Perspectives: Pre-Raphaelite

Did anybody watch the Perspectives programme on Sunday night? It was on ITV1 and was about the Pre-Raphaelite style of art.

I loved it. It completely changed my view of Andrew Lloyd Webber - I don't tend to watch anything he is in because I found him annoying... but I love this style of painting it's my very favourite. I'm not so 'up' on art and the famous artists that I know all the names of the different genres and what falls into what category and who painted what, the lines are blurred and smudged to me. I put my hands up to being a complete ignoramous in fact. But I have always adored this kind of painting and aspire to be able to draw/paint in this style.

My sister has a huge framed print of Ophelia on her wall that I have been very jealous of for many, many, MANY years. As a teen I had numerous calendar pages or postcards of various pieces, I was always intrigued with the romance, the mythology and the links to tragedy or death in the pictures... how there is always a story.

As I say this program really changed my view about Andrew Lloyd Webber, his enthusiasm was infectious and I couldn't help but grin as he enthused about his love for this style too - although slightly annoying just how much he had in his private collection... jealousy really does not become me. I really recommend a watch of the program if you can get the link to work for you. Best documentary I've seen in a long while and I will be making it my business to get a book and find out just who did paint those pictures I love so much and that I aspire to.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this one now. I might have to see if I can catch up with it some evening this week.

    Got the "Keep Calm" poster framed and up on the wall at the weekend. Looks brill. Thank you :)

  2. I missed this programme, will try to find time to watch it! I love pre raphaelite art, i used to have a lovely print of the Lady of Shallot x

  3. oh you old romantic you...

    try using gouache for that opaque dreamy colour pallette - you might like it,

    so now the graffiti needs to have a pre raphelite influence???

    Did ALWwbber cover William Blake???

    check out his images & Wikipedia bio

    If only he had been a woman and a feminist he would have been a perfect human being...

  4. i is a having a surreal day which reminded me to let you know to check out VERY EARLY (pre surreal) salvador dali - he could paint pre Raphaelite with the best.. and if you look at his individual figures and the way he painted Gala - wow

  5. No I didn't see it....but that print is so beautiful :)

  6. Yes I did accident ...brilliant... I love ALW but have never been into this form of art. He made me really look and apreciate it ...I fell in love with 'The Lady of Shallot' painting ...the face was so expressive... cant remember the artist.

  7. I ADORE the pre-Raphaelites, and have been to a few exhibitions of the paintings. However, I could not bring myself to watch 'old lady-face'. Sounds like I made a mistake - I'll see if I can catch up with it on cable.


  8. Oh you seem to have a typed a post straight out of my the art, not sure about what art form I do and don't like or indeed recognise, and was a bit green edged about ALW's private collection too! Great post gal....look forward to seeing your first canvas.

  9. No...thanks for hyping it all up....then I go to watch.....and WHAM I'm punished for not living in the UK!! Well, not really WHAM so much as a polite little note saying it can only be viewed in the UK, sorry for inconvenience, cheerio, and all that ;P

    I do adore these artworks, too....I can totally see your love of the stories behind them making them even more romantic for you :)

  10. Love this style as well.. can't say I know much about painters etc though.. and can't watch that link.. not so sure we would get that program here either.. Love that painting of Ophelia too...have a great day...xx

  11. I wish i could paint like this too!! You can stare at these pictures for hours and still find new things the next tie you look! You should come to Liverpool to the walker Art gallery...they have lots of stuff like this some of it is so huge!!!!

  12. Carmen you know as well as I do that he said Fucking, thank goodness he is my Lover not my Husband,

    a self respecting women could never marry a foul mouthed man - no matter all other redeeming features...



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