Angel Giveaway...

She's doing it again! Marie over at Art From My Heart is giving you up to SEVEN chances to win one of her angels - depending how many people enter there could be up to three angels in the draw. I won one in her last giveaway and believe me - you don't want to miss out on this chance, they are even more beautiful and intricate up close... you have until December the 4th to enter.

What are you doing still here? Get your tush over there and while you are at it - wish her Happy Birthday for next week.



  1. Thanks for the heads-up... that angel looks lovely! :)


  2. tush is getting the heck over there

  3. Thanks for the link Carmen.
    You will need some texture gel for wk 4 of art, heart and healing. I had a hard time finding some on the Island and have ended up with a real gritty, sandy gel instead of a smooth white paste! Never mind it worked ok! Cant wait to see more of your work x

  4. Thanks for the link dear one. Good luck and I loved your trekkie review.


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