Pallete to Card

For anyone who saw my WOYWW post you may recall in amongst the waffle and ramblings (and ranting) that I mentioned using polystyrene pizza bases as paint palletes. Well, when they are loaded down with gorgeous colour and no longer recognisable as a pizza base... I chop them up.

Here's a couple of birthday cards I made. I know, this is getting to be a habit! People will stop giving me their addresses at this rate.

I have a new model today, Lucy. She was in the only sunny spot in the house and wasn't about to give it up for a couple of cards.
I'm not moving...
She'll go away in a minute...
Look, can't a girl get some sleep around here?

So, all I did was cut shapes from the pizza bases using my craft knife and a candle tin as a guide. Paint the edges with bronze paint and Glossy Accented the front. I really love the colours and the people I gave them to didn't seem to horrified at my attempts so am a happy bunny.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a brilliant idea and I just love your model :-)
    A x

  2. For someone who confessed that you "are not a cardmaker" you make great cards. Love the humour with the dog, I could really imagine him 'saying' those things! Nicky x

  3. Inspired idea Carmen (you take recycling to new levels!).
    Max says he doesn't blame Lucy for not moving - if you find a comfy spot you hang on to it. He also says "woof".
    Hugs xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous .... & the cards are fab as well, would never have guessed what they started life as.

  5. Love your recycling! I was looking at the card (mine is the one on the left!) and trying to work out what it was - I got as far as cork - but didn't think of pizza base!!

  6. Excellent - I shall no longer be binning pizza bases! Oh you'll so have made my DH day - more rubbish to be hoarded :) xx

  7. What a clever and inspired idea ...I think Lucy thinks so too lol xx

  8. What a wonderful idea! They're lovely...and so is Lucy :D

  9. Brilliant use of those pizza bases, the cards look fantastic.

    Lucy is SO sweet, what a gorgeous looking girl. Love the last photo with her ear over the card (like she's listening to you wittering!).


  10. They turned out very nice...even if Lucy didn't seem to care....a dog is color blind anyways...haha!

    That sunny spot does look quite cozy, though....I don't blame her for wanting it for herself :D

  11. Ace cards Carmen, would never have guessed they were made from pizza bases! Sweet dog too, if I put any of my work near my dogs they would probably eat it! x


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