WOYWW? on Thursday :)

Late again but at least I made it.  Feels like ages since I've played along with WOYWW. I fully intended to upload last night but after getting the dreaded blue screen of death 3 times - I gave up and watched The Apprentice instead.

So yesterday afternoon......A pile of clothes to be mended - a certain zombietastic daughter manages to blow holes in the backside of ALL her clothes! I don't know how she does it! The clothes are on a huge pile of Scotland brochures that I didn't order - no matter what the OH thinks. Am taking it as an omen that we should book our holiday soon.

The notebook is my researching some ways to make some more pennies and the book pile is a general to be read and maybe review pile.

And yesterday evening...

...the pile of clothes have gone - I did indeed mend them - dodgily done but mended anyway.
The sparkly shoes are my youngest's - she's gone through the soles but I love them and am wondering how I can salvage the sequins.

The box is a little box of goodies that arrived from dotcomgiftshop to play with and review. Yum! Although Devvie has put dibs on almost everything in it so may have to be a joint craft sesh that one.

Fancy playing along and showing us what's on your workdesk? Nip along to Julia's and linky up - don't be shy, show us what you've got.

Thanks as always for stopping by!


  1. Welcome back again! I must do WOYWW sometime, seems like fun.

    I liked 'spotting the difference' between the two pictures, thats a novel approach.

    OOh, nose, nose, dotcomgiftshop goodies, whatya got, whatya got?..

    Hope your computer holds out!..

  2. Sorry to hear your computer is playing up. That is a nightmare. I like the box of goodies.

  3. Heyup Carmen - connected up in Durham at last!
    Your humour always creases me - 'blowing holes in the backside of her clothes'!!! I spotted a couple of your Mr Ducky creations in there - mine lives on the windowsill in our bedroom up here - so you see I think of you everyday when I look at it! I love touching him. x x x

  4. Good to see you back again! (No desk posing this time?!) Love those sparkly shoes - if I was... years younger!!

  5. Ooh like those sparkly shoes- think I could get my feet into them? :)

  6. I must get back to crafting and WOYWWing ....at least you manage to join in .... I find it hard to post, let alone craft at the mo. xx

  7. Oooh those shoes are great - you must recycle them and make something even lovelier with them! Thanks for sharing (no 26)

  8. Thanks for a peek or two at your desk. S #84

  9. ooh...piles of unmended clothes I have. but i don't have the knack of disappearing them like you do. good work! x

  10. oooh use the whole shoe in some form of grand scale sculpture - yeah

    #52 what did you come in as number 2004?

  11. Welcome back - great stuff going on helping the whole family... Hope you find some you time too.
    sasa 28

  12. busy desk, clothes, papers and other things, but can't see shoes...but then I can't find my reading glasses....happy WOYWW!

  13. Ohhhh, sparkly shoes, do they do them in adult size! My huge pile of clothes to be mended are shoved in a cupboard where I can't see them!Carmen, have you checked out Lilys blog yet..The Octopode factory? She does fab digi downloads and she has some great vampires and halloween characters at the moment, I think you will love them! Her blog is http://frillyunderwear.blogspot.com

  14. very very busy desk. are you repairing or recycling the clothes lol? Caroline #14

  15. ooh, I would love to see what is in the new box of goodies :)
    Thanks for the peek at your workspace!

  16. A busy looking desk. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  17. You're late? I'm late! How about one of those cheap 3d box 12" frames from the range for those lovely sparkly trainers, and a montage type LO of all the times Ruby used 'em!


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