Boring, boring boringness on my desk today! *yawn* Well, the jiffy is interesting, that's the latest R.I.P circle journal to arrive this morning... and the diary is interesting because it means the disorganised Queen of Chaos is finally (out of necessity) getting organised to keep up with commitments. Scatterbrains-R-us!.. and um - yeah, just pretend you haven't spotted a Tetris game open . Never really 'got' Tetris before but Craig's Mum managed to get me addicted to her DS version last week so am now getting my fix on Facebook. *ahem*
Swing to the left and what's this on my chair? Oooooh TREASURE me hearties! My Gauche Alchemy DT kit has arrived and much mixed media scrumptiousness there is too. Can't wait to dive in and have a play! My picture is rubbish, there be loadsa bounty there. Arrrr!Leaving Pirate Cam indoors... This is my table outside.I've done the same as I do every year. Looked at the twigs in my pots for weeks. Got fed up of the twigs in my pots. Snapped off the twigs in my pots... only this year I decided to dig up the roots too... which had fresh shoots on them. Ah! So I've been re-potting my roots and bulbs because we are getting rid of that bed of earth you see in the background, our dogs and the neighbourhood cats are using it as a communal loo! Nice! We are just going to have a few pots. Any of you gardeners know what this is?I found it sprouting in my fly catcher plant pot... not the nice red one you see. The dead Venus Flytrap that I have wanted for years and killed within 2 weeks of finally getting. I thought it looked kind of plant like and not weedy? Anyway I've re-potted that too. Go on, now tell me I've re-potted a weed!

I've been able to move round a bit more today - neck is loosening up and I can move my head without having to move my whole upper body now. Still hurts though... and still don't know what I did to it either. However copious amounts of Movelat cream, Whiskey in diet coke/diet lemonade and lots of Ibuprofen seems to have helped. Don't worry - not at the same time as the Whiskey. Because that would be naughty...

If you'd like to play along with WOYWW and show us your work area - be it arty, crafty... whatever be sure and link up with She Who Must be Obeyed here so that we can all find you :) Thanks as always for stopping by.

P.s This was going to be such a short post - I don't know what happens every time! Sorry. You may leave now.


  1. cant help you with your "weed/plant" lol, im very not green fingered, i try but I cant kill the bugs, so every year the lettuce and veg go to the butterflies and caterpillars of the world

    What a wonderful stash filled desk, lots of goodies there

    judie xx

  2. Great items you have there.xxx

  3. Wow, that looks like some kit they sent you!

    I end up giving myself a migraine if I play too much tetris - do love it though.

  4. No idea whether weed or plant ...but remember most weeds are only a plant in the wrong place. I too have an area that has become the local pussy loo.
    Hope your neck sorts its self out ...some how its worse when you dont know what you did. xx

  5. Hi ya
    oh new stash to work/play with how lovely, pass on the weed?? thanks for the snoop, have a great WOYWW, sue,x

  6. you naughty girl _
    a) I am now out of sequence Cos me friend is back & I wanted to see your blog for today and didn't have the discipline to keep workign the numebrs till I got to you.....
    b) you really should try Codeine & Alcohol & Alice Cooper - your neck will break but you WILL NOT CARE
    c) I want your stash left to me in your will for after you break your neck following my (non) medical advice....
    d) You have repotted a weed fo' sho'
    e) I prefer you on your desk
    f) bedazzled WAYYYYY OUYT DOES tetris - you will never craft, iron or feed your family again - and you will have to go into rehab to stop the addiction.

    Love having you back


  7. oh that kit looks yummy, a boxful of glee and wonderment. I love tetris, it is the only computer game I have ever been good at or interested in.

  8. Not sure about the "weed" but you know what they say - a weed is only a plant in the wrong place.
    No, I don't (often) duplicate purchases cos I take my A4 ring binder 'catalogue' of all my stamps (and some accessories) to shows with me. Shame you can't do Ally Pally this time, will miss you! Good luck with getting the new tower though!And as you know, I will be at the next one. (she's met me once, knows me so well!!) TTFN

  9. fabulous DT kit! Hope you feel better soon hun x not sure if that is a weed or not TBH, I am so NOT a gardener, lol

  10. Hiya Carmen, not seen you in ages :D
    loving your desk there, looking very busy

  11. Fab stash in the DT kit. Can't help with the gardening.......sorry!!


  12. Three Things:

    1. I'm afraid I can't help you with gardening. I can spend a fortune at the garden centre, admire my handiwork, and have it all dead within two weeks.

    2. I am SO envious of you receiving that beautiful and exciting looking Gauche Alchemy kit. Looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what you create with it.

    3. Glad you are moving a bit better - have you tried Voltarol? When I did my back in at the beginning of the year and couldn't walk, it was the only thing that got me a bit of movement back. You can buy it over the counter, or get it in a slightly stronger version from the doctor. You have been to the doctor, haven't you?!

  13. yay - here again as I pass by on the ever lengthening list!

    See you at your friday posting

  14. Looks like you're going to have fun going through that DT kit! Yummy!
    I'm hopeless with plants I'm afraid, mine look rather sorry for themselves!

  15. Lovely creative space there - have fun with the cj and new kit! have no idea about the gardening stuff I am afraid - I just do the same as you and look at the twigs each time I go past and think "will do something about that later" (only later never comes!)

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  17. Ooh fabblas stash matey, arrrrr....

    Whisky??!!?? tut tut how many syns in that? :P Prob more than peanut butter lol....

    Speaking of syns where's my daily aero? ;)

    I have something on my desk but can't spend too much time online so you'll have to wait :)



  18. I wish I good dig into your bag and see what goodies you have. I'm afraid your plant maybe a weed !!! you'll have to ask Bill and Ben the flowerpot men sorry - wierd sense of humor. Big Hugs JO.xxxx

  19. oooh that looks like a fab kit,and I know Tetris is soooo addictive :)

  20. Hi Carmem, RE your comments on my blog :)
    We still have the odd accident from Kai, usually when hes got in from a day out or something, hes so busy taking shoes off, talking about whats gone on, etc that he forgets to go to the loo.
    If she doesnt like the look of the loos at nursery would they let her have her potty there? Have you tried something like Keter Toilet Trainer? (Argos have it)

    As for the wheat bags, they're on my loooooong list of to do's, lol, but the kids were bought cuddle toys with wheat bags in which are fab for them, much better than hot water bottles as they have nothing they can burn themselves on.

  21. Cats seem to leave us alone but we seem to get lots of hedgehogs through our garden!

  22. Lovely looking DT stash there. Plant could possibly be a Queen Anne ivy, but am not at all sure from the pic.

  23. I consider myself a bit of a gardener, but I've never seen this plant. Or week, whichever the case may be. I found Tetrus years ago and love, love it. It's addicting, that's for sure. Speaking of computers (and not a game), sorry I'm late visiting, but my computer contracted a virus on Wednesday. It's still not fixed, but I had to make sure I wasn't infecting anyone before I resumed my visits. Happy belated WOYWW.

  24. Cor, lots and lots of goodies Carmen, how nice. And of course, becasue you are an important DT member, it is just right that you should have an offical planner! Tetris? Play it on my phone whenever I have time or am in front of tv. So much for downloading apps that would educate or inform!!

  25. Errmmm don't know about the plant, thought I was good weeding, when OH asked what had happeded to the poppies, well I can be forgiven for thinking they were weeds, knew we hadn't planted them.
    That kit looks scrumptious too.

  26. ROMFL at the thought that you may have re-potted a weed, sounds like your fingers are as green as mine. I've only ever owned one plant and ending up taking it into my work before I killed it. Can't believe you've just got into tetris, it is the bestest!! Jaqui x


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