Am I Missing Something?

Well... am I?

After reading about the SMASH book on Nicky's blog yesterday, I had to go do a bit of investigating. She said there's been a huge buzz about it and with a bit of digging I see there has. Huge buzz.

I'm sorry... I just don't get why? It may be my cotton wool brain at the moment but I suspect it's more likely my penny pinching side... it is 'just' a scrapbook journal isn't it? Like an art journal? I've seen many beautiful and fascinating things like this from fellow bloggers who have used a moleskin or sketchbook... why does this smack of another, probably over priced, product version of something we already do? Blimey - my 3 year old has her own rather fabulous version already!

I know for sure Nicky's version is one I'd much rather see in real life. Maybe I'll change my tune when I see a real one up close... I dunno... Is it me? Will you be rushing out to buy one and all the accessories when it comes out?

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  1. I've been thinking the same thing myself..

  2. I agree with you. i thought it was a lovely idea! but very pricey so I got out a couple of sheets of heavy duty cardstock, covered it with paper I like added a pocket to hold notepaper for notes and drawings and a clipboard area for sketchs I like. My pen doesn't have glue on one end but..... who cares. :) I love my little ideas book and use it all the time. It cost me about £5 to make :)

  3. It reminds me of the Junque Journal by Tangie Baxter:

    I made my own last year:

    The only difference I can see is that the Smash journals are more portable, but anyone wanting to make one can ensure they make something portable.

  4. You are indeed just know it will be really popular too!! I like seeing all these home made versions that people have done :-D

  5. I've just watched the Youtube link - this Smash thing is a merchandising dream! Books (so many different colours to collect), tapes, labels, pads, pens (how long will that glue last, I wonder?!). Nah, I'm not lovin' it.

    So if you're missing something, then I am too!


  6. I rather think I am with you, friend!! Surely it's just a notebook with a flash pen/glue stick?! Think this won't be my entry into journalling, lol! (thanks for thinking I'd be good at that, by the way - we'll see!)

  7. I'm with you .... I love seeing ones other people have created but would never dream of buying a proper one, much more fun to make your own with mix & matched products.

  8. I cannot find a price for this cheap looking journal, probably a good thing because I am wound up by it even knowing from some one else comment that it is more than the £5 it is worth...

    why would anyone want a journal that contains someone elses designs in it? why? it means It is Not Yours,

    why would you want some one else journal?

    and the pen is just a con, it will run out and you will never be able to find one the same that doesn't cost twice as much as the two pens you could have had if you just had a brain that could do maths and could resist being ripped off...

    I do buy moleskines and they are not low priced but the paper is excellent quality so I can paint in acrylics and water colour and use inks and matte medium and glue pens and india ink and nothing passes through the pages, this 'slam in the lamb book' (I have yet to spot a page that you could actually sketch on) looks like you can Only Glue things in - So Flimsy are it's pages,

    very Gimmicky

    will be interesting to see who the Suckers are....

    slick advertising - will consumers see through the hype?

  9. It was because of yours Donna that I added Moleskin to that sentence ;) Truly gorgoeous. So much to look at and under and lifting of flaps and whatnot! No comparison.

  10. Hey Carmen

    I thought the very same thing when I saw it! There has been loads of hype about it, but I think most of that has come from the merchandisers!

    Maybe you'll be sent one to reveiw then you tell us all what the fuss is about ;)

    Have a good one

    Claire x

  11. Totally agree with you...overpriced flimsy paged book...didn't we used to just use the ones with sugar paper in?? I use a moleskine journal for art journalling because I like some art in my journal..not just sticking things in over other peoples designs!

  12. What on earth is that all about - they might as well give you a completed one containing parts of other peoples lives - I doubt the glue pen will be up to the job - those sort always dry out! I'm just confused I thought the idea of journaling was to make them your own? I'm unsure of who these would appeal to because if journaling confuses you there are loads of you tube videos and amazing blogs out there to get you creating! As the links I put out on my Rocking Your World Friday prove! Crazy crazy stuff - do we know how much for this yet - or is that just going to make us more cross?

    PS Hope you are feeling better - I've been on with Marie's CJ all afternoon (it's nearly done - hurray)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Here's another who is with you! I saw the link a week or two ago, and thought "So?", and then I thought "And?" and then I thought "They're taking the mick!". Nice to see I am in such august and like-minded company!

  14. Only just seen this Carmen {Blush} Thanks for your comments about my version of the book. I am of course in agreement with you about making your own. The book I made is small enough for me to carry around in my bag. x

  15. I'm totally with you .... I really love Ruby's one and can see little point in the Smash one. It is going backwards to when I was a child and we stuck everything that meant something or just caught our eye, in a book....even adults did it this way until scrapping as we know it, developed in America and then slowly swam across the Atlantic. Idea books and Art journals are two different animals but smash seems to be a way of cashing in on those who never came across or are to young to remember, the old fashioned Scrap Book

  16. I agree that it's only a gimmicky way of creating a need and thus selling us what we already have or can get cheaper and readily. Ah well... let it inspire the masses to create that kind of journal and here's hoping everyone just uses what they've got!.
    JoZarty x
    PS Yes I did my apron letters freehand, standing up squashed at the booth but will willingly draw letters/names (straight and even better) for anyone who can't do their own!

  17. I watched the video and I have to agree. A little imagination turns a plain blank book into something special. It's all about the person, not the book itself.

  18. Good for you for posting that. People are weenies about criticizing things. Yeah. Good for you, man.

  19. Well, I hadn't heard about this until I watched the video in your post and I dont think that it'll ever come close the the awesome art journals created around blogland. It seems that using them would limit the imagination rather than allow for the personal self expression and healing often involved with art journaling.

    BTW, Ruby is a natural. I loved seeing a peek at her journal!

    Your CreativeSistah,

  20. I never even heard of it til now....and now that I've seen it...I can pass! This is craftiness for the noncrafty... We are beyond this...heck, Ruby is beyond this! (her journal is fab, btw!)

    Thanks for the I'll retreat to the other corner of the room and promptly forget its name :)


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