Rocking My World Friday...

Hi all. I can't believe I've been a whole week without posting!

So - what's been fabulous about this week? Lets have a think and look back *swooshy hands & time travel glitter*

Hmmm, some book yumminess in the post. Nothing I love more (apart from new art/craft supplies) than getting a new book... so to have FOUR arrive. Well. Happiness indeed.
The bottom two were a win from Book Chick City - honestly this blog is responsible for making my wishlist huge! The top two have been sent for me to review. They all look fabulous!

Next up was Artists & Illustrators magazine. I've often seen this in the shops and ummed and aahed about whether to buy it. I will admit it was totally the Quentin Blake cover that finally swayed my purse to creak open this month... well, truth be told it was Craig's wallet but what's his is mine eh?

Oh my goodness, am I so glad I did. It's one of the best magazines I've read in a long time. The articles in there are so interesting - the hints and tips are so good. Even a lot of the adverts are mini articles in themselves. The articles are so diverse as well - such different styles that make me want to try everything. I particularly love the painting with masking fluid tutorial in there which doubles up as a 'how to' on Derwent Inktense blocks as well. I'll be buying this again... and again. And at £3.95 a month I think it's definitely at the more reasonably priced end of the spectrum than a lot of art/craft magazines. (I'm thinking Art Doll Quarterly & Somerset Studio here, both of which I adore but can rarely justify the price.) Still reading this one a week later!

A spontaneous mini barbecue on the beach. We found a couple of those disposable barbecues in our clear out of the black hole under the stairs this week. So off we trotted to gather some supplies and head to the beach. Great to watch the girls just charging about and having fun in the fresh air.

Our expertise in lighting the barbecue was however, questionable to say the least. A whole box of matches gone and there we sat, non-plussed and debating how to tell the girls they were getting dry cheese rolls for lunch. "Let's just pop it back in the car and try again at home" says intelligent moi. Two minutes and a gust of wind later and the whole thing has caught and is crackling away merrily. Can you imagine if I'd dumped it in the car and it had started up there...? Or if I was driving along and it had started? We did laugh about it but even I am constantly amazed at my stupid ideas sometimes.

A rare piccie of the two of us together

On the plus side we were all amazed at how good Tesco vegetarian burgers taste cooked that way. I love them anyway but they take on a whole different texture and taste when barbecued - just yummy. I'm contemplating going veggie again - I was vegetarian for almost 10 years and then had terrible meat cravings when pregnant with middle monster. I rarely eat red meat still and mostly use Quorn in my cooking anyway. It's mainly the odd chicken curry that is my downfall - but it was nice to know that even my old veggie staples can taste so different.

Swollen tootsies banished meant that I could once again wear one of my favourite pairs of shoes! Yay!Sticking with the healthy eating and attempting to exercise. It's slow going and trying to find exercise I can actually do without injuring myself is proving a challenge but in dribs and drabs it's coming off.The healthy eating is proving to be really easy this time...

My newest attempt at exercise is getting Zumba for the wii. I tried it for the first time today, nearly gave myself a heart attack and Devvie nearly died laughing at my bootie shake. I shall rise above and persevere - the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding... or on the scales!

I'm going to finish there, I always fear I ramble to much anyway - as always I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something, I really should keep a notebook throughout the week for this post - think I will next week!

What Rocked your World this week? Remember no matter how poopy there is usually something, no matter how small that made us smile and that's what Virginia encourages with this post. Look past the poop for the nugget That really doesn't read as well on screen as it does in my head. But you get the idea - and it really works at sorting your priorities out y'know. Why not join us next week?

Thanks for stopping by :)

P.s - The World didn't end as predicted. Pretty big positive right there don't you think?


  1. So you got Zumba for the wii!! I had a go on mine last week, only did the easy one which lasted 20 mins or something and it nearly killed me!! Going to have another go today though!!


    P.S that's a lovely pic of you and Craig!

  2. Ah yes I agree, I was glad it didn't end I had some ricotta cheesecake still to eat and I would have been grumpy if I'd missed that - plus I was only halfway through a layout - and I hate not finishing things! I too have succumbed to the Zumba for the Wii haven't yet managed to put it on though - is it good? I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to do it! With a break looming in 6 weeks I'll be attempting to get things into play as of tomorrow - watch this space!

    Loving the idea of a BBQ on the beach - glad it didn't end up alight in the back of your car! And what a great piccie of the two of you on the beach - hopefully hitting a scrapbooking page shortly????


  3. Love the pics of you on the beach, glad you didn't have the BBQ in the boot, lol..

  4. Fab pics at the beach! Barbies always make me nervous, but then I do have the world's most accident prone OH... Loving the stripy socks and sassy shoes.


  5. There's always sweetcorn when you look through the poopy!

    Lovin' the bbq on the beach - great pics, and great shoes!

    Zumba on WII?! You must be doing it right cos you're meant to feel like you're having a heart attack! Keep going, it will get a tiny bit easier eventually.

    Have a great week,


  6. LOL @ the BBQ in the car idea!! Your sooooo not alone with brain waves like that !!

    I'll let you experiment with Zumba before I rush out to buy it! Keep us updated. xx

  7. Artists & Illustrators magazine? I remember reading that years ago! It was good then I remember...

    How great to be able to 'pop to the beach' {goes into green monster mode} It would take me about 4 hours to get there!! I'm glad that you averted a potential car fire! Eep!

    Well done on the healthy eating front. I see you like your pickled onions! lol.

    Yay! I won a book of my choice from the publishers of 'Creative Wildfire' I'm considering choosing that one to keep. You can't beat getting books for free!

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog, have replied to your latest one. Nicky x

  8. I see lots of "sweet corn" here, Carmen ! Looks like some sweet family time. I have been thinking about Zumba - it looks so freeing. Maybe a Wii should be the next gadget I get so I can do it in my livingroom instead of shaking my "roundness" in public somewhere... ;)
    Brava for all you good efforts to feel like a better you !

  9. Great photos of your beach BBQ and I adore your shoes! Tesco Veggie burgers are great on the BBQ, they cook way better than the quorn ones, or any other brand for that matter, I have been veggie for 24 years, so have tried loads of burgers for the BBQ and they are my fav!
    I didn't know you could get zumba for the wii, I have done zumba a couple of times with the ladies in the friendship group I run and it near on killed me!! Glad you had a good week x

  10. we got dance central for the Kinect so I am shaking booty too, also that mag?

    I have it too,

    but check out all the Artist mags as they vary in content, and each month one is definately better than the other (they must take it in turns to be useful) & I think like you, the art mags do better tutorials than the craft mags...


  11. Zumba Wii? We could do with that here!

    Talking of gusts of wind, I've just had to bring in everything in the garden that isn't actually planted. It's the windiest I've ever seen it here today.

    Big Quentin Blake fan here too - that mag looks fab.

  12. oh my word.....I so want your shoes! Those are the cutest pair of shoes I have EVER seen! Awesome pics of your sounds like fun!


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