What's Rocking My World Friday :)

I can't believe another week has flown by. I kept meaning to do last Friday's post and then I am late for this Friday's already! Oops. So here's......on Saturday.

I'm really loving being on the Gauche Alchemy team. I'm in charge of putting the newsletter together at the moment (so sign up goddammit!) and I was having kittens when I was assigned the job - didn't think I could do it, wasn't up to par etc, etc. However - with a lot of encouragement from Amy and the other girls on the team I put together my first newsletter and proud of it. It's given me a big confidence boost. Also, after having to go buy a diary because of all the crafty deadlines involved with the team... and another "OMG, I can't do this - I don't have time to craft this much" moment. Guess what? I do. Just doing 10 minutes to half an hour a day or throughout the day I'm getting my bits done. I'm trying things I wouldn't normally try, I'm making the things in my head that always get put off to another day when I'm not so busy and have a bit more time... which never comes. I'm realising you don't need to set aside an hour or more to be able to craft. I always had that mindset of - I need a good big chunk of time or it's just not worth getting everything out... but I'm finding bits and pieces crafting is OK too - I bet you all already knew this revelation didn't you? I'm loving it and I'm loving having painty, inky hands... and clothes every day.

So part of that Rocking Friday feeling is having projects in progress all over the place. Guess what one of them is? Yaaaay - return of the duck! I have had such a smile on my face with this little fella - I hope his recipient likes him. Several more layers to go yet though.I'm not sure Craig is as pleased with my new found crafty freedom as I am - if I tell you that his nickname is Monica - fans of Friends may have an insight into part of his personality. I have an almost permanent workstation set up in the kitchen now where there is either gluing, painting or inking going on. He is trying his hardest not to tidy it all away or moan too much. I can tell it's hard for him though. Though he is pleased with my new found confidence and organisation - so one cannot come without the other eh?

Talking of my beloved, he's been brilliant this week. Listening to my rambling about hopes and dreams for the future. Things I know, I do know, can't happen yet but... you know when you want something so bad that you get a lump in your heart and you just want to cry when you realise you wont get it? I sound like a spoiled brat now... but even though you know you can't have it - you still want it and sometimes it just overwhelms you so much? I have just one major dream in my life and I do know in my heart of hearts there is no way, no how I can have it. Not yet, not for many years. Not without a lot of money, a lot of planning and a big slice of selfish pie. And instead of getting angry at my (once again) bringing it up, he listened, he listened to me going on about ways it could be done, about things I can put in motion now in preparation. And he didn't sigh, or get angry or even just ignore me. He talked and agreed that there were some things that I could do now but that there were some things would not change how soon (or not) we could even begin to think about it. It's such a simple dream in the big scheme of things but it would affect so many people... and I see that. And I understand. But it was nice to be listened to and to know there is something to focus my attentions on. Did any of that make sense at all? Probably not but I am thankful for my lovely Craig.

Next up. My poor little yard - but look, what's on the table? Anyone remember this WOYWW post when I mentioned digging up my twigs and roots? Well look! Look! I have resurrected my twigs! They be GREEN. I have brought plants back from DEATH! Never has such a thing been heard of. And my fly eater is going bonkers - look at all the new baby green tubes on there.  AND my as yet undecided weed/not weed in the blue pot has company! I believe the lilies I stole from my Mum's garden may finally be making an appearance. Reckon that's the green fingered goddess smiling down on me? I do! Thanks Mum.

Next up is quite simple - this huuuuuuge, gigantic sketchbook!Reduced from £17.50 to £4.99! WOOHOO! Only one in the shop - I reckon it's because the covers are a bit scuffed - but that's easy covered with some paint, right? Yep - very, happy with my bargain. Oh and I'm hiding because my hair is a disaster zone at the moment. I have been growing it since April at the request of Craig and Devvie. It's no good, I can't do it anymore - it's getting the chop on the 7th. It's falling out, flicking up everywhere in every direction. it makes my head hot... am not a girly girl, I have no clue what to do with it. So I'm hiding behind my lovely gowjuss sketch book.

And you - my lovely fabulous bloggy friends - you always Rock My World. What rocked yours this week? Why not drop by Virginia's and play along?

Thank you as always for stopping by.


  1. yummy duckie!!!! sounds all good for you so yay! you totally deserve it! shall be sending you a lil something now as i delayed sending with your hols xxxxxxx

  2. Hair is such a problem ...I dont know what to do with mine either. Over the past 5 years it has haved in thickness ...seem to fill the brush everyday with loose hair ...and the hoover brush is clogged with those that just drop out. I fancy it short but DD just shudders and pulls a face saying it will look even thinner .... I hate an inbetween length ...and I think I am getting too old for long hair lol

    That sketch book was a brilliant bargain ...well done. Love the cactii too....and I understood where you were comming from in your sort of rant.xx

  3. Glad your plants came to life and that you are chilling out and getting little bits done at a time craftwise

    I'm sure your hair looks fine :)

    Nice psychadelic duckie!


    G xxx

  4. Loving your Rocking Your World this week Carmen, thank you for your comments on mine too - loving your newly found organisation and your slightly neurotic on the cleaning front other half LOL - made me giggle! The ducky looks great - share once it's finished! And don't ask me how but I missed the brick plants - but they are gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a great Sunday



  5. Love the duck, can't wait to see the finished beastie!
    How lucky you are to have a supportive family who listen to you and encourage you. I am sure you will achieve your dreams one day. (This coming from someone who doesn't push herself at all...)
    have a good week.

  6. That is such a lovely post. You sound so happy and positive! I'm really pleased for you. And I've signed up for your newsletter :0)

  7. Wow! Whst s monster post! It's great to have a life plan and some support towards it too. I'm leaning towards doing myself a daily journal and think that is what will help focus all the random thoughts I have. I'm also going to have my hair cut when the kids go back too! :-)

  8. it's called Hope and Having Dreams and a Vision of the future that is a better place than today...natures anti depressant - and it's about the thought, not the reality, that keeps you sane and able to enjoy the reality of today whilst having the hope you have for your tomorrows, and if your other half dreams the same dreams you get Peace as well as Hope...

    I think I understand?

    and about having confidence?

    borrow my Mums mantra if you want:

    Me 'I can't do it'


    'there is NO SUCH THING AS I CANNOT ....


    and who do you think you are Missy to say "I WIll Not"?

    Now get on with it young lady and AFTER You Have Done It

    Then Tell me if you Can....'

    Or you can have my7 adaptation (used for the raising of both my boys),

    "Be Brave Little Bear"

    Flock a Dock - that likkle quacker is gorgeous BTW


  9. Well, I hope you achieve that dream some day. This is a great post Carmen - full of a bit of everything, just like life! Well done on getting that newsletter out and on embracing those new challenges.

  10. You did an amazing job on the newsletter, just as I knew you would! :D It's so nice to have someone in your life that will listen to your dreams without crushing them with reality. lol

  11. woo! i have missed you so much! you have been busy! have you been watching season 3 true blood? oh my!!!!! hellooooooo eric!


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