JLS Card

What do you do for the JLS obsessive in your life who is about to hit the momentous double digits?

Download a piccie from Google. Head to Picnik, play around a bit and add a sentiment.


Slap on uber pink card.

Sit back and bask in the forth coming slobbery kisses and adoration.

Excuse it's crumpled state and the grainy picture. Pheebs was so chuffed she took it to school today and the light is now really bad for getting a picture.

Ain't I just zooming up the ranks eh? From non-card maker to reluctant card maker... very soon I could class my self as... *gasp* actual card maker! That's about 3 in a row I've made and liked! I think I just have to stop comparing myself to those that do works of art loaded down with product. Just because I don't do mine that way doesn't make me not one.

*ping* Light bulb moment!

Did you feel that?

I think I just graduated up.

***Happy Birthday my Phoebe Monster!***


  1. Happy Birthday Pheobie ....great card ...re previous post ....ouch ...sounds like a touch of concussion.xx

  2. Fabulous card! Happy Birthday to Phoebe.
    Sue xx

  3. Happy Birthday, Phoebe! Love the card (bit old for JLS, mind but at least I've heard of them, LOL!)

  4. looks great, happy birthday Phoebe!!

  5. PHOEBES - Hippo Birdie my Deer

    Carmen you plonker - it's your style and it has equal value to any one else's - and by god mommer - some people go all their lives and never realise being themselves is the best thing since sliced bread - Your Style - Not a Sheep - Leading not following - glad the lightbulb is on - but really jump out and play in the sunshine...


    ps it's friday - are you gonna rock?

  6. Fab card! Happy birthday, Grattis på födelsedagen! and Penblwydd Hapus (Swedish and Welsh)to you Phoebe


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