Rocking My World Friday...

Happy Friday everyone :)

I wasn't going to take part today, honestly I wasn't. It's supposed to be a feel good look back on your week and I really didn't feel like it. How naughty is that and so not in the spirit of Rocking Friday so here I am. Chastised. Mulling over my week...


Well, I took some pictures of my commission canvas to email and get feedback on. So I decided not to do anything else to it till I'd had the feedback which made me at a bit of a loose end. I tidied up The Dungeon with this spare time. (No longer the Stu-stu-studio - it's so dark in there and the unit opposite ours was raided this week... not sure why that applies to it's name change but it's now The Dungeon.) so I now have a shiny, clean, tidy dungeon. That makes me happy. Just need to apply the same to the house now.


Pinterest I signed up after being invited to join a few weeks ago. Didn't really get it. Left it. Seen it being mentioned throughout the net again this week, people weren't just talking about it but seriously raving. So spent some time yesterday and today having a poke around and now... I get it! Not only that but am addicted completely!

Not sure what it is? Well, best way I can explain it is as virtual pinboards in which you 'pin' stuff you are 'interested' in. Pinterested if you will. Like inspiration boards. BUT, you can see what other people have pinned and pin that to your boards too. Plus, each thing you pin links back to some really amazing blogs that I personally doubt I would have found otherwise. I don't know if I'm explaining it in the best way but it is really very inspiring to say the least. Plus if Firefox decides to die on me - I have my bookmarks, complete with pretty pictures saved online instead of just in my bookmarks. If you'd like an invite to join, give me a nod and I'll invite you.


Alright, going to bore you all... I think the main thing this week has been the appreciation of my relationship with Craig. I feel really lucky that I can talk to him about anything and I mean anything and he, me. I've never had that with anyone before not even my closest friends he knows stuff I've never told anyone. He knows the best of me and also the worst. And he's still here. Sometimes, I think I've mentioned it before, I get these moods that are hard to shake off. I think there are triggers but sometimes I don't spot them, he usually does. Anyway - the past few weeks I've been heading into one of those dark places again and it hit me well and truly this week, culminating in the mother of all migraines. What with one thing and another we've chatted and put plans in place today to help me get through these times. The key thing is that I can feel it happening and try to hide it from everyone, I get tired and lethargic and so, so sad... and am admitting to myself finally that it's been happening all my life. Maybe it's slight depression or something, I don't know - I wont go to the doctors as I don't want pills. I have little to no faith in doctors - seen them mess up due to lack of interest, or being to busy maybe, but they've messed up big time with people I love. I don't trust that they don't just dish out medication willynilly.

Anyway, as I say Craig is my strength. Always there even when I'm telling him to go away. Supportive, listening, talking back. We've put plans in place to help me with keeping on top of the house, give me some structure. Get me working on my art & craft properly again, get me smiling. I'm actually feeling focused and happy with things to look forward to. Am going to catch up on emails and blogs over the weekend. If I haven't replied to emails I'm sorry - I just haven't been in my right place. We're going out with the girls tomorrow and am looking forward to the half term this coming week... I don't think I tell him enough, even though he tells me all the time but I love that bloke from the tips of his tootsies all the way up to his dodgy quiff. Even with his questionable taste in music and love of *yawn* politics. He's stuck with me.

So, plans enforced... hopefully next Friday will be more upbeat. Thank you all for stopping by and taking in a rambling woman's mutterings yet again. Why not stop by Virginia's to meet the rest of The Rockers.

How's your week been?


  1. god i love coming here because you are sO real.
    I love that you are a real person and not a phony internet entity.

    Yesh. I actually like you MORe after this post.

  2. I am so glad you posted this - and that you can share the bad as well as the good. Your relationship with Craig is so strong - I really envy you that (as a divorcee!) and I am happy that he is there for you pulling you out of the dark places. Have a GOOD weekend.

  3. LOL at your dungeon - I suspect the name change is due to your current mood. Hang in there chick half of the battle is won once you realise, recognise, accept and have focus. xxx

  4. this post made me cry, but in a good way

    I am SO happy for you that you have such a strong relationship with your chap, and that he understands so well how to help you when you hit a low point

    gulpity gulp

  5. Sending you lots of squidgy virtual hugs Carmen.xx You are very lucky, a great partner is worth his weight in gold.

    As you may have noticed, I really heart and have embraced Pinterest, its absolutely brill for getting inspiration.

    Nicky x

  6. Aww I know how you so glad you posted this.. you are so lucky that Craig understands and is so wonderful... am sure that clean shiny Dungeon will get it's lovely studio name back in a bit... take care...

  7. Carmen, call me an interfering old cow if you want, but I'd love to see you thinking about a bit of doctor-al help. Honestly xx

    Pinterest - also hooked after about 3 days. I'll look out for you

  8. I'm glad you have someone who can help you through whatever it is that your going through :-) Keep strong...nd do more art you lovely little arty person :-D

  9. Ah bless hun it has taken me two days to get back here and comment properly, I read this on Saturday and decided rather than a brief reply I'd come back when I had more time. I did wonder where you were - so I'll know now when you get quiet that you're heading towards your darker place. I too am a big believer in not taking tablets, but I'm also a big believer in helping yourself at the same time. Having Craig there as your rock is immensely important and way to go him for knowing when you are getting a little down and knowing the signals - there aren't many who good say they are as in tune with their other half! I too feel the Dungeon will re-emerge into the Stu-stu-studio as you lift your head back up. Now this is exactly why Rocking Your World works in all honesty because apart from the fact that we have to dredge through our lives in the last seven days it also allows us to see things that we'd change if we got chance - and you got a glimpse of that and decided to act. You know we are all here when you need us, but so glad you've got Craig and your girls there for lots of hugs!

    Sending you the biggest cyber hug you can imagine! Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day!



  10. I wasn't able to comment before (darn Blogger) but I wanted you to know I did stop by...and much earlier than now :)

    Hang in there, Love....a good man by one's side makes all the difference, doesn't it?!

    Maybe change the name back to Stu-stu-studio....dungeon sounds like enduring famine and torture rather than creative rapture :)

  11. it's still gonna bare the graffittii,

    can't spell,

    no matter what the space is called, we are spraying it with colour,

    sod the bad light

    big hugs



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