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Rocking My World Friday...

Hello, Hello, Hello :)

Isn't it funny the things you miss when they are taken away? Like a little old blog and unrestricted, fast moving internet access, daft really! Anyway - *whispers* the PC has been playing quite nicely the last day or two. Not perfect, a speed that would make dial up look like turbo speed but working nonetheless and only crashing a few times a day instead of a few times and hour. I'm hoping we'll trudge along together until December. *knock on wood* I'm getting quite excited seeing all the PC sales starting to appear. Am hoping there will be a few  on offer come the day that my beloved whisks me off on a tour of the electronic thingamabob stores! Oh the romance!

Anyway it's Friday so time for...Well first of all it's the lovely Gauche ladies. I've got a few things going on at the moment - I wont bore you with them all now but my PC goading me into full on war which will only end one way (and it will involve a closed window!) is the least of them. So suffice to say my Mojo has upped and left me floundering a bit the last week or so - it's not that I've stopped thinking about arty crafty things - doesn't happen that way does it? My mind is full of ideas but as soon as I get 5 minutes and sit down - the noggin goes blank and all this other poopy stuff floods in.

The Gauche gals have been so very supportive, they've given me a break from the crafty side of things with them but have let me carry on with the newsletter (my baby) and hopefully as things improve, I can tempt my Mojo out from wherever it's hiding - and I'll be BACK! I blimming hope so - I've only made one Christmas pressie so far! Aargh!

So, Gauche girlies - thank you again.

Next - a couple of book surprises this week (yes they DO rock my world!) Firstly, I won Sian's Pass The Book for this month. This is a fun project Sian set up a couple of months ago. Each month she releases a book into the Blogosphere and you have to register your interest. Should you be the lucky winner you get the book, you read it, enjoy it and then do your own post asking who would like it, make a draw for a winner and Pass The Book on. Simple but fabulous!

So the book I've been lucky enough to get my grubby mitts on couldn't have come at a better time - Creative Wildfire: An Introduction to Art Journaling - Basics and Beyond I'm hoping it will search out my Mojo and give it a kick up the harse! It is a gorgeous book and am already adding it to my wishlist for when I have toset it free again. Keep an eye out as it WILL be offered to you lot out there.

Secondly, remember my last Rocking Friday post when I was raving about book trailers? Look what arrived this week...Night of the Living Trekkies

Yes way!

I'll be VERY surprised if you didn't hear my WHOOPS and WAHEY's from wherever you are out there. I seriously, SERIOUSLY cannot wait to read this one. I really and truly recommend the book trailer too. (I also recommend you enter lots and lots and trillions of book comps!)

Also rocking my world this week is my little ratbag running - yes RUNNING to nursery every day this week. Not only that BUT using their toilets! She's been afraid that she'll fall down the toilet or that it will eat her or something - so although she is fully toilet trained it's only ever been the potty she'll use. So - a happy bunny to be going to school and no longer afraid of the butt munching bog monster! Woohoo! Still not to sure of our full size loo but it's a start! AND they've got her drinking milk too - they must be, like, hypnotists or angels or something.

Seeing my little sis more lately. We had a spell there where we hadn't seen each other for weeks and weeks, possibly even months - Not through choice just life  happening, time zipping past so fast and before you know it, it's been ages! We used to be as close as twins. We've caught up a bit the last couple of weeks and we've decided to have a girly day out like we used to - it's ridiculous we live so close as well. I'm looking forward to it - that's rocked my world this week .

And last of all but by no means least. I'm meeting Donna and Lizzie tomorrow for a craft class. I'm in turns both very nervous and really looking forward to it. But more on that for my next Friday post!

What Rocked Your World this week? Why not link up with Virginia and let us all know.

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. Wow, lots rockin your world this week!! Love the butt munching bog monster PMSL!! Isnt it funny how your kids always act totally different at school than at home? I remember going to a parents evening and thinking they had mistaken me for the parent of another child because it certainly didnt sound like my child they were talking about..well behaved, very, very quiet etc!
    I have a copy of that creative wildfire book and it is fab, loads of inspiration and techniques to try. Make sure you enjoy it while you've got it!

  2. Oh forgot to say those leaf stamps are See-D's..really old now!!

  3. Hello! Great to see you back! Have missed you & your fantabulous craftiness. Sorry to hear its in short supply at the moment. LOVE the look of that art journaling book and am putting in an early claim! :-P Thanks for checking up on me too! x

  4. Have fun at your craft class tomorrow. Your new books look fabulous too.

  5. Awesome Rocking your World Carmen - giggled at the bog monster - love that story! Lovely that you're getting sister time - soooooooo precious! We've ended up at Meadowhall tonight due to a power cut - trying to cook a curry in the dark was no fun - but managed to refrain from eating anything down there, got home and had tea! Woo hoo - sticking to it day be day is half the battle. Bought two new tops tonight, got home tried them on (hate dressing rooms) both tight - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bigger than I thought! NOw do I take them back and go to a size I never wanted to see in my wardrobe or do I hang fire knowing that i'm on with it at the moment? NOt sure

    The vampire series by the way is the Black Dagger Brotherhood - serious adult reading but fantastically written!

    Hope you have a great weekend


  6. Great Rocking list today, Carmen. Your little girl is growing up, isn't she?! What a brave girl she is (and I understand her cos I used to have a thing about toilets too, imagining a hand coming up and grabbing me by the..... er..... doo-dahs!). Pass the book is a great idea, and so generous of Sian. That book looks fab. Enjoy your crafting day tomorrow.


  7. looking forward to hearing about that creativity book x

  8. It's funny how all of a sudden they are ready for a big step forward!

    I'm missing my sister too at the minute - haven't seen her in weeks.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the book :)

  9. Hope you had fun with donna and liz xx

  10. Carmen, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! and I so hope you enjoyed your day:)) btw my hubbie would love you as he is a big AC fan too


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