Rocking My World Friday

...on Saturday again. Oops, Sunday! I swear I started this post Friday. Really under the weather with a cough/cold, horrible germy bug type thing that's knocking us all for six at mo!


First up to rock my week has been getting down the unit every afternoon to clean walls and paint. I keep forgetting to take my camera to take updated pictures but will do on Monday. Tuesday. This is a reminder of the starting out point...
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The wall with the door and the corner up to the pin board has now been scrubbed and repainted with a cream, magnolia and white concoction - we had a few odds 'n' sods we just mixed together.

The large drill and saw in the picture below will be leaving soon. Craig is hoping they will sell this week.

I've decided not to touch the ceiling as it's quite high and I wont be spending my time gawping up at it anyway. The floor is another story. It's caked in grease and dirt. At first we were thinking it was just bare concrete but after cleaning a small patch yesterday it is in fact... well I'm not sure, not linoleum but some kind of shiny similar hard wearing material. So that will have a good scrub and sweep out as well.

We measured the room the other day and it's roughly 9'4" by 16'10" Woohoo! So much space!

I'm enjoying spending time with Craig even if it is conversations through an adjoining window as he works and I, er, flick paint everywhere and knock stuff over!

My efforts must be paying off in other ways too - I weighed myself on the Wii Fit this morning and I've lost 3lbs in a week. I've only started healthy eating again this week so am well chuffed, obviously moving the old body is working.

Next up on my Rocking List is the Calendar Journal I've started doing. I try to remember to fill each square in at night and already it's nice to look back just on the last week so can't wait to see the full year filled in for me to look back on.

Hot weetabix with banana chopped in. Mmmmm. Of a morning I have three (piggy) weetabix, pour hot milk over and then chop in a banana... pure Heaven on Earth. Such a winter warmer and has been carrying me right through till 4pm lately with maybe some fruit in between. Works out well as we have quite late dinners so I am finding that having my lunch at 4ish makes me not want to snack so much.

Finding out that the tickets for the Alexandra Palace show have gone on sale! Huzzah! Both Devvie and me are now going to the April show after all and am really looking forward to that! It will have been a whole year since we went last - feels like forever! Plus, I may be wrong but I'm sure the tickets are quite a bit cheaper this year.

The sun came out today and although it was still flipping cold (not helping the coughs we have all come down with this week) I was still able to get some washing OUTSIDE to air. It's been months since we've been able to do that.

Lastly - I've joined up to Tam's Magical, Mythical Makings class. Can't wait to get playing.

What's been Rocking Your World this week? Why not play along and link up with Virginia, who so very kindly gave my little blog an award this week :)

I've been called many things but rarely stylish. Thanks Virginia. I'm to bore you all with 8 facts you might not know about moi and then pass the award on to 4 deserving bloggers.
Here goes:

1: I used to be vegetarian but got terrible meat cravings with my 2nd pregnancy. I rarely eat meat but do very occasionally now eat chicken, turkey and bacon. I keep considering going veggie again - I'm still totally addicted to Quorn products.

2: I have a 'thing' about the See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil monkeys - I don't own anything related to them as yet. Everything I see is not quite right but do want to get or make something with them on. I'm thinking a painting...

3: I love stripey socks and was chuffed to bits at ending up, quite by accident I think, with 4 new pairs this Christmas. Love new socks, love new STRIPEY socks even more ;)

4: Johnny Cash's Hurt is the only song that can make me cry every single time. If I see the video too... Niagara Falls!

5: While everyone else at school was crushing on New Kids On The Block, my childhood crushes were Michael Jackson, Danny Kaye and Jerry Lewis... oh yeah and David Bowie in the Labyrinth! *Ahem* moving swiftly on...

6: I rarely remember my age! I waver between 32, 33 and 34... in fact I will be 34 next month... I think. It's only doing lots of surveys that helps me remember otherwise I wouldn't have a clue. I think I'm aging backwards - I feel now like I should have felt in my teens but felt so OLD in my teens.

7: I'm a cat person living in a household of doggy lovers. I really miss having a cat... luckily our mutts are so daft I swear they think they are feline sometimes.

8: I love my blog because you can see the real me without my shyness getting in the way. When I meet up with bloggy friends and I'm quiet... it's not my being rude or because I don't like you in real life. I just need to get over that initial stumbling block. I'm a ton better than I used to be, it was crippling at school, but still a ways to go yet. And once I am over that block people try and shove me back the other way ;)

The blogs I nominate are:
Because I can't wait to see them dish the dirt.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Stu stu studio girl - you get all that Space,

    make sure your mail man knows where you are tomorrow

    thanks for the award

    now the dirt...


  2. Apart from the coughs, you've had a pretty great week. Hope this week continues. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the changes to the studio - sounds like hard work, but it will be so worth it. I am green with envy! See you in April then - hurrah!!

  3. Sorry to hear you are poorly. You need to drink some lemon, honey and ginger (homemade), the ginger will really help clear your chest! Sounds like the studio is coming on well, I'm so excited for you! Glad you have signed up to Tam's class too...we can lag behind together!! Have a great week x

  4. Jerry Lewis really! I was more a Gene Kelly fan. The new studio sounds like it is coming along nicely, you won't know yourself.
    NOt sure if I will be coming to Ally Pally this year as rather skint.

  5. Wot dirt?! Mmm..let me think...

    I love coming here Carmen, I hope you know how much x And thank you!

  6. Did you see the see no evil etc skulls Asda had in at halloween, they were fab & I was so gutted they didnt have any left when I had spare pennies :(

  7. Does not the stu-stu-studio pass for a spacious apartment in London or New York? What a lot of space! Just the place to snuggle down with a trio of Weetabix on a cold morning...and take care of that cough!

    Thank you for my first blog award. I'm sure Gollum will be popping by to slip it under his cloak. :D In the meantime, he and I will put our heads together on the much dirt, so few opportunities to dish!

    May be a teeny bit slow though as my laptop has had another fit of the "won't be working anytime soon" blues. (Currently working on the borrowed variety.) Am awaiting a consultation with a mate who is more likely to be able to fix it than I am, possibly followed by a callout to the lovely IT guy.


    P.S. You don't just need kids for that Calvin cartoon. A husband would probably do... ;)

  8. Ooh that's another list - not surprised it took three days to write LOL! Had a manic day at work so just having a quick catch up with blogs, can't wait to see whow the Stu-Stu-Studio is doing!


  9. Ooh can't wait to see the pics. LOL at your dogs thinking they're cats - I've got a cat that thinks he's a dog - wanna swap??

    Guess what - Bill's back on TV on Friday - that's gonna rock my Friday for sure!!

    Jaqui x

  10. Love the Calvin cartoon! Great Rocking list - the stu-stu-studio is so exciting. Craig's clearly forgotten his rule that you were not allowed to speak to him AT ALL when he was at work and you were in the studio! Well done for the weight loss - it's going in the right direction, even though Weetabix and warm milk is the food of the Devil, in my humble opinion. Banana or no banana. Bleughhh!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.



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