Hi everyone. If you've landed here looking for the Bombshell/Gauche Alchemy blog hop then please scroll to the post below this one or click here . If you are a nosey desk voyeur come to rummage through my mess then you're in the right place.

From across the room - Closer up -
Any questions, holler! The blue sparkly case has my pens in which are my 8 Copics - love 'em, my one set of Pro Markers, hate 'em with a passion - my girls mainly use those. My sparkly Spica's, some fluorescent highlighters and a few biros.

The red skully case was my bargain today. It's £1 job from the local pound store - I've been sitting attaching Alice badges to it on and off today - Craig nearly got a slap when he said I had now seriously devalued it! Cheek!

I was going to add another pic of myself in some provocative pose just for Doone & Gail (seeing as my desk is not enough and is soooo boring) but time ran away with me so I'll share this instead...

Hubba hubba!

Happy WOYWW people, I'll try to make it round more people than I did last week. If you want to join the heaving thrall of nosy parkers then come join us over at Julia's gaff. Always room for one more ;)

Thanks as always lovely peeps for stopping by!


  1. Hiya

    dont you just love bargains! especially storage ones :O)


  2. oh great bargains,you got there love your work space,hugs cheryl xxx

  3. Can I say yuck? I hope that was 'photoshopped' onto them... Enjoy the rest of your apple.

  4. Love the true blood photo, Eric's looking especially sexy (NOT because he's covered in blood I hasten to add!)x

  5. Thats a busy desk today Carmen. It's nearly September :-) A special Birthday is looming....can't wait to hear what she thinks of the surprise :-)
    A x

  6. love that photo as well

    such a busy busy desk, thanks for the snoop

    judie xx

  7. that blonde is our of place - they never know what to do - read heads rule and are in control (always) - ooooh shaky shaky - tight buttocks, oooh rugby thighs oooh - sorry was there a desk in there?

    but what a mess-
    surely that's jam - not blood - and somehow a mature lady girl should help them get it off (with?) - ooh no cloth? let's see ....


  8. see lost teh abilityt o type - out of place - red heads ooh must lay down

  9. thanks for the peek at your workspace this week

  10. Meh boring you already showed us that photo on facebook

    Must Do Better To Amuse Gaily lol

    Sod all going on on my desk/table...grrrr



  11. Oooh that's a change and unexpected ... Yuk but nice! and that's just the desk! tee hee!

  12. Just had another look

    Half eaten apple? You dirty mare! lol....

    ...and I know things are bad when I look at Bill and think 'meh'

    Help! Help! I don't think Bill is sexeh!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


  13. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't seem to get that Rolling Stone cover, but it is VERY artistic. And that much I do like. I read your profile where you like blood, so I guess it's a vampire thing. One of these days I'll share my Buffy and Angel altered books. They are a hoot.

    Looks like a really busy desk going on there. Sorry I'm late this week, but I got caught up in real life issues and failed to get back sooner. Happy belated WOYWW.

  14. totally just put that picture on my desktop background...I almost died when I saw it...I can't believe I have gone my whole TB lovin' life without seeing this!...thanks!

  15. Busy desk this week and bargains too......not sure about the Rolling Stones cover though!!

    Happy Creating.....sorry i'm a little late!



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