboy, 4 years younger. Lots of positive action and thinking this week. Lots of plans put into place too. I can't really share the biggest one yet but, if it happens - I definitely will. Other stuff like his encouraging me to start scrapbooking again, ordering some canvases to get me painting... keeping the kids busy so I could get the Gauche Alchemy newsletter out... it all adds up and all the encouragement is so appreciated. Love you Craig! (Yeah - he lurks on here!)

Charity shop book bounty! Look what I found today - one for me and one for my Dad! Woohoo! Both hardbacks!

Phoebe, after spotting handmade journals on Pinterest, setting to work with scraps of cards, cardboard envelopes, masking tape and paper...
Her room was tidy when she started!

I'm not allowed to show you her journal till she's done the cover nicely. But I'm just loving the enthusiasm. In fact Pinterest has inspired all of us this week. just loving it - I've found so much inspiration on there from journals to art dolls, found loads of scrapbook pages I love the style of - check my post below if you wonder at what I'm rambling with there... I love these the look and style of  Project Life. You can't buy the 'official' albums or protectors here in the UK yet so I am going to have a bash at doing my own version. This is what I was talking about - this is what I was seeing in my head! Including everything in the pages - the girls pictures, the stories of our life... I'm so inspired!

Even Craig has been agreeing when I shove ideas under his nose about what to do in the house (courtesy of Pinterest) he's sort of agreed to a wall or almost a wall of bookshelves in our living room! I can't tell you how excited that makes me - we have one diddy book shelf on our landing that we all share at the moment - there is a teensy (huge) amount of overspill onto the floor! Books are such a big thing in our house.

Next up...

If you've got kids you know where I'm coming from here. Oh the stains, the wrecked clothes... I've tried everything from the most expensive of stain removers to the cheapest. Let me tell you this - TV adverts lie!

Ruby stained one of her nicest dresses with baked beans while we were out today so on a whim we stopped off at the 99p shop and this is what they had in stock. Didn't expect much really, expected to consign another nice item to the ever growing rough play pile...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Do you see a stain in the background fabric above? It was covered from neck to hem! You can see it faintly, if you take it into the daylight and scrutinise it up close. You really have to know the stain is there to see it! I'm so impressed - am going back to stock up!

What else? Lets see... reading stories to Ruby at bedtime, sunshine and warm breezes, cuddles on the sofa, my dying flytrap coming back to life after a massive pruning, making full use of our Port Lympne passport with another day out yesterday, a tall icy glass of lemonade and lime in a pub garden, barbecued veggie burgers... oh, Devvie my teenage eldest standing up for Phoebe her arch nemesis 10 year old sister in a disagreement... history was written that day! Stopped a looming row in it's tracks as we all, Phoebe included, were stunned into shocked silence! ... Oh so many good things to think back on this week.

Thank you again for coming back each week and for any comments you might leave... How was has your week been? Why not drop by Virginia's and play along?


  1. Glad your week rocked hun. Bless your DD - hope you'll blog the finished project as it looks awesome. x

  2. Sounds like a good week. Love your charity finds, the Merlin Conspiracy is supposedly very good - I got it reserved at the library and still waiting... there are a few people before me.

  3. Phoebe is a chip off the old block, isn't she?! I love the pictures of her engrossed in her project, well done you for inspiring her. I stlll haven't worked out this Pinterest thing, it seems SO complicated!

    Great list, Carmen. Sounds like there'll be some changes afoot but as the saying goes, "If there were no changes there'd be no butterflies."

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  4. I LOVE pinterest too (as you may have noticed!), so much inspiration there. Lots of us crafters all swapping our good finds.

    Love that style of scrapbooking too, would like to do mine like that. Great to see Phoebe really getting into crafting, my boys just don't have the interest (sigh!)

    Nicky x

  5. I love these posts...the ups and the downs of a life I care so much about! Of course, I wish you all the ups you can get....reading your blog is one of mine :)

    Pinterest seems to be the talk of the town right now! I'm so happy to hear you have a source of inspiration to turn to that truly excites you! On pins and needles tosee what changes and projects you'll be revealing in the hopefully near future :D

    Oh, and in case I was being too secretive and you didn't pick up on my clever ruse....I want your addy so I can send you something...haha! So much for trying to secretly surprise you by being all casual...heehee ;P

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely week :D Wow a stain remover that actually Now to find it in the And your teenager standing up for her sister...the earth quakes...that one has to etched in stone somewhere...good for her! (and you :D)

  7. so glad you are having better times,.

    Oh joy,

    best thing this week?

    At the Hay Festival Niall was sat reading his book and thought I was too, I GOT TO DRAW HIM

    it's the only time i can 'catch him' - 20 whole minutes


    and it was on Friday so my Friday really rocked...

    am going to look at it in the cold light of day and see if I can use it for something more than a gesture drawing...will post it later maybe...


  8. Hi Carmen - those partitioned page protectors really remind me of the old 'scrap smart' system. I still have a few of those lying around, more than happy to post them on to you if you would like them? Drop me a pm on fb or uks with your address and I will pop them in the post.....

  9. Yay for Pinterest! I can't keep away either

  10. PS I got some of that stain remover from the 99p shop today, now I'be just got to wait for a stain (methinks it won't be long.......!)


  11. Another reply from me... Whilst bloghopping yesterday I spotted this blog post and 'thought of you' as they say:

    (Scroll down for the pages) The albums and pages are from American Crafts and they are available in the UK at .

    Oh, to have lots of albums! (sigh!)

  12. I have hardly been on line for the last few days - so sorry! finally got to read your Rocking post, love it all as always, love the charity shop buys and the story of sisters standing up for each other! Hurray for the oxi action for rescuing loved items! Loving the idea of a wall of books, we had our own 'library' in our last house, basically we ended up with an airing cupboard with nothing in it so Craig shelved it floor to ceiling and we had step ladder in there - it was great - miss it now we just have breeding bookcases! Right off for food - starving and not engaged brain since I arrived home!


  13. Congrats on your charity finds.....whenever we are out looking for treasures at garage sales the area with books is the first place my Dear hubby and Daughter head too! I got my daughter now reading your blog....she loves when you review books!!And I love all the pictures of Phoebe hard at work creating :)

  14. Love the 'say your right words' above your comment box....know the entire script of that movie off by heart!!! Love pintrest too! Ladybird sent me an invite and i clicked onto it and I so didn't get it either so deleted the email link! Then she showed me what it is all about and now im hooked too! Blogger has been playing me up so sorry I have not commented for a while, just read back through all the posts ive missed. Glad you are feeling more positive this week.I think you and me have a lot in common Carmen, not just on the art front. You can always email me if you fancy a rant!! x


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