What's Rocking My World Friday :)

Good morning Rockers and Rockettes.

Rocking my world this week is...

My Mum. Today would have been her 72nd birthday. I am so lucky and blessed to have been born with her as my Mother. Everything she did in her life was for us - her six girls (yep, by her own admittance she was trying for a boy!) My Mum - the most self-sacrificing, kind spirited, creative, artistic, green fingered, inspiring, encouraging, loving woman and fabulous cook that I've ever been privileged to know... a true Earth goddess and she didn't even know it... plus she had the filthiest laugh imaginable - her witches cackle.
I know I've posted these before, I'll probably post them again next year - so sue me ;)
Miss you Mum x x x

Also Rocking My World this week and the past couple of weeks. My bloggy friends. This community never fails to surprise me. I count myself so lucky to have made some wonderful friends through the t'internet and it's just such a shame that you all,  inconsiderately I might add, live so far away. I've received some wonderful email messages and cards and a couple of parcels of late. (One of which contained peanut M&M's! Yum!) You know who you are and you will never know what your friendship means to me. I can say it - but I can't convey it.

So thank you, for making me laugh when I needed it, making me cry both happy and sad tears.

I can't wait to finally get to meet my Gaily (check out her not so safe, rude blog here) next week, as chance would have it, on the weekend I would have been sulking about missing Ally Pally. How's that for a fortuitous bit of luck? I didn't even realise till Craig pointed it out. So you may now go to Ally Pally - I know you all cancelled your tickets when I told you to, well now you have my permission to go again. As long as you take note and lots of pictures of all the Halloween goodness and paint deals for me. As for us? We shall be indulging in a True Blood binge. Making the kids fetch us tea and nibbles while we recline and drool over Bill. There may be a bit of crafty, painty fun, there may not. Bill might wear us out - who knows.

And then in October I'm going to be meeting up with the crazy Doone woman. The scarer of Craig, she will come wielding wood burning tools ... the hospital has been put on stand-by.

And of course, finally, FINALLY, True Blood is back on Channel 4. Season 2 kicked off last night. I don't commandeer the telly often (ever!) but for the forseeable future thursday nights are MINE!So what rocked your world this week? Fancy playing along? Why not come join us over at Virginia's gaff and link up?

Thank you as always for stopping by :)


  1. Big hugs hun

    Hope I make you cry more happy tears than sad

    See you next week!



  2. You've put my link as subversive Myz as well... could you direct people to my more calm blog or else they'll just think I'm an angry saddo ;p

    *more mmmwahs*

  3. But I love your subversive blog... *sigh* OK, OK I'll redirect ;)

  4. Bah! I like Subversive Myz's blog! Good and open with a bit of frankness thrown in! xxx

    Carmen, I've no idea what I'll do at the end, currently want the degree more than anything else. You can post about your mum every yes, month or day if you like hun, it's your blog after all. Enjoy the True Blood binge!

    Oh, and since it's a long comment anyway, know you've just posted on my blog, but pop over, I;ve found something I think you'll like... If not, this was a ruse to get you there! xxxx

  5. Fantastic pics of your mum, you should post them more often (permission granted always).

    LOL at your meetings with Gail and Doone - I can see why you've got the hospital on standby but I'd go with the fire brigade too - the wood burner tool sounds VERY SCARY!!!!

    Have a great weekend hun. Jaqui x

  6. I am not going to Ally Pally this time either. I know exactly what I need so I thought it would be cheaper to order it off the internet. I am just not up for it and really not scrapping as much, so I can't justify spending loads.

  7. Carmen loving your Rocking your World - awesome stuff - the photos of you and your sisters with your Mum is gorgeous and you should post it whenever you fancy! What a gorgeous picture of you all to have! Thinking of you today.

    Loving how you are catching up with bloggy friends - if I understand correctly you are actually going to be close to my neck of the woods shortly - Doncaster is only a hop skip and a jump (or should I say a proper drive LOL) from us! I'll be able to hear the two of you giggling!

    Yes Season 2 on channel 4 - I love it although the series are definitely deviating from the books significantly!

    Thank you thank you thank you for the birthday card - it's gorgeous I thought you said you didn't do cards?

    Hope you are having a lovely day


  8. She always says that about her cards Virginia but she is excellent :)

    Carmen won't be in Doncaster I live near Catterick Garrison... but I bet you'll be able to hear us from there ;)


  9. We miss the unconditional love do we not?

    I think we should probably have search and rescue on Alert too?

    excellent post - please let's do a spectacular wood goddess - we can dO yOUr mUM IN bETTE Davis Pose as a petite doll goddess....your legend is perfect - I shall bring all necessary doodad -is Devon burning in Hell with us? it will be the Thurs or the Friday - waiting for Liz to decide if she will be coming too (that would make it the friday - the friday AFTER Pickleberry....)and it would mean lizzie and Me if that's okay - of course if we decide we can't bear one another we shall just call the whole thing OFF
    hee hee


  10. I love the layouts with your mum great work (as always) and another yummy pic of Bill mmmmm thanks

  11. Your rollercoaster posts continue to cheer and delight me. I love to come here for a bit of madness of a Friday. Keep it up!!

  12. Your Mum sounds like she was the best, so she deserves photos as often as you want to post them. Great list today Carmen. I'll be putting mine up tomorrow (late again......).

    Enjoy your weekend,



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