Rocking My World Friday

...on Sunday. Oopsie... excuses? Too many to mention so I wont bother :P

It's that time of the day when we like to say.... What's Rocked Your World this week? (And the Cbeebies watchers among you will note my cleverly placed Zingzalla's homage there.)

Well first up is the unit, soon to be officially known as Cam's Stu-stu-studio. The floor is as clean as it's going to get, the walls are freshly painted, Craig put up two bays of shelving for me on Friday and... AND... I've started moving my junk down there. Junk - his words not mine! My sister assures me she does indeedy have a spare piece of kitchen worktop to go on top of my stand alone shelving to form my messy painty station. We just have to wait till my Dad's car is back on the road to get it as it wont fit in our little motor.

I have however already had a taster of what it will be like to work in the next room from Craig. Things keep disappearing and I caught his thieving backside the other day - see, he didn't know what I had when it was all crammed on my little shelving unit in my little Chaos Corner of the dining room. Small price to pay I suppose. I do love taking a little packed lunch down for us both each day so we can sit and natter while we eat before we crack on with the work. Such Fun!

Which brings me neatly onto the next thing that Rocked my Week. Miranda Hart clearing up at the Comedy Awards! Woohoo! I genuinely believe she is the funniest thing on TV at the moment and I couldn't be more happy that she won three awards.

Also - Horrible Histories became the first children's show to win Best Comedy Sketch Show. Hurrah! Love that program - especially Stupid Deaths. Much eye rolling from Craig as he witnesses my snorting with laughter at that. He refuses to watch the show - thinks it's disgusting. As I keep telling him - clue's in the name.

Next up is Radio 1. Yep - the whole station but in particular the Chris Moyles show.
It's only this week I've come to realise what a good mood it puts me in. No matter how grumpy I am of a morning, by the time I get home from dropping everyone off I'm usually happy again. Many's a time Ruby and I have sat in the carpark waiting for them to finish a conversation before we come over to the house because they have me giggling so much. Plus I'm watching Dancing on Ice this year - I don't usually but all the time Comedy Dave is in - we'll keep watching this year ;)

The M3 class with Tam. Loving it - behind as per but loving it still. Loving reading up on Klimt, loving my sketchbooks getting a thorough workout. Just loving doing a little something every day. It's nice to be in a class from the start too as opposed to coming along when it's all but over.
The Blogosphere which also includes Twitter and Facebook. So much good has come out of this little corner of Cyberspace. I've met so many great people who even just this week have in turn been encouraging, inspiring, supportive, funny and just... there! You may not know it a lot of you but your influence over my little world is amazing.

2011. Yes 2011 is shaping up to be pretty amazing too. So much stuff just waiting to burst forth from my skull it's quite dizzying - literally. Already I've had a couple of amazing requests that came out of the blue and are so flattering - more news on that if/when I meet my mark. Getting my stu-stu-studio and possibly...definitely starting to sell my bountiful wares.

It's strange, when you've had 3 or 4 pretty, to put it politely, carpy lollocky years and I mean TRULY awful, you start to think that's just the way life is. Then it all starts to go right, really right. I don't mean perfect - blimey I'm having more than a few health issues, the girls are all in varying stages of hormonal rage and the house is still one step away from being condemned but, all in all - life is pretty damn amazing at the moment. I'm almost holding my breath waiting for the kaka to hit the fan - isn't that strange? It feels strange believe me.

So go on - what's rocked your world this week? If you play along then come link up with Virginia - the instigator of this feel good reflection on the week ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, you are Rockin', girl! You must be so excited about your studio, and think how tidy your house will become!

    Have a great week.


  2. Glad to hear that life is on the up. Keep positive and you will get the success you deserve. Miranda what more can I say - breast slaps are in!

  3. Oh Vivienne I know! :P I tried to find that clip but couldn't! SO funny!

  4. Nice to see you in good spirits girl!! I too love Miranda, but I have to say there has been some cracking comedy shows this winter ( not a lot else granted) and I've struggled to choose what to watch - thank the lord for the internet ;)

    Have a great week.

    Claire x

  5. Sorry I've been a bad blogger and not dropped by recently glad 2011 has got off to a good start but I do know that feeling of dread as when things are going well I too wait for something to go wrong. I am sure your life this year will be brilliant ...and you WILL cope with hormonal offspring. xx

  6. Wohoho! Sounds like the stu-stu-studio is going to be up and running soon! Lots of happiness in this post Carmen :) I love Miranda too - SO funny - I love how she turns her head to the camera and just looks at US quizzically (is that a word?!) x x x

  7. Life is crazy like that with its ups and downs, when things are going to well, I too think, perhaps a bad spell is just around the bend. I try to do better when things are going well, and give more and try and be more pleasant is hopes it keeps coming back. he he

    Im also a religious gal, so I try and count my blessings.

  8. Ah you sound like my sister Carmen - when things are going right she's always waiting for it to go pear shaped and I tell her that she needs she change her mindset - the statement - whatever happens you can handle it - should help! Think about it logically even when things are going pear shaped you don't stop living do you? You don't decide to bail out and not take part any more, even when it's tough you know what you actually have to do is get on with it and handle what you can! You deserve to have a great year, you are such an amazing person and you give so willingly of yourself! We're all watching the stu-stu-studio to see how things go and are all on the sidelines cheering you on! Keep on going and keep on loving what you're doing!

    Big hugs


  9. Yay

    Luke was up this weekend and we are at the point that we can do some sketches for the templates for the graffiti wall - but we need measurements please....

    was I too late - did you get the gel?


  10. Hi there :-) oooo i'm in the middle of getting my own craft space and im SO excited...I have BIG plans!! I've already got some cup cake fairy lightas to put up :-P

  11. Carmen it sounds like you are having a great week! Make it your year this year, and don't be waiting for the c**p to happen, you'll just encourage it to appear! Don't forget, it's the year of the selfish b***h, the year where you and your family come first!!!
    Glad you are enjoying the course, I'm loving it, still behind with my canvas as I have had a nasty kidney infection, but determined to keep up!


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