Rocking My World Friday...

...on Sunday. One of these days I'll get the right day.

I've had a pretty Rocking week as it goes - had some bad news today which is going to impact on tomorrow but, after wallowing and raging for the morning I've decided to put it in a box and deal with it later. Hopefully it's a panic over nothing! On to the good times of which there have been many!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet up with Donna and Lizzie for a class with Jennie of Artistic Stamper at Pickleberry Crafts in Faversham - have a nosey here to see what we were inspired by. Oh wow, how much did I love a whole day dedicated to crafting? Barrel loads I tell thee. It was lovely meeting everyone and just chilling - all be it in a frantic, inky, painty, gluey frenzy.

This was my box...
Yup, I managed to get an Alice gingerbread man in there and I adore my black winged fairy. Jennie was so generous with her supplies that just kept coming and coming. And Donna - the never ending craft supplies on legs - she was just as generous - her bag, I swear it's made of the same material as the Tardis. Or maybe she just shops in the same place as Mary Poppins.

After the class Donna, Lizzie and I went for dinner. My first time at a Wagamama's and it was delish! However - fool that I am managed to order a dish chock full of seafood thinking it was a chicken only dish. *Blech* Thankfully Donna very nicely offered to swap. And I have come to the conclusion that chopsticks and I don't mix. At least not yet.

The dreaded shyness did surface (back in the cage, BACK!) but I think I am getting a better handle on it. I didn't freeze totally like I did at my first Ally Pally meet up. I hope part of me still peeked through anyway.

Next on my grateful list is my little sis. To cut a long story short - my Mum was so, so proud that my sister was doing a course to get a degree in 3D digital design. So when she knew how ill she was she made it clear that all her arty materials were to go to little sis - because she was the arty one. Sis tried to tell her that it was all on computer and that the only physical art she did was sketching. But still it transpired all the art materials did go to her... Mum wasn't being mean towards me by saying that, I was only just starting to rediscover and dust off my love of art & crafts round about that time - but why I stopped in the first place... well that's a WHOLE other story.

Anyhoo - 3 years on and both my sis and I keep an Amazon wishlist so that we can have a nosy at what each other is up to and get ideas for Christmas/birthdays without asking each other outright. Thus giving each other a nice and much wanted surprise. (Our begging lists Craig calls them but we ignore him.) She noticed I had put some coloured pencils on there recently. So after already giving me Mum's full size easel last week... she turned up out of the blue with this:
Can I have an OH! MY! *insert expletive of choice* GAWD! Now I know how much Mum loved this set. I also know how much she paid for it because she dithered for ages before treating herself. So I know what a huge gift this is and I can't believe - I still can't believe she's given it to me. She said it's been sat under her bed for 3 years and she thinks Mum would want it being used. Which it will be, I promise - when I stop getting it out and gazing at it and stroking it.

Thanks Sis - you should have wrapped it up and stuck a bow on it for Christmas - no-one else would've been able to compete!

And as if that wasn't enough I then had another full day of play on Thursday. The whirlwind that is Donna descended on our house and brought with her a boot load of yummy things to play with. We drew, we burnt wood, we coloured, we painted, we drooled over my Gauche Alchemy kit, we played with that - she gave my Mojo a good talking to and a few prods with her wood burner and I'm pleased to say it's exploding all over the place now. I can't write ideas down fast enough and I have a huge list for when I next go stash shopping!

Check out Donna's post here for exactly what we did - she's got a fabulous tutorial going on. We used a picture of Bette Davis for our inspiration. Somehow she ended up with a mermaid who sprouted legs and turned into a stunning wood nymph... I ended up with a 70's prostitute - velvet catsuit and all. Hmmm. Sorry Bette.
The picture in the middle is what Devvie did. Within half hour of being home from school she had drawn that freehand from a Stampotique stamp and wood burned it. You can seriously go off daughters can't you! She's turning it into a cover for a journal - Isn't it gorgeous?

I have now started my art journal. After seeing Donna's cram packed, bursting with colour pages I have now started. I am getting over my fear of that blank page and I have begun. I am so happy with the way my inspiration has been sparked. Donna - you are an amazing teacher with an accent you could listen to for hours (that last bit was Craig's words though I do agree)

Speaking of Craig - he's pretty HUGE on my awesome list this week. Twice in one week he has rejigged work and stayed home with the girls so that I could have two whole uninterrupted craft days to myself. To meet lovely people and to just laugh and play. That's pretty amazing to me :)

And lastly I have to mention my lovely Pheeb's for indulging my current zombie obsession. When she told me they had a spooky dress up day at school this week, she let me go crazy with the red food colouring...She tells me the kids said she was scary and the teachers said she was AWESOME! Yeah!

So come on, push aside the rubbish and tell us what was on YOUR Rocking list this week? Don't forget to link up with Virginia so we can all share in the good vibes :)

Thanks for stopping by and... if you got this far... Blimey - well done!


  1. Hey Carmen, what a FANTASTIC list! I love all your makes and crafting. Super pencils from Mum/sis,I would just want to stroke them they are so beautiful!

    Reading your blog it's hard to imagine you as being shy cos it's all in there BURSTING to come out, so well done you for fighting it and getting out there.

    You must be so proud of your daughter being told she was scary (you'd better start saving for her psychotherapy sessions now!!)

    Have a great week, I hipe the bad news today turns into good news tomorrow.


  2. i can only hope the bad thing today is completely outweighed by the wonderful things on your list! Those pencils are beautiful, what a wonderful thing to have to remember your mum by.

  3. Looks like you had a great week!!! what an amazing gift from your sister! I wonder how long it will take you to stop stroking them and start using them??? How amazing did Phoebe look as a Zombie!!!!! what great photos you really have to scrap them :)

  4. Wow on the Purple box...even if its purple :) well done finishing it too :)
    I love Phoebes costume ...i've just bought a wedding dress i'm going to rip & Dirty up and pour blood over it ! I'll have to show you my pics after Halloween :)
    Glad you are getting time to craft ...Craig will make a good husband ;)
    Love your pencil box and lovely to see you will use it soon x

  5. Couldn't compete with that week! Love your little zombie, how cute (sorry, I know she's not meant to be cute, but you know...) Hope this week is as good for you. You've got a good one in Craig, love him. I wondered if it was you I saw in Jen's picture of last week's class.

  6. I love that zombie!

    I wouldn't miss one of these posts for the world Carmen, and I hope you know the ray of sunshine you bring with them. Your pencils are beautiful and I'm sure your mum would be delighted to know how loved and appreciated they are.

  7. Wow! Now *thats* a post!!! I'm sooo jealous of your box! And the pencils. I also loved reading you're post and sure there's more I want to gabble about how fantastic/cool/great things are, but I want a bath and can't be bothered to scroll back up!!! {loves}

  8. Wow fabulous pieces of art on show today, love your box you created on your workshop with Jennie, so many different elements, love it. Hope the bad news does not linger for too long. Tracy Evans x

  9. Wow! What a week!
    Loving your crafty work and OMG those pencils are to die for - sisters/brothers can sometimes surprise us can't they?
    And as for the "awesome" really must scrap those photos - she looks soooo cool!
    Hope tomorrow turns out OK.
    Sue xx

  10. Sounds like a great week Carmen!! And 2 crafty days, lucky you! Loving the box, sooo cool! What a wonderful gift from your sister to remember your mum and do lots of crafty stuff with. Your little zombie looks FAB!! Love the wood burning work you did, your daughters is great, can't believe she produced that in such little time!! I have a wood burner but have never used it for anything that crafty! Must give it a go. Make sure you post oics of your art journal pages when you have done some. Are you doing Tam's course? I think you will really enjoy it especially making an emphathy monster! Hope your bad news turns to good, bright blessings x

  11. Oh fun fun fun and much deserved, am sure Craig was happy to see you happy, god bless our men. Donna is amazing - am so glad that you have a bouncing-off-the-walls mojo to deal with, how great.

  12. OMG what a beautiful set of pencils!!!! One small problem - I don't think I could use them, I mean imagine sharpening them till they became teeny, (OK get a grip!) No seriously what an amazing thoughtful sister - and mother too.
    Great work with Donna (was wondering how it went, I've not made it to her blog yet) and your daughter definitely takes after you with the arty gene.
    Great to see your mojo is exploding, catch all the little bits and make use of it all!
    Hugs Jaqui x

  13. Yoodihoooodi! What a great list Carmen...definitely a rocking week! Love your Devvie's art and well done you for getting started on your journal, can't wait to see some pages! Glad you've had some creating fun - that box looks scrummylishous! x x

  14. Great to see you back, along with some renewed mojo. Loved reading Donna's account of the workshop too, so funny. That sounds like an interesting technique, woodburning, I'd like to try that..
    As for those pencils, wow! They make themselves look so good in the box that all you want to do is leave them out on display.
    Thanks for visiting me on your return too, appreciate it.
    Sending you positive vibes for today, Nicky x

  15. - thinking of you both today - hope Good Sense Prevails - and if the process was a trauma but the outcome is good - thentry to let the bad bits go....if you didn't get what you need today - find a way to the right place....


  16. Wonderful post Carmen. Love your woodburning (have seen Donna's on her blog too) and as Bette was an actress I'm sure she wouldn't have minded playing a prostitute ;-) Devvie's art is fantastic too
    Anne x

  17. I adore the pencils. I would be drooling all over them. Your sister rocks.
    I love the box you made, that must have been so much fun.
    Pheeb's looks fantasic and would be right in style on halloween night here in the US. Well done.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Love and hugs.

  18. Carmen I love you're list - yes I know I'm a week late reading it but it's the thought that counts LOL! I love all the things you've listed - Craig for letting you have crafting time - awesome stuff - what you've created is awesome - thrashing the shyness monster back into his cage! Daughters - for beautiful artwork and joining in all things zombie - love it all I tell you! Hope you've had a good week - hugs!


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