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Girl Bracelet

This is a bracelet I made for a special little girl. A very late birthday pressie. Not as late as I have been in the past but still late. So I hope she thinks it was worth the wait :)
I used beads from the GA Mixed Media Colour Kits: Scarlet Fever, Wedding Night, Blue Streak and Pink Parts plus some beads from my stash. They are threaded onto memory wire and the ends of the wire were bent back on themselves to stop the beads coming off - I didn't want to use end stopper beads in case they ended up coming off as the little girl is quite young.

Got to restock my beads now as have two girly girls in the family demanding Father Christmas brings them a bracelet!  Why can't I have just a smidgen of rock grunginess in some of the females in my family? What did I do wrong in a past life? Tell me that. What?

Still, to bring a bit of steampunk joy to your lives - check out this giveaway over at Art From My Heart. Be still my rusty heart! If you'd like to enter you'll have to be quick, the giveaway ends at 6pm PDT on the 8th of September. And if you win, the rules state - all be it in very small print that you almost can't see but I can - that you have to give the pendant to me, the person who told you about it. Seems fair to me. Honestly - it does say that, put your specs on! What? WHAT?

Thanks as always for stopping by :)


  1. Gorgeous girly bracelet.
    WOWOWOWOWOW How stunning is the pendant and what ya mean all the girls in your family are pink and fluffy instead of dark and mysterious and vampire wannabees. Maybe you desensitised them with too much Alice (not that you can have to much Alice - but you know what I mean ... I'll just shut up now... anyway great bracelet :) Jaqui x

  2. I love the bracelet.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my giveaway in your blog!!

  3. Lovely bracelet she'll love it, and stop asking for my ninja one!!! lol



  4. You'll just have to be extra goth to make up for it. :D

    Off to peek at the givaway!

  5. Great pendant! I make it a point never to read small print on giveaways! I am sure your girlie girls only love pink fluff to annoy you!

  6. The bracelet is lush. I am so impressed by your talents.

  7. Gorgeous bracelet Carmen. Maybe they're just going through a phase and they'll see the light (dark?) eventually.

  8. hahah - pink fluffie girls hahaha

    fab necklace,

    see you tomorrow

  9. Gorgeous bracelet, well done
    Twiggy x


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