Rocking My World Friday...

...on Saturday. Honestly - this time I was convinced it was Friday today so on that basis, I'm not late!

Let's go!First, thank you for all your lovely wishes for last week when I mentioned that something had happened, potentially impacting on the next day.

Well that something DID impact on what was happening on Monday but I was so wrong to think it was a negative. I can't really go into details... well I can but I like to think I'm a better person than that... a handful of you know what has been going on in our lives for the past 10 years. Some of you know more than others - I think only my sister knows everything but those that do know will know why I am SO proud of how wonderful my eldest daughter has turned out. I love all my children but she has had so much more to contend with than her little sisters and she could have so easily let it affect her negatively.

Anyway - Monday came, what we had to go through... happened. And where we thought we had been stitched up and left to hang the day before, we couldn't have been more wrong. Instead we had the help of an amazing superwoman crossed with a pitbull. As a result, it's over. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense to a lot of you but to some it will and you will know how happy we are to find that the law isn't always an ass. Sometimes the good guys win. And we did. And everything, EVERYTHING is in my beautiful daughter's hands now. We aren't naive enough to think everything will just go away but we do have the law on our side now and so the problem becomes an annoying background buzz like a mosquito that can be swatted.

Oh - yeah, and I came out of it completely exonerated too. Not to shabby a day indeed.

Next up to rock my week (and totally shallow!) is Craig treating me to a purple fix! Told you it was shallow. We went shopping with my Dad to Lakeside shopping center the other day. Oh God I can't tell you how I detest shopping at the best of times but do it in a crowded shopping center and that's my idea of torture right there. To me, if the shopping doesn't result in purchases of paint, paper, glue or glitter of some description then really... what's the point? The internet was invented specifically so I DON'T have to visit these places. It's true. But Dad likes to go once a year and so off we went. Got stuck in traffic at the Dartford tolls, ploughed our way through crowds of manic, shouty, sweaty shoppers and had a not very nice lunch.

First off to lighten the day was youngest ratbag doing the Cbeebies Boogy Beebies dance moves past every shop that was blasting music out the door... so that was all of them. So, so funny. We were in stitches walking behind her.

Then at the end, when we finally gave in to above mentioned eldest daughter and allowed ourselves to be dragged into a Primark store that spans 3 levels (3 levels of sheer torturous realms of Hell) we came out the other side, traumatised and sweaty but clasping a huge brown paper bag that held nestled within... a pair of purple fingerless gloves, a pair of purple tartan jimjams AND a pair of purple converse-ish trainers! FOR ME! For the total princely sum of £11.50! Whoo hoo!

AND as we were heading out towards the car, gulping in fresh air like we had been starved of it (which we had!) my Dad presented me with two bars of this...
Mmmmmmmarmite chocolate. I can confirm it's delicious! Salty with a hint of tang - reminded me a bit of those chocolate covered pretzels that were out a while back. It's only half hour after consuming you start smacking your lips thinking, hmmm, I can taste Marmite. Very peculiar indeed. And I shared. Only to watch the expressions on everyone else's faces mind you! Teehee. My Dad refused point blank to even try it. Mmmmmarmite!

Lastly, I am finally starting the Art, Heart & Healing free workshop tonight. Yeah, yeah late as usual but I've been wanting to get everything else out of the way and up to date before I started.
I've seen some beautiful work, particularly from Sam, so am very excited to actually start.
I'm hoping it's going to work really well alongside some of the stuff I'm learning with the Suzi Blu class I'm doing (and also behind on - noticing a theme here?) - that's been really helpful in my drawing already.

So - what's rocked your world this week? Join us over at Virginia's in kicking the dark stuff up the jacksy and focusing on the smiles :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loving your list hun - I'm so pleased that things have turned out positively for you all! You're idea of shopping trips including paint and glue had me giggling whenever we venture to Meadowhall it's 'The Works', 'WHSmiths' 'Waterstones' and then 'Paperchase' - there aren't any other shops that interest us honestly LOL! Fighting with our RIP circle journal at the mo - been on with it for hours i tell you hours! Shouldn't have left it so blooming late - grrrr - anyway off to try and battle a bit more.



    PS Don't think the marmite chocolate is quite for me LOL! But glad you liked it!

    PPS Are you going to wear all the purple regalia at once LOL - tee hee! Have a good evening!

  2. Soooooooooooooo happy Monday went well, now you can relax a lil more & enjoy Halloween & the build up to Xmas a bit more.

    I'm going Purkle this winter as well to match the Purkle roses on my ironfist boots - so if you see someone who looks like Violet Beauregarde you know its me ;)

    Zacks been eating Marmite & choc spread together on toast for YEARs, tiz rather yummy (& cheaper than the bars)

    Looking forward to see what splendiferous art work you come up with :)

  3. OMG - Zack is a genius! I may have to try that!

  4. So glad everything worked out for you and your family, sounds like you have had a bit of struggle, hope things will be ok for you now ((((hugs))). Hate shopping too, especially for clothes just leaves me depressed, but lurve purple, most of my clothes, scarves and shoes are purple! Gotta try that marmite and chocolate bar sounds delish! Thank you sooo much for linking to my blog, make sure you find me on the willowing site (think i signed up as samantha scott). Didn't get chased by scarecrows last night but the zombies made a bee line for me twice!!Hoping to get a copy of paiges photos so will post them on my blog.Have a great week x

  5. Hi, glad your week has not been as bad as you feared, sounds like you had some real battles to overcome and I am glad you have come out the other side. Not sure about the marmite chocolate - love both, but who knows! I am starting to hate shopping too, these days, especially crowded places/times like coming up to Christmas - so totally know where you're coming from! Have a GREAT week next week, Carmen.

  6. Glad your week turned out ok in the end xx Ps, You inspired me to get my ass to Primark today and I also bought some purple fingerless gloves. Very nice they are too! xxx

  7. ooh I just joined the art heart healing thingee too - we can be behind together so to speak...


  8. Hi Carmen - so glad it all turned out postive for you. I hate shopping too but love purple so may just have to force myself to Oxford one day this week.
    I'm behind on the art healing thingy too - haven't started yet.
    Sue xx
    p.s. I hate marmite so I'll give the chocolate a miss.

  9. Yay! I can tell that you have been fighting your own battle this week and I'm so glad it has turned out the right way x

    The chocolate sounds like the kind of weird thing I might actually like..

  10. We don't have to know the details to be able to breathe a sigh of relief for you and your family. Hooray that just for once the law looked after the right people. I'm so pleased for you.

    I'm a Marmite girl, but I'm not sure about the chocolate..........!

    I'm doing the Willowing course too - it's fab! I've done week 1 and completed my journal pages. Never been able to draw a recognisable face before now - and now I can! Tam is brilliant, you'll love the course (just give yourself time to watch the videos, they're quite long but really worth watching).

    Have a great week.


  11. Aha - a great great great great day! What a result for you and Craig and singing hallelujahs for you.
    Mamrmite chocolate. O FFS!!

  12. I think i'll give Marmite Chocolate a miss Carmen :)
    xx Jayne xx

  13. Did you see Alice tonight on 'Strictly'? ...thought of you droowling or something lol xx

  14. So happy for your family and for your daughter specifically. What a lot to have been through - glad it resolved well and you came out on top.

    *Happy Dance*


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