Pass The Book Redraw and Twitter Curious

Just a short one today - chest hurts from the reappearance of my chest infection. Need to go lie down before the school run.

Had an email from the Pass the Book winner, Jennifer last night to say she now already has the book so I get to draw another name. Sorry about the blurry pic - coughing is not conducive to good picture taking.

Congrats Nicky. Can you please drop me an email with your address details? Email button in my profile.

Next I want to tell you about a class Julie is running on her blog Notes on Paper. It's a free class (that got your attention didn't it?) for those of us who are curious about Twitter, maybe have dipped our toes in but aren't quite sure, maybe thought about it but decided against it... well Julie is running a really in depth Twitter 'how to' class at the moment and she really knows her stuff. It's well worth going along for a look.
In Julie's own words:

  • read about what on earth does and is;
  • learn about how Twitter might be useful to you;
  • get more out of Twitter than you already are;
  • hear practical ideas on making the site work for you;
  • uncover some of the more artistic values and uses of Twitter.
  • I look forward to sharing my ideas and experiences with you very soon! Until then - please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit from a non-threatening, lighthearted yet in-depth, exploration of Twitter-ville.

It's aimed at everyone from:
  • complete beginners to ...
  • those with an account already but who don't use it;
  • to those who do use it but for only one purpose;
  • ... and even for those who think the idea of writing very short message is ridiculous and pointless!
What are you waiting for? Get over there and take a peep. Me, am off for a small glug of cough medicine and a little nap.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your chest infection. I hope you feel better soon.

    Twitter course! I am so there.

  2. aww feel better hun,
    i don't get twitter at all.... but doing a class sounds like fun xx

  3. Oooh, how exciting! {Jumps up and down with excitement!} I won! I will pass my details on to you soon, SO looking forward to getting the book. I will check out that Twitter class, I'm one of those with an account I don't use any more. Thanks Carmen. Hope you feel better soon. x

  4. The virus' that are going around are really bad this year and seem to keep popping back ...chests are affted worst so take care of your self xx

  5. Thanks muchly for the plug Carmen! Your name is safely tucked away in my giveaway draw list!

    I really appreciate your support. x

  6. That class sounds like fun! I hope you're feeling better! :(

  7. Hi Carmen, its qwiksave, Nicky! I can't contact you using your contact me thingy - my computer's fault. Please email me via my email link on my blog. Ta Muchy! x

  8. Feel better soon, and stop that bliddy coughing at me on the phone it's flaming annoying.. I'm not well! :P

    Feel better soon or I'll have to find the energy to get the train down there and slap your body about til it behaves... doesn't work with mine but hey it may well do with yours

    See... I read your blog... hope it actually posts this comment tho it takes ages to write hehe



  9. love you blog :)
    could you please check out my blog and join giveaway ?


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