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I finished my first week of the free Art, Heart and Healing class last night. (Only a couple of weeks behind everyone else!)
One of my Rocking Friday friends Jo told me to prepare for a roller coaster emotional ride. She wasn't wrong - and if this is only the first week?? Well... watch out is all I can say. Luckily I have noticed the definite shift in my mood this week has been for the positive and I didn't attribute it at all to this course... until last night when I finished the page.

You have to start off by writing down a list of all the negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and then think about what positive things your self conscious might be trying to say with the harmful feelings. Then Gesso over the negativity and start sketching an image to represent yourself, a positive image - not a full on perfect photographic image (thankfully) but an image to represent yourself. There are fabulous step by step instructions on how to do this within the class. It is so detailed it's hard to believe it's free.Then you build up layers and layers and layers and then more layers and then another layer for good luck until there is no trace of negativity left on the page.

Finally you go back and look at the positives list and bring it together into one phrase and one word that your own self is trying to tell you.

All sentimental tosh I thought, but I did it because it was part of the lesson.She looks quite pleased with herself about something doesn't she? I don't think it's sentimental tosh anymore - so maybe she has good reason to.

My phrase - You are stronger than you think you are.
And my word... confidence.

It encompasses so much.

The background is Gesso, watercolour crayons, stamps AND watercolour pencils. Yes, The watercolour pencils. I didn't have a brayer so that side of it was done with a rolling pin.

Next up, the last circle journal I was working on asked for people to, if they felt like it, cartoonise themselves on the sign in page. I used to do this all the time when I was a teen. Draw cartoon charicatures of myself and my sister - mainly my sister so I jumped at the chance to play at that again. This was the result... I was quite chuffed with how she turned out so scanned her in and uploaded her as my avatar before I prepare to send her (me?) on her (my) way.

I used Copics and Sparkly Micas to colour her in - hence the grainy look, it's the sparkles caught in mid twinkle.

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. wow what a talented artist you are!!! i would be awful at art journalling because im not remotely talented with anything but paper..even thats a struggle! well done you! X

  2. Wow, great first page for Tams course Carmen! The face is so detailed and I love your background with all the dribbles! Great cartoon of yourself as well x

  3. You are very talented. I love both. Your charicature is my favourite. It reminds me of the girl from Scooby Doo.

  4. These are amazing! You are so talented, I wish I had the ability to draw this well. xx

  5. Yay! A crafty post! Bet you had fun making all those layers of paint too, I know I would. Fab drawing and cartoon too. Lol at using a rolling pin. x

  6. Isn't Tam's course amazing? I felt the same as you when I started "ok, I'll do it but for the art side not the sentimental rubbish" and then I noticed how much my mood was lifted and how I felt like a lot of old baggage had been cleared. Very powerful stuff.
    Love your cartoon, I wondered where your new avatar had come from... but why are we Orbisoned on the banner? Are you being unfaithful to Mr Cooper?!

  7. Hey Carmen, I'm lovin' your Week 1 journal pages! I laughed at the rolling pin bit - I adore all that grunge, brilliant. And your symbolic me is fantastic, 'she' does look like she's having a giggle about something, doesn't she?! The sentiment is very moving. Your new avatar is so good, you are seriously talented, girl!

    See you in class!


    ps thanks for the link to my blog x!

  8. Sounds almost like a ritual, not "sentimental tosh" at all. Bury that bad image whatever way you have to. I love this one.
    Have a magical week.

  9. you great big love muffin - damn right confidence - remember what you have learnt...use what you have ( loads of talent)


  10. It sounds like a fab class - even reading about how you did the page has got me thinking. That practical step of gesso-ing out the negative sounds like a pretty powerful thing to do! I hope "great artist" was on your positive side :)

  11. The pencils got used!!! And what an outing they've had! Fabulous fabulous work Carmen, you artist you! x x

  12. Carmen - both are amazing. You are a fabulous artist and I love the sentiment on your page.

  13. My word what an intense journey. Your description of the emotional digging reminded me of a week I spent on a yoga meditation retreat. It was just what I needed by it was also difficult to uncover so many (long buried) layers. I love your phrase and your cartoon is fantastic. What a smile! Enjoy continuing your journey. :)


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