How weird is that date? A bit mind boggling to me - but then I am easily bemused.

Resolutions Pah! Can't stick to 'em so 2011 is my year of "why bother?" Not as in just doing booger all you understand - just not making unattainable promises to myself that I have no intention (in my heart of hearts) of ever keeping.

However what I will be doing is:

Accepting myself. Stop putting things off today (or for years) until I reach that magical unattainable weight/size. Be happy and accept me for ME. First and foremost, eat properly, get off my arse once in a while and exercise and if I lose weight in the process - all good. But if I don't that shouldn't put me off wearing the clothes I want to wear or being the person I want to be. Which it has up to this point. No more.

Next is mainly... well it is ALL arty crafty goals because lets face it - apart from my family, that IS my life. It's what my dreams are filled of and I am going to throw myself in wholeheartedly from here on in.

SO 2011 will see me finish and make use of the classes I started in 2010. Namely the Suzi Blu Goddess class, the Alisa Burke graffiti class and the free Willowing Art, Heart & Healing class. Just from the bits and pieces of each class I have done I have learnt so much, to finish them all will be my start of year gift to myself...

Starting this month, when the kids are back to school, I start the clean out, wash down, sweep out, possible repaint, lugging down of furniture and supplies and moving stuff around in my stu-stu-studio. In answer to your sigh and thought of how long I will continue to refer to it as that - the answer my friends is forever. Forevaaaaaahhhh!

I am signing up to The Kathryn Wheel challenge that I've seen on a few blogs last year. It's basically creating a calendar in a journal each month. I keep saying I'm going to get going on journalling and diarising so this will be the one that kicks me off methinks.

Which will give me chance to use some techniques from the journal book I received in Pass The Book over on Sian's blog. I am woefully late in getting that moving again so will indeed be posting that up ready for it's new home this month.


I intend to try and make all (well, most) of my Christmas cards this year. Not sure how I'll go about it as am still a bit on the fence with card making. Maybe do a couple a month or make a few 'all occasion' ones to dip my toe in the water.

I'll be participating in One World One Heart blog event at the end of this month. I just need to think of something decent to give away.

I intend to practise, practise, practise with drawing and painting this year. I think that's my main love and I enjoy nothing better than getting messy with my paints. If I could just end up with end results I'm happy to display or give away then all the better...

Which leads me onto..

I will start selling. I may crash and burn. I may succeed but without trying I'll never know.

And lastly - the non-crafting challenge that I've signed up to is Eleventh Heaven over on the compers corner of the MSE forums :)

"For the year of 2011 pick 11 wins that you'd like to win throughout the whole year which would make you feel like you're in your own compers heaven"

So my picks are:
1: DSi (For Devvie or Craig's Mum)
2: Gig tickets
3: Portable DVD player (Handy for classes when everyone is hogging my PC)
4: Twilight goodies (for Devvie)
5: JLS goodies (for Pheebs)
6: Something Cbeebies-ish (for Ruby)
7: DS Games (For all of them)
8: Books
9: Art or Craft Stuff ('nuff said!)
10:Wii games
11:Vouchers (Preferably Amazon but any would be lovely)

Which means I'll have to get botty in gear and start comping more often than I have been of late. Am thinking of dedicating an evening or two a week for that challenge.

So what about you? Resolutions or not? Any interesting challenges that you are signed up to this year?

Just before I sign off - please go pay Virginia a visit. I just love her New Year's post and think we should all read and absorb the words, it's a beautiful piece of writing.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Wohoho! This is a great post Carmen, loved reading it... all the positive vibes oozing from it are fantastic! x x

  2. Love your non resolution of just being who you are, this is something I really struggle with but need to achieve! Glad you are up for the calander challenge, can't wait to see your pages. I have signed up for Tams course and am raring to go! I checked out the Strathmore freebie course yesterday when it was posted...all I can say is I hope it gets a bit more inspirational!

  3. Ah bless you hun that is a great post - yes 1.1.11 was a mighty strange date I did a double take on it! I love all your postings I love your being kinder to yourself and enjoying being you this year! I'm excited to see the studio develop and become your home - can't wait to see what you make and develop and what you start to sell - I'm so giddy for you! Hoping you manage your 11 things on your competition list also - they made for interesting reading!

    Finally thank you for your comments on my posting for New Year it just seemed the right time to put it out - now we all have a new sheet of paper - by all means, print it, type it, paint it, journal it - do whatever you want with it - if it get's you motivated then use it!

    Sending you lots of hugs this New Year may 2011 be quite simply amazing!



  4. You're going to be very busy this year! Re card making, I would suggest only making for nearest and dearest as it's not the cheapest activity in the world for those who wouldn't appreciate the effort

  5. I am going to develop my poetry to go with my images (realistic goal), and I am going to start writing for publication - aspirational goal (one day!!!!!)


    mwahh ha ha

    also I am going to really really pay attention to Amnesty International
    and V day

    Let's Put a Big Full Stop to All Forms of Violence

    ah well I intend to change My Little Corner of the World

    And I have developed ALL my skills whilst card making - to me it is a must....

  6. Lovely non-resolutions this year! Think I'll give One Heart a whirl myself. :) I have no doubt you can accomplish any and all of the things on your list!

  7. Never say never - you just might reach all those goals and non-resolutions. If anyone can, it will be you. You are such a lovely wonderful free spirit and you deserve much happiness and many delightful rewards. I hope this year brings you plenty. Sending you a big squeezy hug for the new year.

  8. What your said about body issues and not waiting to do or wear something until you're that perfect size really resonated with me. I'm working on that too and it's SO! HARD!

    Off to check out Kathryn Wheel - sounds like fun!

    Happy New Year. So excited to see what '11 brings into your life and your art.


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