Gauche Alchemy Design Team Call

Exciting news is afoot. Gauche Alchemy has put a call out for new design team members. I've been on their team for nearly a year and can honestly say it's been a blast!

GA don't pigeon hole their designers - they want you no matter what you create whether you work with paper, paint, fabric, canvas, clay... do you think you could rock their found object/vintage awesomeness? Have you got a bit of snarkiness in your soul? Give it a shot! I didn't think for one second I had a chance but I applied anyway! And the crazy fools took me on - why should you be any different?

Blatantly nicked from the GA post.

Head on over to the Gauche Alchemy blog for all the details. Deadline for entries is July 5th 2011. Good luck everyone :D

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I don't know, it might be too much of a commitment (says she, as though she's been selected). I'll go and have a look at what it's all about.

    Thanks Carmen!


  2. PS Are you related to Amy Wing......?

  3. tempted to go for the video thing...


  4. Donna - apply! Apply!

    Jo - *g* no though we do joke that maybe a few generations back we may be related somehow :P

  5. neat idea - i sort of want to apply...
    i mean, HEY! Cool LOOK YOU Put up my Button!

    oh cool!

    my day just unsucked!


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