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Yeah! Friday yeah! Last day of school term which means no more freezing cold multiple treks up and down to school each day for a little while! What a great kick start to...

The brain child of Virginia ~ inspiring us all to look past the carpy lollocks and focus on the good stuff once a week.

I missed last week due to my PC just being a complete waste of desk space. BUT the first of my feel good moments is that I am, as of Sunday afternoon, now the proud owner of a new PC tower. Which houses a quad core no less. I say that like I know what it means. I don't. I just know I can now do what I do best which is have a zillion windows and other stuff running and I am zipping around so fast I'm almost giving myself whiplash!

This was supposed to be my one present for Christmas - we've been saving up all year for it - I've been on stash ban since April and am now just about running on empty with quite a lot of things so eldest ratbag Devvie and I have a stash jaunt planned for some point in the new year. The £1 a day savings have been handed over to PC World and we begin again saving up for that... but imagine my surprise when Craig tells me not only will I have a couple of surprise presents under the tree... he doesn't do surprise pressies. He does "tell me what you want and I'll buy it" presents so am excited now already... Yes, not only will there be a couple of surprises but... BUT... how would I feel about him emptying the back room of his unit and turning it into a craft room?

How would I feel?


He has a small 2 room and utility area unit. He would keep the front room and I would have the back one. We would share the utility bit.

1) I help him clean it out. At the moment it houses all his... well, junk is a polite way to put it. Big tools, packing materials, everything gets lobbed in there and it's a state. I help clear it out and he'll build me shelving units etc.

2) I can go down whenever he is there because there's only one key BUT... when the youngest ratbag goes to school of an afternoon I'll have around 2 and a half hours a day to just play. I have to PROMISE when I am there to pretend he isn't there, let him get on with his stuff and I get on with mine *start to laugh manically*

3) I can now get a sewing machine that works and can leave it set up without worrying about little fingers. I can leave stuff out and not have to tidy away all the time, It will be solely my area.

4) Craig gets the dining room back with my just keeping a skeletal craft supply at home, like my pencils and sketchbooks. Obviously my desk will stay but it will be tidy and not covered in towering mountains of wobbly craft supplies, cordoned off with hazard tape.

5) Craig can then start to expand the business because he will be able to go off and leave the unit unlocked while he goes to see other businesses on the estate. Just means buildery types might get a fright when they come in looking for him and find someone caterwauling along to Alice and splashing paint and glitter everywhere.

6) He wants me to use it as a springboard to start selling and he will help me out. He's self-employed so will give me a hand through that side of it. (Or in his words - he wants to pimp my stuff.)

7) It's a 5 minute walk from our house.

8) It's central heated! *sigh*

My one demand was that he wrap up the door in a big Christmassy bow and that I am allowed one, just one occasion when I hear he has a visitor... I get to yell through the interlocking window in my best Harry Enfield/Cathy Burke impression "Young maaaaayun, young maaayun. Would you and your friend like a cup of teaaaa? Ooh young maaayun!" Teehee. Apparently that's a no no. But I might.

Aren't I a lucky girl? When we start clearing it out I'll start taking progress piccies. I'm so excited. I can't decide whether to call it my craft room or declare it an artistes studio.

Next on my Rocking list (yep there's more...) Phoebe and Ruby both doing so well in their Christmas plays. Phoebe's was more a concert type thing and she read a Christmas poem aloud. Ruby's nursery show we worried about - all week she was teary, protesting that she was Ruby NOT Mary. On the day she did get on stage... minus Joseph who was sobbing and so the story was re-narrated as Mary the jilted single Mum... who had a tendency to kick the manger in a sullen sulk... oh joy. It was funny.

Next up - having nearly finished all our pressies. I didn't get as many made this year as hoped - I'm so behind on everything craft related at the mo but it will be different next year. No excuses now eh? But what hasn't been bought now - probably wont get bought. We did stick to our trying to reclaim Christmas. We won a lot, made a fair bit and used a skip load of vouchers that I had earned throughout the year. We'll carry on year on year, I already have so many more ideas for decorations and presents for next year. We're both quite proud with how much thought we have put into peoples pressies this year - tat was off the list. We didn't want to get things that would possibly end up just shoved to the back of the cupboard and I'm hopeful we might have managed it. Of course I could be completely wrong and people will think it's all rubbish but the thought has been there for everyone. It's all more or less wrapped too. Woohoo.

I'm going to wrap up there as this is a bit of an epic post and all text as most of my pictures are still on my old tower... sorry.

So lastly... it's just one week till Christmas! What's Rocking Your World this week?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Woooooooooo! Saw your news about the craft space when you commented on Doone's blog, and I am so excited for you. What a brilliant idea, and you get to spend more time with the OH. My OH is self-employed as well, and we have offices across the hall on the first floor; it's great to drop by for inspiration/a moan/to stop the OH from working or to pinch his chocolate.

    Love the stories of the Christmas plays, particularly the modern reworking of Mary's role...

    And as for what's rocking our world? Similar situation to you with the Christmas presents, including setting up the Elf School project for the godchildren, which has been so much fun. I am particularly enjoying corresponding with a very smart 8 year old in my role as Chief Elf. In other simple pleasures, it's Promarker time here, and I am remembering how much fun colouring in used to be.

    Bet you're going to have a fabulous Christmas.

  2. Wow Carmen - your own Artiste's Studio!!! That would be the best pressie in the world! Looks like you're in for a cracking Christmas and new year, enjoy it hun you deserve it. x

  3. Your OWN space! Yadihoodi! I'm SO pleased for you Carmen, tis very exciting! Have a lovely Christmas - you've kinda got the icing on the cake already! x x

  4. You've been busy!!! Especially starting something new near Christmas like this! cOngrats though and indulge yourself this Christmas! you deserve it!

  5. YEay go Carmen

    SO Happy for you, couldn't have happened to a more deserving artiste xxx

    mmmwah xxxx

  6. Fantastic news!! I'm so chuffed for you, look forward to see all the wonderful new creations that you will make in there.

  7. Wow, what a week you've had. I am thrilled for you - and hopefully now we'll catch you at Ally Pally next year - meet you at LB Crafts, lol! Will you be able to top this week, I wonder?

  8. Wow Carmen, your own artistes studio!! Amazing and throughly deserved for your great creations!!And a new Tower...can we expect more great posts from you now?! What a wonderful week you have had x

  9. Oooh, Happy Christmas Carmen!! What a brilliant way to look forward to a whole new year of creating - with your own space. Enjoy :)

  10. Carmen I have to say that despite my lack of being around this week on Rocking Your World - you've done a fabulous job! The craft room sounds fantastic and I'm glad you've finally got the PC sorted! Can't wait to see piccies of your new studio!

    Hope you're all ready for Christmas



  11. Wow and wow!!!
    Brilliant list - I the craft area/artist's studio.
    Sue xx

  12. I love your Rocking lists Carmen - they do make me giggle!

    And get you with your studio space and everything, posh or what. Mind you, what with the snow and with this new room having central heating you might just be tempted to move in........?!

    Love the sound of Ruby's nativity - it's what it's all about isn't it? And she got to lay Mary! I was never Mary. She will only realize how lucky she is when she's in her 20's!!

    Great to hear you've got a new tower pc, maybe wear a neck brace for wild clicking moments?!

    Have a great week,


  13. Have a HUGE no make that HUMUNGUS WHOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO from me and CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAATULAAAAAAAAAAATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a fully fledged artiste with her own STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your loving it and I can't wait to catch up on all your posts to see it emerge.
    When I was reading your conditions...... Does Craig know that point 2 just isn't gonna happen - I mean you just can't play Alice quietly now can you?!?!!?
    Loving the single mother Ruby story - have the CSA be alerted to Joseph's status as a run away father ;)
    Catching up slowly - oooops nearly forgot I hope your speeding about the tinternet on your fabby new comp too.

    Jaqui x


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