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Oops I missed last week didn't I? I'll make up for it this week with a catch up so get comfy or escape now while you can :P

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First up on my list this week is this stuff...
Yeah you've guessed it, the dreaded lurgy is back AGAIN! I am now convinced it's never actually going away. It hides in a wee corner of my body just allowing a couple of days to convince myself I'm better, lets me start catching up on things before jumping out with ninja kicks knocking me flat out again. I cannot tell you how absolutely pig sick I am with my body at the moment. I cannot possibly cram more fruit and veg down my throat - it's a huge part of the Slimming World plan so where am I going wrong? Let me just say, once again, I DON'T GET ILL! Not like this, it's totally unacceptable and I am going to start lodging complaints soon! Since January people! JANUARY!

However *ahem* dragging myself back onto the positive look back on the week - Bronchial Balsam - from Tesco, been gargling with it and it is bliss for about 10 minutes or so afterwards - can breathe, can sniff, am not coughing, can taste... nectar for the broken down machine that is me.

Next up is a real *doing a jig around the living room* and *cheerleader star jumps* moment while Craig tried to book our holiday for this year. I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love Scotland. Grew up there, miss it like crazy, in my heart of hearts I am Scottish even though I have a chavtastic Kent accent and was born in England. I am Scottish - they just have to deal with it. It was merely a freak of nature and my parents fault that I was born in the wrong country. I went through a phase of desperately wanting to move back there - still do if truth be told but know we would miss the parents to much if we did... so it probably wont happen. HOWEVER, as a compromise Craig did agree that every second year Scotland would be our holiday destination. No questions, no arguments. The year in between we would do something different to be fair on the kids.

Guess what year it is this year?

*Happy Clappy*

We booked it last week.

*Happy Charleston dance*

So come August we will be loading up the car and making this journey...

Starting waaaaay down there on the green marker in Kent, travelling 617 miles all the way up there to Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness. WOOOHOOOO! According to the AA site it will take us 11 hours. Truthfully, with rest stops it's nearer 11 and a half to 12 hours. But you know what? I look forward to the drive almost as much as the holiday. I bliddy love that drive I do. We do it through the night, just as the sun is rising we are usually passing Ben Nevis and the Scottish cliff-sides all covered in purple heather. Craig and I just talk and talk and talk all the way while the kids snooze in the back.

So excited!

Next up, see on that map above? About half way up, near where it says Darlington? That's where we were this past weekend, well, roughly that area anyway. Seeing the bonkers one that is Gaily otherwise known as Myzdamena.

We loves each other really

Am SO grateful that we managed to go last week, as the weekend before or this weekend I wouldn't have gone. I couldn't have driven for a start and I wouldn't have risked passing on the lurgy - so whatever Fate was smiling on us that week - thank you for the reprieve. I always love seeing Ms Bonkers, is just such a shame we live so far apart. Am sure we were meant to be sistahs! Still, will be back up there in October! Whoop whoop!

The girls on the R.I.P circle journal I'm involved with - remember that?

Well bad news was that a couple of the journals went M.I.A when one of the participants dropped out, mine included. The girls were fabulous about it, said they would wait while me and the other girl remade our journals and sent them on their way again. By this point I was so behind with everything and didn't want to put something purely for me ahead of other things I was behind on and didn't want to hold the girls up even further so told them to go ahead without me, but I'd still fill in the other journals. Didn't want them to have an empty space in theirs when they got them home. However this week I've had loose pages start to arrive here - the girls are doing me a page anyway and sending them direct to me to compile into a book in my own time - I'm so overwhelmed with the loveliness of it - and how gorgeous the pages are. Really, it reinforces what an amazing community we are a part of. I will definitely compile them all together and share with you all when it is done.

You lot have been Rocking My World - thank you for the emails and blog messages asking where I am or sending get well vibes. It really, really is appreciated. Makes me feel all warm and fluffy in a 'if I died and the dogs were left to eat me, someone would eventually notice my absence and send the police round' kind of way ... not morbid at all, a very happy feeling! I did actually have a similar conversation with my sister not to long ago... but that's another story... what I'm saying is - thank you! And yes, I am being looked after - Craig and the girls have been amazing and I've been heading off to bed about 9pm every night and zonking straight away, unheard of for me. Usually Midnight at the very least before I think about heading up but there you go - maybe I need to start having earlier nights. Gawd, but this lurgy makes me feel so old!

I am sure I'm missing stuff off my Rocking list but my head is a bit cotton wooly at the moment so you'll have to forgive me... I know I have some PIF and OWOH gifts to show you but want to do a post for them on their own. However to the senders - thank you, they've really been putting a smile on my face this week. I will really have to get my PIF thinking cap on!

What's been Rocking Your World this week? Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. ooh ooh ooh, you'll need to let me know when you are coming up so I can get time off work and maybe meet you somewhere!!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. OOOHHHH you're coming to Scotland!!! Drumnadrochit no less!! I hope the midges stay away and the sun shines on you. When I was wee we used to go to Embo (near Dornoch) on holiday - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it up there!
    Glad you had a great time with the mad one AKA Gail. That's what I was gonna email you about last night but OH stole MY(our) laptop (stamps feet like a two year old) to play some stupid game - I mean he has a PS3!! Anyhoo she emailed me some pics and it looks like you had a great time. Thanks for passing on my hug too. :)
    Better stop typing now before I fill your page with drivel LOL.
    Jaqui x

  3. Hi Carmen

    Sorry your not well again! I love that bronchil balsam and the best thing about it is it doesn't cost an arm and leg!!

    Looks like you had fun with "ya sistah from another mista".

    Have a fab weekend

    Claire x

  4. Hope you shift the lurgy once and for all very soon - gotta be fit for Ally Pally, at the least! I have (hangs head in shame) never been to Scotland - perhaps I can sneak in the back of your car, sure you'd never know I was there... teehee. Have a fun weekend.

  5. Ooh that was a lovely post, sat here with a milky coffee and just sat and read it - absorbing it all - it was like having a lovely natter with you - lovely I tell you! Anyway I'm hoping you're on the mend! Love the photos of you and Gail - always makes me smile! Glad the circle journal pages are starting to arrive - love the thought of you and Craig chatting for that long journey up to Scotland! I thought it was a long journey from here! Hope you have a beautiful, blessed and lurgy free weekend! Hugs

  6. Mmmmmm, bronchial balsam! Love it, the taste of it, the heat of it as it goes down, and the after effect of actually making me feel better. I'm almost slightly sad when I'm well enough to stop taking it. You really should be feeling better by now. You need to give your body a good talking to and put it on the naughty step if it continues to misbehave.

    Scotland is so beautiful, and you're going such a long way up! Must be stunning. You can start counting the days off now!

    Lovely that your journal pages are being sent to you by your circle friends - shame the others went walkabout:0(

    Keep going to bed early, keep stuffing that fruit and veg and GET BETTER!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your lovely family,


  7. Some of that bronchial balsam might go down well here too at the minute. I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling great again - what is it with the bugs this year? They seem bigger and stronger! The sooner you get to Scotland and get some fresh air, the better! x

  8. I can't believe how poorly you have been. Sorry to hear your journal went MIA. But the holiday sounds like it will be fab.

  9. it took three months for me to be well again, you willg et there, jsut take it easy (ha) your red line passes through my garden at 4am - do you wnat an early breakfast a a wee stop (wee as in english pass urine, not scottish short period of time)?


  10. Sorry you are under the weather again, summer needs to hurry up, eh?! Love the pictures you posted! That holiday will do you good!!!

    Love Fi x x x x

  11. Sorry you are still poorly, this cold/flu bug is awful, we have all had it for 5 weeks and like you said you start to feel better for a few days then it comes back on bites you on the butt! Your trip to scotland sounds wonderful, I have only been once when I was at school but it was beautiful. Sorry your circle journal went missing, but how lovely that they are doing you some pages! Hope you feel better soon x

  12. Man.....sick again? That blows...literally! We don't have that bronchial balsalm stuff here in the States....sounds fantastic!

    ...and the trip to Scotland...yay!!! I didn't know you grew up wonder the extra rrrrr's in that last book you read grrrrated on you!! haha :D

    Feel better soon!
    Hugs (but no kisses, I don't want your cyber cooties) ;D

  13. ooo scotland, ive never been to Scotland!! haha woo for your happy dance, id like to see a video or something fo it ;-)

  14. hope you feel better soon thanks sooo much for coming .. having horrid week and keep looking back at photos you really are a lifesaver mmmwah hughughug xxxxxxx


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