PC Pain!

This is just a quickie to let you know my PC is still playing up. It's not just playing up I think it's gradually grinding to a halt. Over the past week or so it's got worse and no manner of defragging, virus checking, cookie clearing, taking the sides off and hoovering out the innards... is having an effect whatsoever.

At it's worst it's crashing every couple of minutes, reopening with the dreaded blue screen, running scandisk, starting up and then crashing after another 5 minutes. At it's best it's letting me on sites like Twitter and Facebook all be it verrrrrrry slowly and the odd blog. Today it's having an "I'll open the page but I'll take 10 minutes to do so" day.

I'm about halfway towards saving for a new tower/hard drive. I might see if we can bring my Christmas pressie forward. If not it's only another couple of months that I'll have to put up with this.

I'm mainly posting because I don't want you all to think I'm not bothering to read your blogs. When I can, I am - I 'm just maybe not commenting. I will be having a massive catch up with you all when I get my new zippy hard drive :)

Carmen x


  1. i sympathise x frustration central!

  2. Oh no bummer - as a new 'friend' type person I wondered where you had vanished to - I was gone for a week and people disappeared. It's Ok Bill is still here waiting for you when you resurrect it all - hopefully not to long :)

  3. My work's one is exactly the same - drives you batty. Fingers crossed Santa pays you an early visit before it pops. Jaqui x

  4. Sounds like my main PC. I've resigned myself to the netbook atm, maybe PC World will have a super pricing error that we can all take advantage off :)

  5. Damn technology! Love it when it works and hate it when it doesn't..... good luck getting your early pressie!

  6. Don't you just hate it when things go wrong! As long as you are OK ... and I am only an hour away ... so if you wanna come use mine ... you is very welcome :0)

  7. Wow! Thats a very creative new heading! Glad to hear you've been having fun playing with Picnik! Sorry to hear about your computer, just make sure (nag, nag) that all the important stuff is well backed up (voice of experience :-( ) x

  8. Love the new heading Carmen! My PC is being a pain in the bum at the moment too so can symphathise with you on that! Hope you get it sorted soon as I am having withdrawls as you havn't posted much!!! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog x

  9. Hi Carmen... frustration abounds for me too...we still have no internet connection in Durham so I'm catching up on a few blogs while I'm on a visit home - we're still connected here, thankfully!
    Enjoyed reading your last few posts - Mr Tumble x 2 are fab - lucky Ruby!
    x x

  10. You have my sympathy and admiration - if my PC goes wrong I shout help and hubby comes to sort it out. If I tried to take one apart I'm sure I'd end up with more bits left over after I'd put it back together.
    Lizzie x

  11. I know what you're going through - our old thing died in the summer, after a year of it getting louder and louder, regular blue death screen, and non-compliance - it just ignored us! We had a mad 5 minutes and bought a lovely spangly new iMac (no, we REALLY couldn't afford it but we'd drunk lots of coffee and that always affects our decision making process!). I LOVE it so much.

    I hope you can sort it all out soon - it was when we didn't have a pc that I realised how much I/we use it.

    Thanks for popping by my Rocking post - I hope you're able to post yours later (I guess your pc isn't going to feature as a positive thing!).


  12. WOrry not - I will bring my laptop (flip flop) and you can catch up Saturday & wood burning day & I'll have a look at your clapped out pc - I may be able to replace your hard drive - send me your make & model - My Mac hasn't arrived yet or you could have had this desktop PC when I come see will bring it if the MAC turns up -



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