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Happy Friday people!

Well, I warn you now it's going to be long and waffly and may not make much sense to anyone but me but this is a positive look back on the week... warts and all! So lets go...

Being in lurve. Yep - it's a soppy one at number one. Craig and I have been together 9 years this month - but that doesn't mean we don't still get our wires crossed - it doesn't happen so often these days but when it does we do it big stylee. We are such opposites anyway and I am SUCH an emotional mess at times - I'm surprised he managed 9 years to be honest... So I'm thankful that even though we can be a couple of muppets - we still talk and untangle those wires. Love my Craigy.

Which leads me to number two - the wonderful Gauche Mamas at Gauche Alchemy who, in one of my emotional moments got caught in the crossfire this week. I was in a "I'm going to sort everything out and make it all OK by blundering through everything with my muddy steel toe-cap boots, so I am" kind of mood. Thought I was doing the right thing by everyone - was doing absolutely the wrong thing by everyone. Again. But the lovely ladies over there, Amy especially - just brilliant. Wiped away the mud and dirt and tidied up where I'd trampled while making me feel a million dollars and not even a bit silly (managed that on my own!) Love you girls and love being a part of the whole GA shindig :)

Playing this song a lot the past few days. One of my favourites songs in the World ever, certainly my favourite Michael Jackson song - even ahead of Thriller! I know! Whenever I need a good talking to or a kick up the backside I listen to this...

It's also my funeral song - my sister knows and has always known, I'll come back and haunt her arse if I shuffle off before her and she doesn't play this at my funeral. And not in a loving, watch over her, haunting either. Oh no! In a lobbing hard objects at her head while she sleeps, kinda way. Not being morbid - just one of those conversations sisters have, y'know? So Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror - that's been up there on my list this week - as well as Spotify... saved me having to pull out the creaky CD drawer that jams every single flipping time and I usually end up pulling to hard and dropping something on my foot. Spotify. Saves my toes!

The Doctor. No not the Doctor...

The other Doctor. Curer of aches and pains, not Time Lord extraordinaire. I don't like going to my Doctor - he makes me feel like I'm wasting his time before I've even parked bum on chair. But today it was a replacement lady Doctor with the coolest name, pronounced (but not spelt) Dr DIE! She listened to my woes about my dodgy knees today and seemed happy when I said I just needed some advice. T'would appear I've knackered my knees by running , badly, on concrete. After reading through the Couch to 5K program that I had thoughtfully printed out for her and sighing and reading and sighing and muttering about the internet... and sighing some more... she said I'm banned! BANNED for two weeks!

Now I should digress and tell you that Phoebe hurt her fingers earlier this week while playing goalie. Quick trip to hospital and two fingers taped together later... she maybe has a tiny fracture but she most definitely has a... yep you guessed it, a two week ban from any contact sport. Cue her loving Mother guffawing loudly and teasing her sporty daughter mercilessly at the loss of her tomboyish pastime.

Karma sucks I have to say!

Yes, there was much laughter and finger pointing by said child when I got home tonight.

But! It was lovely to be listened to and have some good advice - no more running on concrete, save up for proper shoes, brisk walking in the meantime to build up stamina and strengthen knees... and not feel like I was wasting surgery time.

Talking of trying to get healthy, two weeks in and I am on a roll! Am not struggling at all and am really enjoying eating well. I was also enjoying trying to exercise - but, well, we wont mention that again. Not for two weeks anyway. Have I told you how much I love the Slimming World plan?

THIS much!

Next up, a couple of people have asked about my commission. I still grin when I type that. Well, Caz has given me permission to say it's for her. It's going to be a 10"x 10" mixed media canvas for her craft room. Basically she's left me to my own devices and I just have to tailor it to what I already knows she likes! Eek! If she doesn't mind I'll post on my progress.

On the telly this week - I loved, loved, loved the Perspectives Pre-Raphaelite program that was on last Sunday (more waffling here) and am still loving The Walking Dead - Sundays are turning into the night I hide the TV remote *g*

Oh yeah - one of my favouritest and best Rocking Moments this week was buying some snuggly stripy socks. I can't often find nice ones in huge honking mahoosive feet size but I found a fabby pack in the men's section of Primark this week. Love me my stripy socks I do. Mmm, new socks. Mmm, STRIPY new socks! What? Some people like shoes, some people like bags... I like stripy socks... helluva lot cheaper. What can I say - easy to please!

How was your week this week? Why not drop by Virginia's and play along?

Thanks as always for stopping by... hands up who glazed over by this point?






  2. Glad to hear you got on ok at the docs, I avoid going to mine as much as possible. He always says to me, "what do you think is wrong?" and I think to myself, well if I knew that I wouldn't be here, would I?!!! Never actually had the guts to say it though, lol!

    Hope Phoebe's fingers heal ok and aren't too sore xxx

  3. YAY excellent week

    still on a ninja high over here...


  4. What a fab week. Glad you sorted your knees out and fancy posting that piccy - white bread and oodles of cheese!!! A midnight snack is calling good job I'm uber prepared this week :D

    Hope your DD's fingers get better soon. xx

  5. Gotta love Craigy.
    Gotta love the Gauche girls.
    Used to love Michael (before all silly stuff came out).
    Really gotta love Dr DIE!
    Gotta love moment of triumph for Phoebe-broken-fingers.
    Gotta love that ciabatta.
    Really loved Walking Dead (will try and print off Walker disease symptom card for son's bedroom door - I think he might have Walkers disease....).
    Always love stripy socks and Primark.

    Great Rocking week, hope your knees get better (go to Zumba, it's much more fun!).


  6. Hi Carmen

    Wow that was amazing - glad you've sorted out the wires! Glad the GA girls have been there to untangle further crossed wires! Dr Die sound's amazing and a Doctor who listens - not many of those! Mine last time I saw him told me I was in my prime - I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my seat at 38 with a knackered back, too much weight and acne I don't exactly feel in my prime LOL! Sorry you've got to postpone your Coach to 5K but in all honesty concrete and bad shoes = bad knees! The food looks divine - back on WW but now got side tracked with the Italian diet book I bought - tried out loads of recipes but don't think you're supposed to eat them in one sitting LMFAO! Hey ho - it's been good fun! Now I'm intrigued what size do said stripy socks have to be LOL? Hope you're having a great day and fabulous weekend (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

  7. Someone who can sort out a mess in a tactful cool way, has a real talent - that Amy sounds like a great gal.

    I'm glad your trip to the docs was a successful one too

  8. I don't want to sound like a nag...but I did tell you about the shoes ;-) :-P I'm glad the doc was helpful though :-) Im not a fan of going the docs either :-S And of course you can report on your prigress...EXCITED doesn't even cover it :-D

  9. These are such fun posts to read! You always manage to end on a high note and really make even mundane stuff an interesting (if not hilarious at times) read!

    Proud of you and your gettin' healthy plan :)

  10. I see young Ruby has the stripy socks too! And I found some in Primark this week (must the the week for stripes...). Glad you found a listening Doc.


  11. Forgot to add - lovely to read about you & Craig. Me & OH are up to ten & a half years now, and I know what you mean about appreciating it all so much. Happy anniversary!


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