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Rocking My World Friday...

...on Saturday again!

First of all - the highlight of my week has got to be meeting the bonkers one, otherwise known as Myzdamena last weekend. I was fine driving up to Yorkshire - I love driving so when we get to do long trips like that I really enjoy it. It wasn't until we got about 3 minutes away that the nerves kicked in... we've been chatting for so long now - I was worried we would meet, my shyness would kick in and I'd potentially lose someone I've come to think of more as a sister than a friend.

I needn't have worried...

It was just like we are on the net or on the phone.

Little & Large :PShe drove me round the bend!Ratbags Anonymous!

I don't think Gail realises what a tonic she was - the time went far to quickly, the kids stole ALL our crafty time but we did get to watch some True Blood and I was able to scoff some of her healthy meals. I take no blame at all for the Matchmakers incident! I've definitely been in a better mood since getting home than when I left.

Loves ya missus. Mwaah!

Second thing to Rock My Week not just this week but recently is discovering that books have started releasing trailers. Some of them are fabulous and better than film trailers... a LOT are very cheesy but some are pure excellence. My favourites up till now -
Honestly - if this isn't made into a film. I may just cry!

How beautiful? - I'm a marketers dream, after seeing these I was straight over to Amazon & adding them to my wishlist.

Next is my youngest ratbag starting school this week - the day after her 3rd birthday. She's finding it all a bit overwhelming, not helped with her having a stinky cold. I am finding it very hard to leave her crying at the door. But when I pick her up to huge smiles and a tirade of what she's been up to and hearing about her new best friend... I know I 'm being a softy. The elder two weren't like this - they used to run in without a backwards glance so am floundering a bit, unsure whether to loiter and cuddle or cut and run. However - it's making me so proud (and sad) how grown up she is all of a sudden. She sat for ages talking to me while I cooked dinner the other night, telling me all about her day. Mixed emotions on this rockin' event I think.

Receiving this brooch in the post - I came 2nd in Art from the Heart's giveaway a while ago and this was my prize.I cannot tell you how beautiful and tactile it is in real life - I have nabbed the photo from Marie's blog (I hope she doesn't mind) none of mine did it any justice whatsoever.  The girls have been hinting like mad but they can whistle on this one. It's mine all mine all mine.

I also came second in Greenpixey's monthly giveaway and won this gorgeous mug cozy and some treats. How lovely and snuggly is this? The colour is so autumnal! Thank you Ewa.If you fancy letting us know what rocked YOUR world this week, why not drop by Virginia's blog and link up so we can all share in the feel good look back on the week.

On another note, I've been thinking about starting to do book reviews - been really getting back into my reading lately and read some good books... it wouldn't be anything clever with philosophical looks between the lines, no long words (I don't know any...) basically just what I thought of the book and whether I liked it etc. What do you reckon? Can you put up with MORE of my ramblings? Still at the thinking stage at the moment... and you KNOW how long that can go on for.

Thanks as always for stopping by lovely people.


  1. You know I'd be up for book reviews! Bring them on.

    You two definitely could be sisters - are you sure you weren't separated at birth?

  2. Glad you had such a good time last weekend, it sounds like it - almost - made up for not making AP! (won't mention it again!) I love hearing your "ramblings" so it's a yes from me - though your book choice of the moment isn't on my radar! Hope you get better at leaving DD3 at school next week!

  3. Friday.....Saturday......who cares?! You've made your happies list, well done! Looks like you had such a great time with your online (now 'real') friend. You are alike aren't you?

    Cute mug cosy and lovely brooch - I can stroke it from here!

    Have a great week.


  4. hi my lovely! yes would be fab to see some reviews!! I have been doing quick film/tv roundups lately but it has swiftly turned into an "eye-candy fest" which isn't remotely the idea but never mind. Helloooooo johnny depp and Eric from TB!! :P Anyway, have you seen season 3 of TB yet? I need to yap to someone about it!

  5. Go for it with the book reviews - I've tried it and have 100% success rate (I 've recommended one book and the two people who read it loved it!lol).
    Great list.
    Sue xx

  6. Liberty- she hasn't seen season 3 yet..I have given her 2 she has to finish that then I'll give her all of 3...I really need to yap to someone about it too!!! Maybe we could? lol.....

    Was great seeing you too- very tiring with 5 kids in the house instead of 2 but yeay someone actually came to visit me!

    Awww Ruby's A Big girl now :)

    Matchmakers- 1 syn per stick...bring them ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Gail xxx

  7. Hi Hun

    Read this last night but I was soooo bloomin tired didn't get chance to comment - I'm loving the photos - make me giggle every time I look a them I'm also loving the giveaways you've won - are you just genuinely lucky or do you just enter lots and lots of competitions to be in with a chance of winning something!

    Hope you're having an absolutely gorgeous weekend!

    Hugs as always

  8. I think it's a mixture of the two Virginia :) Some months I enter hardly anything - maybe a book comp and some blog candy - and am very, VERY lucky if I win anything. Other months the comping bug bites and I enter literally hundreds if not more and then am usually winning a few little bits a month. I don't tend to win the biggies (you see the same people posting that they have won big screen TV's, Wii's and whatnot on the comp forums - THEY must be either very lucky or doing multiple entries) though was lucky last year to win £500 on a radio competition which paid for a big chunk of our Loch Ness holiday - that was my biggest win so far. However - I appreciate and treasure my 'little' wins like this so much. Wheras I think the people that win big stuff ALL the time enter so they can resell sometimes which I do think is a bit naughty - for example if I was lucky enough to win a Wii (fingers crossed) I would stop entering Wii comps. But that's just me ;) And if I win doubles on books and crafty things like that - I give them away to friends. Or I enter for lots of boy comps now as am the Post Pal to two young boys so that helps me give them a bit more should I win - stuff like that :)

    I think it's a mixture of luck and entering loads - you gotta be in it to win it but to be entering loads you don't have time for your other hobbies and my crafting takes priority at the mo. Am enjoying entering more skill based competitions where you have to create things - not very lucky at all on those *g* But enjoying the entering ;)

    Carmen x

  9. Oh wow Carmen - beautiful prizes! I love the mug cozy especially - that duffle button is wonderful!

    The blog is looking great too - love the new header.

    And your poor little 'ratbag' - it must be so overwhelming starting school, and she's still so little. And it must be very very hard for you too. Still, it's a good sign that she's full of everything she's done at the end of the day - just goes to show that she can't be spending too long upset in the morning if she's fitting all that in! And a new friend too - how adorable!

  10. Gail needs to start retreats for needy crafters/mommmies?

    haha - when my last 'baby' started school it was ME that cried for a week!!!

    I still have mixed feelings about the kids - that range from adoration to plotted murder of the most painful type!

    as I crawl back to 'normal' I will make a call to Lizzie and finalise the burning day? but of course we can discuss and rearrange and change out minds 15 times on class day at pickleberry?


  11. Would love to hear your book reviews as I think we have quite similar tastes..vampires, True blood and all things dark and spooky!! Lucky you with the wins that brooch is beautiful. Sounds like you had a fab time away, its great to meet blog friends IRL, I have just met Julia (WOYWW) at our retreat and what a lovely lady she is!!!!

  12. Have a lovely week and thanks for the shout out.
    You are the best.
    May you be even luckier than ever!!

  13. Looks like you and Gail had a fantastic day. Huge congrats on the wins too. - the heart looks gorgeous and I'd hide it if I were you ;) Glad to see you got your mug cozy too, mine's has been getting put to great use - although I only got it yesterday (shruggy shoulder man), I'll blog it tonight. Ok enough ramblings but please, please do some book reviews / recommendations I'm always on the lookout... Hugs Jaqui x

  14. That brooch is lovely! And I really want that mug cozy! lol.Hope you're well hun, haven't been on the blogs for ages x

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