Ducky Duck Duck

I can share my latest non-feathered, paper coated, plastic friend now that I know he has landed safely at his new home.Whoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Altered Rubber Duck - Art Journal inspiredWhoopidooings - Carmen Wing - Altered Rubber Duck - Art Journal inspiredHis new owner does the most amazing bright and funky art journals and I was trying to pay homage in duck form.

He's made up of bits 'n bobs from Gauche Alchemy (napkins & embellishments) paint, glitter pen and lashings of Glossy Accents - blimey I wish that stuff came in a bigger bottle... a litre tub would be nice.

If I haven't caught up on your WOYWW desk yet - I'll be by over the next couple of days. Thank you as always for stopping by.


  1. I love all your ducks...this one is so cute and shiny!

  2. Carmen, just think of the sculptures you could make in your drawers with a litre tub of Glossy Accents..... (see I do remember your posts!)
    Love the duck he's Cute with a capital C!

  3. As a new visitor I know not the past but I think the duck is fantastic - if you had a litre tub could you do a really BIG duck? bet your friend was thrilled to bits.
    I have to say your picture of Bill is pretty nommy - but my screensaver and background remain forever Edward (Edward by the way not Rob watsisface)

  4. We should start a glossy accents fan club, & petition for larger containers ;)

  5. try using Artists ( eg Winsor and Newton 250 ml pot) gloss medium - (runny) if you wnat to pay Claudine Helmuth ( Ranger) prices go ahead but hers are no better than the cheaper artist quality media

    it will give you the high gloss finish, protect your work and it drys hard (no stickiness like you get with modpog)

    you will be needing some anyway for your goddess.....

    Love the Duck


  6. I will happily join your camapign for vats of glossy accents. That is one seriously groovey duck Carmen.

  7. love the duck but also wanted to say love Bill and Edward but my vampire of choice and actually just man in general has to be Eric LOVE HIM lol :)

  8. Ducky!!!! I've not seen you do one for a while, love his butterfly bum. I like Crafty Womble's (nice name BTW) idea of a big duck - this i gotta see. Get working girl...

    Jaqui x

  9. Now he is one funky duck! I love it xx

  10. Hi Carmen, thanks for visiting my blog (and to Google for accidentally bringing you there!) Your comment linked me to your profile--Alice Cooper, goth, etc--so can you imagine my surprise when I visited your blog, expecting dark, dripping gothic wierdness--and saw this oh-so-cute little duck? LOL! Lots of very neat stuff here!

  11. Count me in on the Glossy Accents campaign, I love the stuff. This duck is absolutely great too. Lucky receipient! x

  12. Carmen, that ducky is amazing! My favourite ever! I love the little sequin for the eye - gorgeous!

    And yes - you should definately get Craig to buy shares in Glossy Accents!


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