What a Bombshell :P

Ooer - I think this is the first time I've participated in a blog hop... This one is hosted by Bombshell Stamps in conjunction with Gauche Alchemy! WHOO! WHOO! WHOO!
Thanks to the lovely Nicole having sent me some Bombshell images not long ago, (thank you, thank you, thank you Nicole!) I was able to finally have a play with these little beauties.

The theme for the hop is 'Some like it hot, hot, hot!' I used the Gauche Alchemy kit Scarlet Fever to create the sparkly tutu and Purple People Eater to create the flower for her hair piece.whoopidooings - Carmen wing - Bombshell Stamp beautyOf course she is a smokin' hot Alice fan - a burlesque laydee of taste fo sho! I love this image so much and am saving her for a journal page when I finally do one I like.

I think I'm safe sharing this page too - it's the latest one I created for the Rock In Peace circle journal I'm in. I'm almost certain the recipient doesn't read my blog so this wont spoil the surprise.I finally had a proper play with my huge collection of Copics too - I have 8! I know! You are stunned at the vast size of my collection aren't you? I can tell. Also the sparkly Spica pens that I won not long ago - I believe they are from the Copic family. (I may be wrong) I SO would not have bought them had I seen them in a shop but let me tell you this; I will be hunting them down when I've used these up!  I don't know if you can tell from my pictures but Burlesque Alice laydee's hair is sparkly as is Skellie's tux and his girlfriends hair. It might not show up so well in the pictures but it has a lovely shimmer.

If you'd like to play along in this blog hop these are the rest of the motley crew:
Gauche Alchemy
Merdrey Chew
Carmen ~ You be here. Arrr!

If you play along you have two chances to win. Now you're paying attention eh? Gauche Alchemy will pick a random commenter from the comments on the Bombshell post on their blog. The winner will receive a triple colour kit containing: Banana Hammock, Lady Marmalade and Scarlet Fever. and the Bombshell gals will pick a monthly winner from all the comments received on the blog hop posts.

So, if anything, your generosity in sharing the images with me Nicole has only made me even worse. I need some Bombshells of my own. In particular the sets containing these two images as they were so much fun to play with.

Thank you as always for stopping by :)

If you are wondering where the flip my WOYWW is and why I'm rambling about nudies (as Ruby calls them) I'll be back later - am going to try and schedule this to post at 5am as I *think* that is when Wednesday starts in America. I'm most likely horribly wrong so in fact although it's Wednesday now as you read this it's still Tuesday in my physical reality and as I don't have a Tardis I couldn't take a piccy of my Wednesday desk for this post... ya get me? Come back and see me later, Pwease?


  1. These are so cool!! And, see you later!!

  2. love love love, both bits, the cj is totally awesome rock on!!!

  3. looks fab, the CJ recipient will love it!

  4. Terrific as always!!!!

    You really put me to shame with your artiness

    le huff...


  5. Fabulous work- just LURVE your burlesque Bombshell and you've used my fave Bombshell with 'Til death'

  6. Ho ho! That lady looks like a might saucy kinds gal! great tutu!
    And the page in your circle journal is fab! But kissing a skelly - aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

  7. Oh My Goodness Carmen ... I am stunned by your vast collection of Copic Markers. Loving the whole tutu thang you got going on and I see you are a mighty fine journal type too ... I shall be back later to peruse your desk :0)

  8. wow fantastic carman love ya bombshell and your awesome journal...hugs Anita

  9. Love your Alice chick (love him too!!)
    The journal is amazing. Someone is going to be really happy with that!

  10. Wow, you have 8 more Copics than I do. LOL I just love these projects! The CJ recipient is going to pee themselves when they see your pages! (In a good way...) LOL

    Happy Hop Day! :)

  11. Whoa! Love the sparkly tutu! And your circle journal page! ;) I have 18 copics! I can't find any of those Spica pens here though!!!ARgh!

  12. Carmen - both of your creations are outstanding. I'm in LOVE with your Tutu bombshell and her fabulous sparkly "playboy bunny" suit and her amazing headdress!!

    Your journal looks AMAZING!!! How many pages are in it? Do you work on it daily? It's completely inspiring...delicious work!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  13. Amazing work!!! Love it!!!!!!!

  14. Both projects are totally awesome! I am lovin' them very much!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Carmen, I love that tutut!! and the second project is beautiful beyond belief. Thanks for the inspiration today.

  16. Fang-tastic! Love the skirt and the wonderful makeup and sparkle! and the circle journal is incredible!

  17. Love the Alice fan. That is just the coolest thing ever.

    Your CJ pages have been sending me into throes of inspiration and self-doubt. You set the artful bar pretty high, friend.

    Gorgeous work. So glad the images came in handy. You use them with such flair!

  18. So happy you're a part of our little Gauche family! Hope you're enjoying the hop- I know I am! Love your little pin-up, and your creative style in general! ~Heather

  19. Ahoy Matey
    SO kewl that awesome Nicole shared, she has nice playground manners. and I am HAPPY for ya...blog-hopping yourself silly. It figures{shakin my head}...does she have black zits toooo? You did awesome on this Carmen.

  20. I love it great work
    Luv Jane xxx

  21. That tutu is so clever!-and spica pens? must find out about them!

  22. What a great bombshell! She is decked out in high style! I am really digging the pages of your book, too! I love these images, they are some of my faves, and I am loving how you used them here!

  23. Your journal is really cool!

  24. Nifty use of the bombshell with the tutu and glitter. Love the journal pages

  25. WOW this is amazing, your journal is awesome xxx

  26. That's too good! I love the gal and her text background. I hope she finds a home soon in a smokin' journal! xx

  27. Wow! Both pieces are totally fabulous. I love the burlesque gal, her hair, tutu, and headpiece. The "Til Death Do Us Part" piece is fantastic as well.

    If you want more Bombshell goodness, start participating in challenges and such on the forum. The more you play, the better your chance to win.

  28. OMG can I just tell you how much I love your work?!? Alice puts on the best concerts ever! and I have Bill on my blog sidebar too....ha ha...great minds think alike! great card!!

  29. I love it , the album was my fav , thanks for inspiring!


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