Rocking My World Friday...

...yes I know it's Sunday. So, what's made me smile this week?

Well, driving has got a whole lot more colourful with the explosion of wild daisies and poppies that seem to have sprung from nowhere and now line the roadsides round here. In fact they lined the roads all the way to Hastings on Saturday. It's a gorgeous sight and can't fail to raise a smile.
Image borrowed from here.

Finding out that bonkers Amy has started her own Ning site and is running classes. Check out her post here for a fabulous giveaway and all the details. BUT be quick, for this weekend only her first class is just $10 which works out just over £6 in proper money *g* You bet I've signed up - who wouldn't want to create psychedelic art like this? And if I'm honest? I've paid more for a magazine than the price of this class - I'm so in there!
Amy's creation

I'm seeing Christmas presents for all my girls as a result of this ;) Lets see how quickly I can grunge it up eh?

And talking of giveaways - Cameron's having one over at hers to celebrate her 100th post. I love Cameron's blog - she's one of those bloggers you need to go fetch a cuppa before you read her posts. they're epic and usually full of great tips & techniques or things that make you think.

Seeing more of my family in a week than I probably will for the rest of the year! One of my sister's was visiting from Canada this week so my other sister arranged a mini get together. This was great mainly because said sister makes wicked chocolate bread pudding ( I was good and factored it into my healthy plan - honest Guv!) and of course there were 5 out of the 6 of us sisters together in one room at the same time. That doesn't happen often.

Then of course, we went to see Craig's parents in Hastings on Saturday - that's always great fun to see them and Ruby was on top form demanding curds and whey on her toast -she decided she wanted breakfast at lunch time so Nanna made her cereals and toast - the curds and whey being... lemon curd!

On the weight-loss front I lost 7lbs this week...well, most of that was water loss where my poorly legs have been gradually losing their swelling but I believe 3lbs was actual weight loss. Yay! So with the legs getting better, I am able to walk a bit easier and in less pain. I'm hoping a few more days and I'll stop getting the old tootsies swelling up of an evening... and if not - well, I can live with it if it just happens at the end of the day.

You lovely lot, I know I keep saying it but I mean it and one way or another you always make me smile - you all know who you are, what you've done, said, offered to do and it all means so much each and every word and gesture... and I'm so happy that a certain lovely in particular is home safe and sound and hopefully on the mend!

I'm sure there was so much more this week but I have a snuffly nose and am particularly cotton wool brained tonight so if I remember stuff I shall include it in next weeks round-up. I hope you've all had a good week with a fair few happy moments :) Why not stop by Virginia's gaff and join in?

Thank you as always for stopping by.


  1. That lovely Ruby is priceless - "curds and whey"... I hope there was no spider to sit down beside her!

    It's bread pudding week - I got the brioche variety from lunch with friends this week...and they even made custard (drool).

    Have a happy week,

  2. Well, thanks so much for your nice words, Carmen....I think I'm blushing...haha!

    You have 5 sisters?! Wow! I just have a brother...12 years younger than I was kinda like an only child....I bet your house was loud, but fun...always someone to talk to ;P

    Good job being strong on the Eating're right, in the end, our health is more important than a craving :) Keep it up, Sweetheart!

    ..Oh, and I checked out Amy's site...I can totally see why you like her...she's a riot :P

  3. Glad you've had such a positive week, long may it continue - and with the weight too. Go Carmen!

  4. Sounds like you had a really good family week! Well done for your weight loss this week! Checked out Amys site, looks like fun, I think I will sign up to the Ning site, especially if its filled with creative peeps like you!! x

  5. Happy happy post today, Carmen. Well done losing the weight, keep it going girl! 6 girls??!! The hormones of my 1 is quite something at the moment - 6? I can't even think about it!

    Have a great week.


  6. Yep another rocking week gone another one on the way,

    I have now stopr procrastinating becuase I have doen all the stuff I didn't HAVE to do,

    now I must settle and do the thing I am avoiding...

    Hoping to see your emo (empathy monster) this week.....

  7. Your Friday posts are always a tonic - no matter what day of the week it is!

    Well done on the weight loss :)

  8. Ooh so much going on - well done (again) on the weight loss - I knew you could do it! I cannot believe there are six of you altogether - are any of them like you because if so I bet get together's are an absolute riot! Well done on the 'treat' and staying on plan.

    Hope you're having a good start to a new week!


  9. Hi!
    Wow neat thank you!

    I am happy Happy YepHappy about this!

    yay for it being cheaper in proper money!

    Yay for lots of stuff!

    like that my dog just peed on the floor.

    wait, that's not yay.

  10. and, he has a stick.

    where did he get that stick?

  11. the flowers are gorgeous. I can't seem to grow poppies for some reason and here they are all popping up on their own (no pun intended)!

  12. I love when the roads are lined with flowers.
    There are a few here too. We have so much rain this year it is possible. Rain all this week and it is may. I am loving it. It is usually hot and brown by now!!
    Congrats on the weight loss. Sounds like you are doing great!
    I am trying to eat better than I have been, hoping to save my knees and have my hands hurt less.
    Stopped coffee too, but do have a cuppa once in awhile. Sometime I just need a boost!
    Hope all is well with you and it is so great to hear from you.
    I loved the Squishy that you made and that it is bigger, so cute.


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