Rocking My World Friday...

I know, I know I missed last week but it's a double whopper this week so it's allowed.

So last week I had a text from my big sister Donna asking me if I could be in on Friday just gone, around 1 - 3pm. She said there would be a delivery of our Christmas parcels. Thought no more about it. Come Friday there's a knock on the door and when I opened it there's an armful of pressies in my face and peeking round it... yep, my sister Donna. Talk about knock me down with a feather. Why was I so surprised? She lives in Fife, Scotland and I live waaaaaay darn sarf in Kent. There was an emergency that was not so great for her which is why she found herself suddenly in Kent but wowee what a fabulous surprise for me. Plus I loaded her up with my presents for her to take home. So not only fabby to sit and natter and catch up but also tick, tick on saving on postal charges too.

Next up, another visitor from Scotland, although this time she was expected, arrived that very same day. My friend Lesley came to stay over the weekend - feels like forever since she was last down. We've known each other for years and years - my oldest friend... as in time we've known each other - not saying she is decrepit or anything - even if she IS older than me.  We went to school together and then my family moved back to Kent shortly after I left school so now it's a once a year thing if we are lucky.

Ruby hogging Lesley's attention.

It was great to see her, we took the girls to the cinema - for Ruby is was her very first time and we watched Despicable Me - which I really loved so that too rocked my week...

Although we were all sad that Lesley had to head home on Monday, it's lucky she did as the dreaded white stuff finally hit us Monday night... and as usual most things ground to a halt. She would have been stranded here had she stayed any longer - which the girls had been hoping for. Cooper - usually a manic mutt charging round the house and bouncing off the walls whenever we get someone 'new' in the house, took to Lesley like a lovesick puppy and has been pining a little since she left. I can't understand what it was about her that had the calming effect on him - Craig reckons it's the accent. So now we know he has a fetish for ears and the Scottish language. Strange doggy!

Wednesday night we had around 8 inches of snow fall and it didn't stop all day Thursday. Schools are closed, we've had no post, people are panic buying.  I sent Craig down the Co-Op for emergency supplies... he came back with Pringles and chocolate Penguins. Hmm. We have no central heating so our little 'leccy heater is on overdrive and we are working those layers people. So today I am VERY thankful for my £1.50 yummy purple Primark fingerless gloves - they come off for toilet breaks and food prep only. Too much info? I care not a jot. I am also thankful for huge mugs of steaming tea and bowls of hot porridge... and for powdered milk. Not quite as disgusting as I feared! We tested it today - it's there should we need it.

Also the power of radio - we've had Radio Kent on all day yesterday in the background and honestly, the stories coming through of NHS workers battling their way to work, of 4x4 drivers phoning in offering their services to people that need anything - it really has served as a reminder that at least some of this human race are really genuinely thoughtful, decent and caring people.

Next up - Helen and Julia - both messaged me and let me know last week that Alice was on Desert Island Discs. I had been unaware till they told me and I really enjoyed finally catching up with it today. The link is still up for the moment if you'd like a listen. Thanks girls, for not only thinking I'd like it but for letting me know.
Alice the vampire - yum!

What rocked your world this week? Why not pop over to Virginia's and link up :)

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  1. A wonderful list Carmen - sorry you're suffering with the snow though.
    Sue xx

  2. Oh I'm loving the list Carmen, it was your comment about lack of central heating that made mine a must on my list this week. I grew up in a house with no central heating and only a small gas fire in the back room. We never used the front room (too cold) and my bedroom used to get three inces of ice on it at the bottom in the midst of winter which would lead to us all having to move into my Mum and Dad's bedroom - all five of us - one double bed and three singles - crazy stuff I tell you so I absolutely acknowledge how blessed I am with the central heating I truly do!

    Loving the icicles picture - sheer genius and the lovely visitors you've had this week! Hugs to you all


  3. Sending warming thoughts to you all, during your period of lack of heating. I can't bear the cold, and really do feel for you. I have invested in thermals this year to keep warm. How lovely for you to have all your visitors, especially before the snow fell. We have about the same amount of snow as you and school is shut today too. Hoping to sort out my Christmas journal today. I have been really good and not bought any new scrap materials, apart from ink to print off the photos.

  4. Yikes, no central heating? No wonder you're wearing gloves. Take care - and I am running low on milk too. Got to venture out tomorrow, the cough will have to suffer! Love your list this week, glad you enjoyed Alice - I thought he was great - and how unlike his image he really is! Love your snow pics, it always looks pretty till anyone has to try and get anywhere.

  5. I can't imagine how cold it must be without central heating - you must be made of strong stuff, girl!

    Lovely visitors for you this week, and a dose of Alice too. That must have made you feel all warm and toastie!


  6. Love your list this week, how lovely to see your sister! I have taken to wearing my dressing gown over the top of my clothes because it is so cold here as well! Snow came to us on Wednesday night and the whole Island has ground to a halt, no school, no buses..twice in one year for the Island is a record!! Hope it warms up for you soon! x

  7. Oh Carmen no central heating I feel for ya hun! It's -4 here atm, but lovely and sunny. The snow arrived on Saturday and we have about 12". Stay safe & warm. x

  8. You take care of yourselves - if that snow doesn't disappear soon I might have to start knitting hats again and send you some! I'm loving the cheerful tone of your post even tho there is some misery going on. It's posts like these which rock MY world x

  9. How fun to have two awesome visits in one week! I can't wait to see Despicable Me!!! Alice does make a nice vamp, doesn't he?

    Happy weekend dearest!

  10. big hugs .. at least you took the gloves off for toilet breaks :P

    Lovely that you got 2 visitors in 1 days, not so lovely that one of them had a bad reason for being your way...

    OMG!!! Alice just scared my pants off lol


  11. Sounds busy, busy! Glad you had a nice time with your sister, unexpected visits are cool :) Also, I take back what I said about wanting snow after reading this, it sounds like it's causing a lot of trouble for a lot of people x

  12. Hope you made it safely through the snow and out the other side before the next lot hits. Know the feeling hun - we've only got a gas fire. It's no fun defrosting the ice on this inside of the windows, but any excuse for hot chocolate and marshmallows.... :) Jaqui x


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