Rocking My World Friday

...Really, really late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Do I count as still scraping through on Friday? Nah, thought not!

Thank you Donna for the reminder of what day it is otherwise it would probably have been another Monday post.

Rocking My World this week...

Unexpected presents from amazing people. This gorgeous book was a total surprise from an amazing lady who I feel very lucky to know. It's going to be so helpful with the course I'm starting on Monday... Yay - that will be on my list next week. The first part of which is inspired by Klimt. Drool and... can I just say? DROOL again!

Keeping up with my journal. Every evening I input a little something about the day and am loving it. It's definitely helping me get over that self conscious barrier I have with journalling. And already am noting some amazing things this year that it will be so lovely to remember later on.

This little Hoot fluttered through the door this week.

He's handmade, hand felted by Mel, I won first prize in her recent bloggy giveaway. My first win of the year - isn't he Hootiful? I was so pleased - having purchased one of her felted budgies as a Christmas pressie for Craig that was just so gorgeous I nearly never gave it to him... *Sssshhh!* I was chuffed to bits to find out I was getting my own feltie creation... and mines BIGGER! We are getting quite a menagerie of birdies from Etsy now. I was going to take my Hoot to the stu-stu-studio but as we gradually get the house straight and dare I say it,  nice - I 'm beginning to think maybe he should stay here and we can have a birdie shelf. So far we have Craig's budgie, my Hoot and the wire pigeon. (Remember him?) I love Etsy! Etsy sellers... not just Etsy, crafters and artists... everywhere, you Rock my World.

We are getting over our germs! We are all still wheezing, snuffling and coughing but definitely not so much. It's on it's way out the door - hurrah! Which means not so much snot spray mixed in with my stu-stu-studio wall painting this week. THAT can only be a good thing! Right? Talking of which, the painting is all finished now. I tried to scrub the floor yesterday but it was more a case of shifting the dirt and grease around into different areas. Sugar soap - you failed me. Back in for round two on Monday - am thinking Jeyes Fluid or even Cillit BANG it's arse! I need the weekend to recover though. That was more knackering to my back than a whole week of painting.

What made your week? Why not drop by Virginia's and play along this week? Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh a lovely list, I'm glad your getting over the dreaded lurgy nearly fell off my seat laughing at your snot spray comment. Hoot is gorgeous absolutely beautiful - you are soooo lucky! Hope you have a grand weekend and manage to recover that back of yours!



  2. Get a steam cleaner - hire it for two hours - job done.


  3. Glad you are all on the mend.

    Loving your Hootie Beauty...

    Laptop still sick, but Roswell will be revealed once I can type a sentence on a borrowed one without ending up somewhere else on the page!Grrrr


  4. Congrats on winning the lil Hootie, so cute! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  5. Hoot is absolutely gorgeous - congratulations for winning him, he will be much loved, I can tell. I adore Gustav Klimt - wonderful artwork. Glad to hear germs are on their way out - I don't think snot-spray paint effect will really catch on.

    Obviously use a flame thrower on the floor. Be prepared to lose eye-brows.

    Have a great week!


  6. Your little owl is gorgeous!

    I'd go with the Cillit bang myself

  7. ooooh Hootie is sooooo cute! mmmm can't wait to see your Klimt stuff. The last time OH and I went to France we met a guy who made porcelain and he had a whole set based on The Kiss - the piece I bought has pride of place in my living room. Love it.
    Anyhoo have you moved in yet missus? Pics please? And don't exhaust yourself that much that you don't have any energy left to create :)
    Jaqui x


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