Nearly 2011 Rocking My World Friday

Firstly - where the flip did 2010 go? I mean... really!

So obviously top of my Rocking List is going to be Christmas. Because, I don't know if you noticed but that happened last week. There was a definite shift in mood this year. The last few have been pretty, well, putting on a show for the kids type of thing you know? I know exactly why - Mum always came to us for Christmas day and it just hasn't been the same without her.

I hit a black spot around the middle of the year and it affected everything - I kind of shut down. Crafting was minimal if at all, everything got on top of me and I cut myself off from family and friends and just fell behind on absolutely everything. I don't know why it affected me more this year in particular - 3 years on.

Towards the end of the year I started to come out of it again and am starting to feel more like myself. This Christmas has been a happy one again and I have a definite positive attitude for 2011. I think it's time to start living again rather than just existing.

On a completely shallow side I got lots of lovely pressies from friends and family who really seem to have 'got' me this year. Lots of books and crafting tools - a sewing machine, a wood burner, paints, brushes, pens, promarkers and handmade gifts. So thank you everyone :)

Craig's Mum made us a crocheted blanket for our bed, that really surprised me and I love it - it must have taken forever. I will try and get a decent picture... it's so snuggly and warm.

My sister found me a DVD of a film that I adored as a child, it was one my Mum had taped by accident one night when she was taping the film before it and had just let the video run through the night. Not like our exact timings of today or 'On Demand' TV. It became a firm favourite of mine - I can't believe my sister remembered it...
She commented to me that she had forgotten just how old it is - so old it's not even black and white, it's brown and white! It's a real feel good film, no blood, guts, vampires or monsters at all. Of course the rest of the family groaned and sent sis daggers when I opened it - they don't share my appreciation for the oldies. Though Devvie actually sat through the entire Miracle on 34th Street when it was on TV last week - the original version!


I have my first blog post allocation for Gauche Alchemy in January. When things were getting on top of me earlier in the year the lovely Amy let me take a step back while still remaining on the team. I still did the newsletter (my baby!) but not so much the crafting and blogging. I'm happy to be coming back on board and excited to be a proper part of the team again.

Lastly all you bloggy peeps, wherever you are in the world. I've been priviliged to meet some wonderful people through this little blog. Some I've even been able to meet up with face to face. I feel a very lucky girl to have made some fabulous, not to mention super talented and inspirational friends and you don't realise just how much you've all helped me this year.

*Quick smooshy group hug before I go even sillier*

I really hope Virginia continues on with Rocking Your World Friday as it really does make you appreciate the good things going on. Why not join us next year?

I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative New Year :)



  1. I'm seriously thinking about it because I just love these Friday posts and I savour every one!

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours Carmen - hope it brings you the very best of everything you are hoping for

  2. Ah Carmen a beautiful list as always with your heart on your sleeve - I'm glad Christmas for you this year has been positive and upbeat and happy and that you're going beyond the merely existing into the living part once again! It is something of a miracle to meet all these fabulous people online - the joys of modern technology! I will indeed be Rocking my way through 2011 so please continue - it's an awesome way of taking stock and enjoying life! Glad the card made it's way to you finally! And yes my sister's legs are something to be envied believe you and me she definitely got the better deal on that one LOL!

    Sending you hugs and I'll speak to you again in 2011!



  3. Happy New Year Carmen. I hope it is a wonderful 2011 for you with much happiness.

  4. Glad you are feeling more positive and have had a good xmas. Great rocking list as always x

  5. It's just great that you had such a good Christmas - and with some fab pressies too! Good luck going forward - I will watch Gauche Academy for when you're around! Have a wonderful 2011.

  6. Happy new year to you Carmen :-)
    So glad you have decided to join the calendar challenge and look forward to seeing your creations x

  7. Happy new year hun and I may just join you - perhaps a weekly reflection on the good things in my life will bring focus :) x

  8. Happy New Year to you, Carmen!

    You know, most of us hit a wall at some stage so don't be too hard on yourself for having a 'moment' in the summer.

    The 'so old it's brown-and-white' film made me smile!

    I've loved reading your Rocking posts and I look forward to seeing what you get up to in 2011.


  9. A Very Happy New Year from me too. Thanks for being one of my most loyal supporters and posters, I really appreciate it. You have really helped me continue blogging by posting, because so many people read and run. Thank you so much. May your christmas positivity continue throughout 2011. xx

  10. *Quick hug right back atcha*

    (and Henry would like to point out that he has hose, will travel, if Hetty is willing... Darn, I never thought I'd be arranging the courtship of machines online!)

    That's a lovely reflective post for the year end. It is wonderful when people really do "get" you, and I'm so pleased for you that your mood is lifting. Here's to this being the start of a happy 2011, full of crafting in your new space, books aplenty, lots of Alice and spooky things, and loads of laughs.

    Glad to have "met" you through blogging, and looking forward to lots of blogadventures in the months to come.

  11. Go glad 2010 brought us together in bloggy friendship and cannot wait to see where 2011 takes us! (Notice the "us", I am of course dragging you along with me you see.) LOL

    Glad you're back in a creative groove, Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year

    It's okay to take a break from living for a while so long as you come back, and I still miss my Mom after 34 years - oddly synchronistic with your blog I have just dedicated my altered book of Blankets to Her...( she used to crochet the most amazing afghan blankets)

    we missed Sarah a huge amount, this being year one - I keep crying - but it is good to be Fully Alive I so wish she was too, bummer bummer bummer,

    I am planning a South trip in Feb - will send you dates - perhaps a meet up at Pickleberry?



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