Count Duckula

I've just had word that Count Duckula has landed at his new home so am able to blog him.

Blimey, me and he have had issues - so much so that he is almost (but not quite) a year late birthday gift! But this week, don't know what it was - I looked at him on the shelf, he looked at me and all of a sudden he was made!

I knew that Virgina wanted a duckie, preferably black and red to match her bathroom, with a True Blood theme. Didn't quite manage the True Blood... but a dashing vampire duck he is anyway.

Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing: Altered Rubber Duck - Count Duckula - Vampire
Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing: Altered Rubber Duck - Count Duckula - Vampire
I've just realised he is the first one where I haven't added a bow round the neck but I didn't think he needed it - all his decorations (tattoo's - he's a hard vampire duckie!) are velvety flocked - the ones on his side hopefully simulate his wings - Count Duckula gotta be able to fly, man!

Am so glad Virginia liked him, must admit next to Alice & Coraline duckies - he's one of my favourites :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. love him....but then I did love the real Count Duckula too, at least I loved Nanny....when the doorbell rang..."Oyellllll get it!"

  2. Wonderful. Did you use a small rubber duck as the basis?
    I did a duct tape duck at Christmas and got so stuck up with the stuff.

  3. I like can totally see the flocking on his tattoos :)
    Stupid me, I went to check out the other duckies and when I saw the Alice one I was thinking, that doesn't look like Alice in Wonderland? DERRRR! Sorry! Haha!

  4. Oh Carmen he looks FAB!!! and very True blood like me thinks!!! I'm loving the black glossiness along with the (i can't touch it, but that's another story) flocking!

  5. He is absolutely fantastic and sat looking at me as we speak! Biggest hugs to you Carmen - love him to bits - just about to do Rocking Your World - what do you think is going to appear on that posting LOL - have a fabulous weekend

  6. Oi Gob-Moi,

    You are quite quackers! Love this little blood-sucky-ducky. His little wings are so cute.


  7. He is so cute (is that the right word for a vampire duck?!) Love his tattoos x

  8. He's amazing. Do you remember a song called the Sinister Ducks? Done by at least part of Bauhaus, I think...

    "Sneering and whispering and stealing your cars,
    Reading pornography, smoking cigars!
    Ducks. Ducks. Quack-quack. Quack-quack."

    I think yours is tough enough to hold his own!


  9. ooo I like that!! And I loved LOVED count Dukula :-D Taking me back man taking me back!!

  10. Truly awesome duckie! Love the flocked bits on him.

    Have good weekend hun.

    Claire xx

  11. I love your duckies, they rock!! xx

  12. 1) He is awesome!
    2) Did the cartoon 'Count Duckula' exist in the UK? I've not got the theme song in my head and it won't leave.

  13. He is so cute.. love him!! need to see your other duckies.. off to find.. have a loverly weekend..!!!


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