Mutant Spider Pin Cushion

Two posts in two days! I know! But I really wanted to show you my new friend and sewing buddy...

Whoopidooings (Carmen Wing) Mutant Spider Pin Cushion (Easy Peasy to make) I was getting fed up of keep knocking pins on the floor and then, where I've been sewing un-shoed due to sore tootsies... standing on the pins. Ouch! So we had to come up with a little helper. This is Maximillion the Mutant Spider. Mutant because he has way more than eight legs.

He was easy peasy to make. If you want to make a Max too you'll need:

  • A lid of some description
  • Some scrap fabric
  • Stuffing
  • Embellishments
  • Needle & thread
  • Glue

I used the lid off of a tinned candle, mine is roughly 3" in diameter but you could use anything - lid off of an empty jam jar, Marmite lid... whatever - just make sure you've finished up the contents first.

Cut a rough circle about tea plate sized in some scrap fabric - the fabric is an old playsuit of my youngest.

Blob some stuffing into the center of the circle, judge how firm you'd like the body to be as to how much stuffing you use. A good handful was used in mine - I've mutilated a cheap Ikea cushion for the stuffing.

Loosely stitched around the edge of the circle (I think it's called a running stitch? I'm so technical!) Then you pull the ends tight to make a ball. Sew the bottom of your ball closed.

Liberally cover the inside base of your lid with your chosen glue - I used Glossy Accents just because it's what was on my desk and I'm to lazy to go hunting. Squidge the ball, with messy sewn up base to the bottom, into the glue. Balance something heavy on top to make sure it dries in there nice and secure - I balanced my Cuttlebug on top - you don't have to live so dangerously with your tools - a heavy book would do.

Leave to dry for a good few hours - I left overnight.

Use embellishments to make pretty. The pompom ribbon and googly eyes on mine came from the Gauche Alchemy colour kits. But whatever you have in your stash - this is such a cheap, quick and fun critter to make just using what you have.

Hope you like :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. hmmmm a mutant spider would not normally be my ida of cute...but the googley eyes and pom pom legs let him off :-D I love your heart pins too....and you say you can't do cute ;-) Is this a new side we are seeing??

  2. I couldn't find skull pins and I bought the heart ones to include some in an Alice in Wonderland swap I was in. Honest Guv!

  3. I love Maximillion - he is gorgeous. If I needed pins (i.e. if I did any sewing,) I'd be there!

  4. Ahhhhh, such a cute mutant!

    Thanks for the 'how-to'.


  5. do with making one myself and not pressing post comment before I've damn well finished typing LMAO!

  6. heehee...I love the 'blob some stuffing' technique. Glad there's someone else as technically minded as I am. :0) He looks fab!!

  7. Brilliant him .... might just have a go ....or pass the idea to DIL on 'Dropped Stitches....'xx

  8. Aww he's adorable! great idea too x

  9. When I saw this post in my Google Reader, I didn't guess it was yours! Full of surprises you are Carmen...AND very productive ATM, well done you. Lots of stitching goodness going on.

  10. the pincushion is so cute, and I totally love the empathy monster!!! Is that an online class? I'm not in willowing so the link didn't take me to the class. anyway..... very cool!

  11. awww too cute.. love Maxmillion.. thinking maybe might need one

  12. awwww he is soooo CUTE!!!!

  13. yes indeedy,
    i *do* like

    and i am



    that he is a mutie.

    mutants are so very much better
    than boring

  14. Totally fab (and useful) little mutant....might have to clone one myself :)

  15. Love his cute little legs! What a great, imaginative project.

  16. I keep thinking he is going to sprint across the desk - looks as though he is built for speed! What a great idea!

  17. if you want to go to the 'like' tab and grab the link button...

    I have my missing page back but not the comments, and it is painfully slow at the best of times, I'm sure those that want to will pass my way from time to time, and I was ready to do more than just blog now...


  18. your mutant spider is cool - thanks for instructions gonna have a go. i love making thingies that use up scraps

  19. Hahaha. I am so pleased you are as technical as me. Running stitch I think it is called!? That is what i think it is called too so we must be right.

    He is super cool.


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