Brrrrrrrrrrrrrilliant Christmas Card

No you haven't got deja vu... I know I've shown him before but after doing a bit of blog hopping I thought I would drag out the pic of my one and only Christmas card this year to enter him into this months Stampotique Designers Challenge.
The criteria is to create a project that includes at least one punched shape and one die cut shape or image! Think this scrapes through... the dripping snow is a Martha Stewart punch (who knew it wasn't just good for blooooood?) and the tag must have been die cut at some stage in it's life? Worth a shot!

The snowy background is packaging card that has been edged with stamps. I used the Stampotique snowman that a lovely blogger sent me in a batch of Stampotique stamped images. The snowballs and wool came from my Gauche Alchemy Wedding Night White kit. And I have stickled everything to within an inch of it's life.

The sentiment is printed off the computer using one of my favourite free fonts. (Burton's Nightmare.)

Slightly off topic... Craig not only went on to get me a sewing machine for Christmas but I ordered the above Snowman stamp, Peggy and the kitty cat from the Stampotique site the other day... and he told me to put it on his card! Should I start to get worried now? Or should I just enjoy it?

I'm opting for just enjoying it at the mo! Who needs flowers eh? ;)


  1. Gifts from The Man? Definitely enjoy it girl! lol I love the drippy title for this card, good luck!

  2. Pff there I was thinking you'd spent hours cutting that snow just because you loved me so much :P

    Oohhh can I put some stuff on Craig's card too please? Do I get brownie points for the lovely ..umm...bird... cross stitch? hehe


  3. I also loved that he was wearing fluffy slippers :)

  4. that's a great card and if I made Christmas Cards I'd want that snowman. Weeeell maybe I could make an exception... I love him!
    Great to hear you got a sewing machine. I seem to be retuning to sewing a lot more of late and I'm pleased with all the useful results.
    Happy 2011
    JoZarty x

  5. oops I meant to add that if ever you get to Liverpool we have a fabulous cheap fabric warehouse. They also do mail order but it's so good for a rummage.

    joZarty x

  6. I just love this snowman - I have a little wish list of Stampotique stamps that I'm lusting over, but have pledged to not buy anymore stamps until I've inked up some of the ever growing mountain of stamps that I have!!

    Re the pressies enjoy them!

    Happy new year to you and yours Carmen.
    Claire x

  7. Brilliant card, love the cotton ball snow! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  8. You're very lucky to have someone treat you to some crafty bits

  9. super cute card! and I'm so excited for your new stuff...can't wait to see what you create!

  10. Thanks for joining us on Stampotique designers challenge with this fab card! Love the composition- the tag background is a great idea.

  11. What a wonderful Christmas card! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designers Challenge # 21.

  12. Cool ( pun intended;)) card! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique!


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