Rocking My World Friday :)

Thaaaaaaaaank Crunchie it's Friday!

You know, with all the awful news happening in the World this week, I did ponder not posting what had made my World positive today. Craig has had the news channel on almost constantly. Awful, awful things - the terrible things happening in Japan, the people suffering in Libya, Comic Relief has once again thrown up images of children needlessly dying... what is going on with the World?

BUT it was thinking about this made me realise I have such a lot to be thankful for and positive about and that can only be a good thing...

So onwards we go go...

Firstly, because I'm still sat here listening to it, I have to mention the record breaking money raising event by Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave. They did it, they smashed the record and now are going for a global World record.

"They're hoping to break the record for Radio 1's Longest Show - as well as setting a brand new Guinness World Record for hosting the longest music show by a radio team. The record will be set at 50 hrs. After their show on Wednesday they'll keep going - and the DJs who follow, will co-present - helping Chris & Dave get through it."

I've been following them on the radio and on the red button, they've had me laughing and crying - sometimes both at the same time. Am in awe at what they've achieved - not just the staying awake and still being entertaining but so far they've raised £2,406,648! Wow!

Since I started typing they've now smashed the World record too! Yeah!

Walking over to the car this week, Ruby and I were greeted with a thick blanket of fresh blossom all over the carpark, it was swirling around in the air too. She thought it was snowing "pretty snow." It was a real genuine laugh out loud, twirl her around, wish I had my camera on me moment.
*whispering this bit* The lurgy seems to be on the move. At the moment I feel like I have a cold and nothing more. Am not going to get my hopes up to much as it's had a habit of doing this, giving me a few days and then coming roaring back. But, at this precise moment, I don't actually feel to bad. Knock on wood, cross my fingers and all that jazz.

Receiving the most amazing looking book in the post to review. Am steaming through it, it's so unusual and not only am I enjoying the story but it's accompanied by the most amazing and creepy black & white vintage photos which are really giving me some fabulous inspiration.

And am going to tease you and not tell you what it is till I review it.

Feeling better means getting to play again and am catching up where I got so far behind again. Thank you for all your constructive comments in the post below. I do need to step away sometimes. I'm finding it helpful to have a few things on the go at once now whereas before I would just do one thing and focus on that one thing till it was finished - partly because we just didn't have the space for me to leave stuff lying around drying (and Craig would have pulled all his hair out!) So I'm loving having my own space for that reason.

There are rumblings that the industrial estate where Craig has his unit will be shut down or put under a compulsory purchase order at some point. It is in the way of the area regeneration and basically the small businesses that trade from there can go whistle. Oh, the council have said they will allocate new units but no way would they do it for the prices that we pay for rent at the moment - it had been thought that this would be at least 8 years off but now there are rumours about councils taking advantage of the low prices they can compulsory buy for, what with the economic climate the way it is. If so it would mean the business coming back to the house till we could find another reasonably priced unit (unlikely) and that would be the end of my stu-stu-studio too. So while I have it I am determined to really, REALLY enjoy it, make the most of it and really cram as much learning and growing into it while I can.


What's been the positive in your week? Why not drop by Virginia's and play along?

I'm nicking this next bit from her - thanks for stopping by :)

At the moment I'm...

* listening - to the news channel
* eating - nothing but had marmite on toast earlier
* drinking - cuppa tea
* wearing - comfy troos, warm jumper and clashing stripy socks
* feeling - mixed emotions
* weather - chucking it down
* wanting - another cup of tea
* needing - to clear off my home desk
* thinking - about what I can hear on the news channel
* enjoying - reading my new book and all the ideas it's throwing up
* wondering - where to begin


  1. Where to start to comment on this one... All the troubles in the world really make you appreciate the small things - like pretty snow. It's so hard not to become desensitized to it all but when you think of all those poor people it breaks your heart. I watched Lenny Henry sharing a home (if you could call it that) with a family of orphans, the oldest was 16, and his answer to it was "Screw the program, get me my wallet, buy them a house!" and he did. He may have only helped one family but that's six lives saved. If we could all even just save one person this would be such a better world. What makes me so angry are the people who just don't care!!
    I'll get off my soap-box and wish you a great weekend. Hugs. Jaqui x

  2. Its a mad world we're living in at the moment, so much pain out there that all we can hope is that from the ashes a stronger, peaceful phoenix will arise - & ofc give what we can to help out as thoughts without actions doesnt get anyone very far.

    Maybe you could do a piece of artwork to symbolise your moment in the blossom, I'm sure with your painting skills you could do something beautiful to help keep that memory.

  3. Eeeek! You is EARLY!

    Bless Ruby's pretty snow. She should get to see more of it over the next couple of months.

    Kudos to Chris Moyles & Comedy Dave. A looooong time ago I did a 24 hour session on student radio for election coverage, and I swear I'm still catching up on the sleep I missed. ;-D

    I'm working on Gollom's klepto tendencies, and trying to get him interested in a lurgy. Hopefully he can sneak past and steal what's left of yours. Watch out for rustling and whispering, and you'll know he's been....


  4. Fab list today! Agree with you on the Chris Moyles marathon, it was in my list too :)

    Have a great weekend
    Claire x

  5. All this terrible news certainly makes you realise we have so much to be grateful for in this country.....and makes me feel guilty about all my petty little moanings....but deep down we must all realise how lucky we are.....because apparently we are one of the most generous countries in the world when it comes to disaster charity donations!!

  6. Hi Carmen, I too hummed and ha'd about posting a Rocking Friday post today (especially as I also saw elsewhere that today is a 'blogging silence' day in tribute to the victims of Japan. I thought about it but really couldn't see how that would benefit those poor people. Money speaks louder than silence, I feel). But, like you, I too posted in honour of our fortune. We are all aware how fortune can turn to tragedy in the blink of an eye so this Rocking post is a great way of appreciating the moment, right?

    I do hope Craig's workshop (and your stu-st yeah, you know what) stays for a while longer yet. Unfortunately when it comes to matters financial, councils will always put money before people. Good to hear you ONLY feel like you have a cold (!), let's hope those germs keeps on walking.

    Have a great weekend, my gobby friend.


  7. i was going to leave a long thoughtful comment,
    but I am hungry and you
    brought up toast...

  8. Not much I can say about the terrible things happening in the world other than it certainly puts whatever woes we may have into perspective! We in the UK are all exceptionally fortunate.

    Fingers crossed for you that units stay intact and that your lurgy has decided to bogof!

    Have a fab weekend hun.

    Claire xx

  9. The world is in chaos at the moment. We can only hope things get better soon. I hope you don't lose your unit.x

  10. Oh what a mixed bunch in amongst that I'm glad (whispering that you're starting to feel better - hugs) - I agree on the strange world bit but glad that people are able to try and make a difference on things like red nose day. Keep us updated on the stu-stu-studio will keep fingers and toes crossed for the 8 year bit! The pretty snow comment is amazing! Love it!

  11. I love Ruby's pretty snow - how adorable is that! I love your outlook - you always find the positive. Bad news always makes more headlines that good, lets face it and i am glad you posted today. I really hope you get to keep your stu-stu-studio for a while - enjoy it! (and, i love the canvasses from yesterday, too!)

  12. I can imagine the face on your little girl in her magical snow...twirling....what a moment, indeed...

    Play hard in that stu-stu-studio, until the inevitable wake me up before you go-go....

    Love the last :)

  13. Hellooooo! Stopping by to read and catch up after being a bad blogger of late!! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better xx


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