Rocking My World Friday & Friday Fab Five :)

Look, look! I'm only a couple of minutes into Saturday morning as I start typing this - you are all probably still asleep, tucked up in your jammies... or for the dirty stop outs amongst you, maybe still partying on down DUDE! (Yeah, I don't get out much!) So for those reasons I am claiming that technically - it's still Friday.

Click the piccy to join in :)
How has your week been? Mine has been pretty good I have to say.

Top of my grateful list, Craig. The romantic fool that he is. We don't usually 'do' Valentines - maybe a card if we remember but usually we'll just share a box of chocs and he'll buy the girls a Valentines each which they love...

Thought no more of it when he said on Monday not to bother bringing him some lunch to work, he was far to busy and was just going to work through...and I might as well have my lunch at home before I went down for my afternoon in the stu-stu-studio. OK, fair enough.

Imagine my surprise when I go bustling in, yell a hello through his office door as I head down the hall to my sanctuary (yes, it's that already) and stop short when I spy a full picnic spread across my desk! His face was a picture! As was mine because my tum was full of the early lunch I'd had an hour previously... the lunch he had told me to have! He said it was the only way he could think of my not getting suspicious... It was lovely though and so out of the blue! He'd also bought me a new mobly as I have managed to kill another one! I don't even know how this time, no pickling or drowning were had at my hands at all!

...and of course I managed to join him in partaking of the lovely picnic - it was fabulous! We've decided if we can't have date nights till the girls are older, maybe we should have regular date lunches instead.

Next up is receiving a couple of books to review through the post. One of them has been on my wishlist for an AGE - Pride & Prejudice and Zombies... the other is the follow on: Dreadfully Ever After. I don't know why the lovely Quirk man decided to be bestow such treasures upon my blog but I'm not complaining. Prepare to have more zombie love thrust upon you in the shape of a couple of reviews very soon. Am looking at them now and grinning madly. Mmmmm books! Mmmmm, ZOMBIE books. Mmmmmm, now I have to go watch Pride & Prejudice for the first time ever just so I know the original story, sort of. What? No I can't just read the original book and yes it does have to be the Colin Firth version. NO, it has nothing to do with my newly acquired Mr Firth crush. Though he is a bit of totty indeedy! Woohoo!

Rocking my World also this week is finding my groove thang when down the stu-stu-studio. It has to be said I was wandering around in there feeling a bit lost the first couple of days. But now, I'm in, getting the paints splashed everywhere on a couple of canvases (one is my OWOH giveaway and the other is a present, a very late present) and while they are set aside with each layer drying I am catching up on my classes. I can see how it's going to be, I can envision in my head how it's going to work now and I'm H.A.P.P.Y! Messy at first, clean stuff inbetween, messy at the end to dry over night! Yeah baby, yeah! I can see me doing this all day, every day. We'll see what happens when all the girls are at full time school. Maybe I'll have to go work for someone else, maybe we can get by like we are now... I can but try... and I'm lucky, so very lucky to be supported, nay - pushed by Craig.

Lastly... Half Term. DUM DUMDUM DUM DUMMMMM. I am both looking forward to this week and dreading it at the same time. I love having the girls home. I love not having to get up at "what the HELL?" O'clock. I am not going to love a week away from the unit. I am not going to love the inevitable squabbling and shouting (they are at that age!) Thinking cap on for cheap entertainment and hoping that the weather is nice for them.

And now my creatively thinking Friday Fab Five. This week I've been enjoying...

1. Grungy grafitti painting on canvas - will show and tell soon.
2. Using my fabby Christmas present from Gail while catching up on classes :)

Piccie nabbed from here.
3. Reading this...

4. ...which means playing with this...
5. Researching Art Dolls. My next obsession, I can just feel it! Didn't include piccies as didn't want to go nabbing anyone's work without permission. Blame the OWOH tour and Donna. Inspiration overload! Google "Art Dolls" in the images section. Wowza!

Fancy playing along? Get thy buttocks over to Virginia's for Rocking Friday and to Maggi's for Friday Fab Five.

Oh, and I know it's now properly Saturday... but I went to bed. Hey, I tried!

Carmen x


  1. You're sounding much brighter now, Carmen!

    Well done, Craig, for romantic lunch. He did, of course, tell you to eat first so there'd be more for him. It's the kinda thing my DH would do!

    Looking forward to the art dolls......

    Enjoy your half term - pj's 'til noon!


  2. I was just thinking... now that you have all your stash down at the stu, stu, studio...whats in its place at your home? have you filled the empty space already?
    Love the Valentine story :)

  3. Half term I hear ya! It is nice to have them home but they do fight a lot. I like your review books I hope you enjoy them.

  4. ah bless, the picnic sounds lovely!!! Well done Craig.

  5. hi carmen,

    i believe i have something of yours on my blog :)


    :) mary ann

  6. ooh, you lucky thing - a Valentines lunch! Our half term was this week so our lunch was a foursome lol

  7. Yeay to Craig and his romantic picnic :)

  8. i'm out of breath just reading it,


  9. Great to hear you sounding so much better.

    He's a star, your Craig. What a lovely idea! Hope you get to enjoy half term week; we have the godchildren for a day, and are planning to take them to see Yogi Bear. Not sure about a 4 year old and 3D glasses though.

    Loving those art dolls too. Might need to give them a whirl at some stage. Fab vid on Doone's blog too.


    PS Henry is still in a happy glowing state of mind, knowing that Hettie enjoyed his little gift. Must be why he keeps bumping into things... ;-D

  10. The valentines story is a classic! Love it I tell you! Love the idea of date lunches - what a fabulous idea! Might have to pinch that! Love that the stu-stu-studio is working out now - wish I had somewhere to throw paint - could really throw some at the moment!

    hope you're having a grand weekend



  11. You lucky lady - not only do you get gifted a stu studio, but now romantic lunch dates!! I'm lovin those art dolls too and have itchy hands atm - feelin' the need to create things other cards! Have a fab week Carmen. xx

  12. Loving the list, that lunch date sounded amazing!! I love that picture "Happy valen...", I might have to save it!! Hope you have a lovely weekend/ week ahead!


  13. Oh yes, P&P&Zombies is awesome and YES, go watch Firth in P&P already!!! lol

    Awesome Fab Five!

  14. "Just Add" is me by the

  15. Sweet Craig....both for the picnic and for pushing you :)

    I know, I totally am having a thing for dolls right now, too! I bought a 25 pack wholesale box of Paperclay...never tried anything like that before...think I need to just dive in....

    Not quite ready just yet :)

  16. Carmen...I just love your post...ALL OF THEM!! So happy that you are feeling tons better and OMGOSH who wouldn't with a man pushing ummm I mean gently nudging you in the direction that you want to be going. You are one blessed lady...a picnic lunch in the office...what a romantic!!! I have a question though...What's a date????? Hahaha just joshing with ya.

    So happy that you found a love of dolls...I love designing mine. I want to do a BJD but haven't gotten up the "gulp" nerve day soon though...I think...I hope..or heck well maybe ^_^

    Enjoy the girls (The Chazman doesn't get his break until April...when school is almost out..go figure)I love it when he is home cause we play in our studio all day long.


  17. You have lots of cool toys to play with!!! :-P

  18. Hey Carmen, what a sweet man you have there! My nubs has never done anything like that, I'm a wee bit jealous...

    You are one busy lady,lady! But I am soooo excited you are joining in the fun of my "THe Sisterhood of the Traveling Book" project giveaway! And heck no, I don't mind sending it to the UK if you are the lucky first winner! ;)

    Happy Creating with all that fun stuff!

  19. Sorry forgot to answer - Leonard Cohen - Closing time : Nick Cave - come sail your ships, Bladerunner - Rachel's theme,

    have you posted in the academy? can I see?

    can I???


  20. I am seriously having senior moments ...I click on a blog ...half read it ...forget to comment or get called away I am sorry I have not let you know when I pop by.
    How romantic was your hubby ....I think lunch dates are a brilliant idea. DS and partner were complaining they had not been out together on a date for nearly 3 years (laststages of pregnancy with the twins) and as they have only know each other for less than 4 it was getting them down. Last time emmas mum was over they managed one and I think they really enjoyed it .
    Take care xx

  21. awww a romantic picnic, you have such a wonderful hubby! That is so sweet of him to surprise you like that :)

  22. Noooooo, the meringues werent burnt, lol, they are made from brown sugar & taste soooooooo much nicer than normal meringues - the recipe will be up next saturday. ;-p


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