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Hello Rockers & Rockettes, I'm loving that there are more people joining Virginia's reflection on the week as the year goes on. Here's hoping there will be many more - it really does make you catch a glimpse of the sparkle when you really don't think there is any silver lining in sight.I really thought I was going to have trouble finding some positives this week. There's some poopy stuff happening to people I love and I hate not being able to help them. And amongst other things Ruby had a chest infection all week and it feels like we are playing pass the lurgy with the damn thing. Craig and I both woke up with raw throats again yesterday, today we both have banging headaches as well. I've been just hoping and hoping for a teeny hint of Spring weather on the horizon so we can get all the doors and windows of the house open and give it a good old fashioned airing.

However, looking back, we did have one nice sunny day this week which allowed for me to inspect my table garden. Yep this is the only greenery we have in our yard, we did try and make some planters and pop in some veg and heather... but the mutts decided we had gifted them their own personal toilets... and everything in there pretty soon went to plant Heaven. So this is my little area in the yard. And after a bit of weeding and pulling off of dry and slimy bits, behold how green and not dead my plants are. I'm so chuffed - green fingered I most definitely am not!
The next positive this week was receiving an early birthday card... from Yorkshire Tea!

I've no doubt they send them to everyone but it did make me chuckle. I'm always being told off about my tea addiction, this was just further evidence!

And that's also been lovely this week, receiving unexpected cards and gifts through the post. I haven't opened any so I can't share yet but thank you. You know who you are.

Talking of Happy Post, remember One World One Heart? Well I was lucky enough to win some prizes along the way and they have been arriving over the past week or so.

This bookmark came from Becky, I love it - I usually use whatever comes to hand as a bookmark - receipts, leaves, car parking tickets... see how swish I'll look with my reading now! And stars are my very favourite shape too - it's just gorgeous.

This canvas board, oh how I was chuffed to bits to win this! I had laughed when I saw it on Polinka's OWOH post as it reminded me of the early days of dating Craig - we met online you see. So when I got the email saying I had won.. well I couldn't believe it. It's so tactile and even more gorgeous in real life.
It's also got me wanting to search out canvas boards, why haven't I seen these before? So much less cumbersome than canvases! So much more potential.

And then we come to Deb's Mojo hanging! Ah Deb - she is so crazeeeee I tell you! Visit her blog at your own peril!
Devvie is wanting this, I've told her it's coming down the stu-stu-studio. Deb has recommended I keep it only until it needs dusting... and then graciously hand it over to Devvie. I likes her thinking!

I have two more coming all the way from America! Thank you everyone, I love them all and will treasure them. I did so enjoy taking part in OWOH and have discovered some amazing blogs through it. One of them is Connie's blog. She is hardcore baby! She plays with molten pewter and even had some blow up in her face this week - eek! Craig does not approve of my associating with people who play with molten pewter and use power tools - he doesn't like the look I get on my face... but I have told him, with my accident prone destructive personality, even I know better. Admire from afar with this one - much to his relief. Connie sent me one of her lucky froggies! How lovely is that? He is so titchy tiny but so detailed! Thank you Connie!

As I sit here typing I can just sniff the aroma of cheese scones - Craig and Devvie are baking up a storm in the kitchen. Oh - and I lost 5lb this week! Wicked! I stuck to my plan all week and as and when I could I jumped on the Wii Fit. Mainly the balance games as want to still be able to move the following day but it seems to have worked! Do you know what? All in all I've had same pretty damn fabulous stuff happen this week!

What's Rocked Your Week? Come on - why not join us?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I always enjoy hearing about your week! Hope the "poopy stuff" resolves soon for those concerned and your infections go fast too - don't they know you've got a birthday to celebrate!! Have a great day on Monday. xx

  2. Hey Carmen

    You've had quite a week by the look of things. LOL at the pewter - I've got a PMC kit that I'm itching to get out, but when DH saw the blow torch I got told no way was it happening indoors! No sense of adventure some folks!! :) Lovin that froggy btw.

    Well done on your weight loss (I've managed to lose 9lbs thus far this year, only another stone to go and I'll be there).

    Hope your lurgy goes away.

    Take care
    Claire xx

  3. OOh, what great goodies you got from OWOH, lucky you! Love the idea of a 'mojo' hanging. What a coincidence that you got the 'meeting on the internet' canvas! I like the sound of canvas boards too, must go and hunt some out. Birthday on Monday eh? Do have a great one! x

  4. No no no, you cannot have more germs - that's really not fair is it? Are you taking multi vitamins? Are you wearing a vest? I guess you really need some sunshine to see those lurgeys off once and for all.

    All those OWOH wins! Wow, you are a lucky lucky girl. Apart from the germs that is. That canvas could have been made for you!

    Your gardenette is so sweet - it's always worth making the effort.

    Hoping things look up for your loved ones.


  5. Never mind the cup that cheers - this is always the post that cheers!

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday Carmen x

  6. Sorry to hear it hasn't bee a good week. But what a weight loss. Very impressed. Love all your goodies too.

  7. Good ol' £land has canvas boards in, they're a bit bigger than A4 I think.
    Connie was one I found on OWOH as well, would love to give it a go myself.
    Congrats on your weight loss hun, your obviously on the right tracks :)

  8. Sorry about the less than good stuff (poor Ruby) this week, but loving the good bits. Your OWOH goodies are lovely, and how strange about the canvas; it was clearly fated to be yours. Your garden is fantastic; as someone who can kill cacti, I see all gardening as magic, nay alchemy.

    Should I send Gollum in to pinch a cheese scone, or shall I just admit to a serious addiction...? Yum...enjoy!


  9. yes permission granted - when is the birthday?

    also I have literally been laid low this weekend - a printers tray fell and landed on the back of my head so I have been incapacitated...


  10. Your posts always make me smile, you did great finding all those positives after a bit of a rough week! I love that Canvas!!!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead! xxx

  11. Ah go you!! I wish I could lose 5LB in a week :-( All your gifts are so lovely, I particularly like the frog :-)

  12. Hello you - I read this post whilst I was away but never managed to comment, so came back today to give you a big wave and say hello and that I love your Rocking Your World this week, the pewter frog is so gorgeous - I giggled at the thoughts of your other half worrying about you with molton pewter and power tools really made me giggle! I think my Craig would feel the same - actually no he'd probably take it off me and do it for me because he likes playing with such dangerous things LOL!

    Hope you're having a grand weekend!

  13. Happy Birthday, Guuuuurrl! Okay, I'm not able to pull that off like I wanted to, but hey....I just want you to whoop it up and enjoy YOUR day tomorrow! Man, I could really use a cheese scone right now! You can eat those and still lose 5 lbs! Go, you!!!

    All my best, Sweetie!


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