Christmas Rocking My World Friday!

It's Friday but not just any old Friday... It's CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Eve!

So Rocking My World this week is having a white Christmas - I know it's been a pain and it's limited what we can do and where we can go and thousands if not millions of people have been inconvenienced in one way or another... and we've all had enough of it by now... both Craig and Devvie have both taken a tumble and it's cold... sooooo cold. I've been one of those people moaning about it for weeks now. But you know what? How magical will it be for that little part of you that still secretly wants a white Christmas every year? To open those curtains tomorrow and get your wish? I wont have to go out - just enjoying Christmas day, inside, with my family and there will be a white Christmas. Ours is nearly all gone now but I'm hoping that last little bit on the green outside stays just for one more day.

If it melts by Boxing Day all the better so we can go see Craig's parents.

My Alice Angel back in his rightful place atop a black tree surrounded by red tinsel and bright red berry lights. Doesn't he look right at home? A gift from Ewa last year. He's lived on my desk all year awaiting his time to shine again and look - there he is.

Blimey but my tree looks possessed when you walk past the window. All you see is this huge black thing with red glowing lights. Vay cool if I do say so myself and nope - this was the one bit of Christmas I did indeed put my foot down on years ago. Black tree, red lights, Alice angel. Tick, tick annnnd tick!

Going to Tesco's today for some final bits and pieces. On Christmas Eve! I know - how could that possibly be on my Rocking list? But we managed to get around, straight to a till and out in double quick time. Maybe it was because we went early - I don't know but after psyching myself up for wrestling the crowds it was a pleasant surprise indeed.

Outwitting Craig with Christmas for the first time ever this year - in previous years he has usually tracked down where, when and what I've bought him before Christmas Eve's even dawned. He's like a big kid when it comes to getting his presents and would put Poirot to shame with his sleuthing skills. However this year I believe I have out foxed the fox! MWAHAHAHAAR! It's been hard and I have zero nails left but I've done it godammit! I even managed to make him one and get it wrapped before he even had a clue! I'm so glad as well because he seems to have gone all out this year. Usually I present him with a list and he chooses a couple of bits off it. This time he hasn't asked me once. Not only do I have my craft room and PC tower - there has now appeared a large and a small package under the tree! So excited, I love surprises and ask him every year to just get me something he has chosen. Can't believe he really has this year!

Of course I still caught him with his bum in the air under the tree last night trying to feel and guess right up till the last minute. Nope - not gonna happen this year!

Apart from a few sniffles, an ear infection, a dodgy back that is NOT liking this cold and a burned finger with a huge blister (don't ask!) in the big scheme of things, everything considered, we are a happy and healthy family for this coming Christmas. Couldn't get more Rocking than that now can you?

Be sure to pop by Virginia's blog to join in - what's rocking your world this week?



  1. I have a black tree too, no red or alice though - just royal purple, jade and peacock blue :)

    Have a fab Christmas Carmen and enjoy the new year. x

  2. lol, I'm glad you like him :)
    Hope you and your family have a fab Christmas x

  3. Oooh Carmen I'm grinning from ear to ear - your Rocking list is absolutely awesome! Love the tree and the angel, the idea of your other half trying to guess gifts etc! All in the spirit of things! Have a wonderful Christmas hun!



  4. Have an absolutely fabulous christmas, Carmen! Thanks for all the blog support this year too. Hugs, qwiksave x

  5. Wicked Alice Angel!! Hope you had a great Xmas?! Very tempted to do the mythical creatures art course on willowing but really cant afford it, might have to try and save up and buy the DVD after the course.I have been asked to do some paintings to sell in a shop so the course would have been really useful but I have signed up to a free art journal course with Strathmore which starts on 1st Jan. Let me know if you sign up to the willowing one what its like! x

  6. Hiya, hope you hada great xmas.

    30 pom poms, made using a plastic pom pom maker thingie lol this makes it long enough for a 10 yr old. I threaded some thick yarn, and pushed it thru each pom pom, knotting it on each side so they dont move up and down.

  7. oh and it was started and finished all in one night. xxx

  8. Ooooo can't wait to see what you got for Christmas! Your Alice topper is still so cool! I hope everyone is feeling better!


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