Brain Pie Anyone?

Gauche Alchemy is Sponsoring Sketchy Thursdays this month and the prize for one lucky winner will be the newest GA kit; Nature Calls. There be butterflies and bugs galore - I want it! I want it! I want it! I used the Paper Napkin Art Kit, some Ouchless Cardboard and some bits from Banana Hammock, Black Out and Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kits along with a load of acrylic paint, some loo roll and mud (the mud was accidental but I liked the effect) to create...

Zombie Motherrrrrr
Now, I promise, hand on heart, my intention was to try and do 50's cute kitsch with this. And... well... There was a Glossy Accents incident so I turned the lovely Mum into a zombie to cover it up. As you do. It all kinda spiralled from there.  My theme is: "Feeling down after becoming part of the legion of undead? Cheer yourself up with some brain pie! Everyone loves a bit of pie! Mmmmm. Brains!"

If you want to play along and be in with the chance to win then toddle along to Sketchy Thursdays or Gauche Alchemy - sod it, go see both, I insist - they both have the required sketch and lots of DT inspiration. Remember to link up your creation to the ST blog. If you don't - you will not, never, no how, win the goodies 'k?

Thanks for stopping by as always lovely people :)


  1. ....nature calls for me almost all day every day lol...

    Oooh good save there, girlie :) xxxx

  2. Devon - tell your Mom she swears too much,


  3. Oh wow I lurve your "accidents" - if only mine were as sucessful. x

  4. Yeah - how come your accidents turn out so good looking?! x x

  5. Wow Carmen-love the card-think you need to give Julia some grunge lessons.I wore the badge prominently(well it is rather prominent)and will be off back-possibly wearing it-tomorrow to check out the knitting and jewellery making stuff.Hugs BettyXXX

  6. Love it, totally you! Where do you come up with your ideas?!!!

  7. Buttons...not entirely sure what I did.

    I followed this tutorial

    as that is the place i get my bacckgrounds. I used her redy made button, opened it in an editing programme to add the text then saved as a jpg on my laptop.

    next i uploaded the 4 jpgs into a really old blog post.

    finally I added the html into my blog design, using the link to the individual pages coupled with the link to the jpg.

    Hope that helps, think I just confused myself.

  8. I love it! so creepy and cool! the textured background is to die for ;)

  9. Sketchy Thursdays and Gauche? UNHOLY ALLIANCE! /:) Love this project!!! I finally see the goo drip punch put to good use!


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