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Monday Meanderings...

Hello everyone :)

We got back from sunny Hastings late Saturday afternoon and have been in catch up mode ever since. It sounds like we didn't do to bad on the weather compared with what some have had - one seriously rainy day and a couple of showers but otherwise sun and warmth... not to hot, so I was happy.

I must admit that apart from missing my firm mattressed bed and my bath (dodgy caravan shower) I really enjoyed it and didn't want to come home. But then,as many of you will know, I have been badgering my Craig to move for various reasons on and off for years. and He knows by now that after each holiday he has to put up with weeks of 'ohpleaseohpleaseohpleasepleasepleaseplease can we moooove'  from myself. It does get irritating even to me. Anyway... until we win the lottery or I become a world famous artiste...  that ain't gonna happen. I shall badger you with holiday pics instead. No it is NOT optional and yes you do have to look. But I have a dodgy neck and back at the moment, no sudden movements - so if you should choose to run away  - I probably couldn't chase you. But that wouldn't be very nice now would it?

Fabby art in Hastings Old Town...I wont repeat the joke that made him chuckle... Some people are so talented - how gorgeous are these?Fun in the aquarium...Alexandra Park...
There was a free council organised craft & sport event on in the park, in conjunction with Change4life, the girls loved it. Turned out one of our best days out cost us just the price of a picnic. There was so much there we didn't get around everything... it's on every Wednesday throughout the holidays.
Nanna and her clay creation :P

Feeding the winged inhabitants of the park...
And this is the sum total of what I did of my class homework while away :P But we're home now, we are almost back to normal, if I can get my neck and back loosened up then I will be cracking out the paints for a play! Yay! Ask me not what I've done, haven't got a clue. Was absolutely fine yesterday - just normal back niggles but today if I move my head to sharply the pain is so bad I want to throw up. Nice.

Thanks for stopping by and if you're still reading, well done you lovely people. I'll be by for a catch up over the next few days.


  1. Happy Days indeedy! (yours girlies are beauties btw!) And those sculpture, arty pieces - a bit of wow on the streets - fun!
    Hope your back loosens up now you're in your own bed!
    x x x

  2. Looks as though you had a great time the sea horse xx

  3. Looks like a lovely family hols, with plenty going on. I can see some lovely scrapbook pages being created soon.

  4. If your neck hurts badly when moving it sharply...

    ..then don't!!

    ...simples :P

    LOL easy to say when you can easily do things like that while asleep, or to face a petulant child...been there got the tshirt

    Looks like you had a great time! :)

    ....far to great to come and visit me in Bognor anyway!


    Lovely that your best day only cost a picnic! It's great when councils put on stuff like that- apparently ours do too I find out afterwards,,, I haven't been told about it apparently as we aren't in the 'disadvantaged children' group.....

    Oh hhhh-really?

    I'll stop now...only got up for some tea... if people hear typing I'll get into trouble...

    Good post missus :)


  5. Glad you had a good holiday - hope the pain eases up soon. Love those sculptures, they're fab.

  6. Fabulous sculptures, do you think they'd miss the eel if I took it? There again dont think OH would be too pleased, he'd hate it (resembles a snake too much).

    Looks like you had a fab holiday, now hows about popping some ibrufen & putting a warm wheat pack on your neck?

  7. YAY! Great to have you back!

  8. ooh amazing sculptures - you should sketch them,

    doing good with your Suzi home work - the eyes and nose and mouth are looking good...

    N & I have decided on a five year plan - once both boys are through Uni we are moving - I just want better light than we get here in the uk...and I WILL NOT pay stupid UK house prices for structures that are not going to last 20 years before they start falling apart.

    so whinge away I shall be whinging longer and louder....

    take an anti - spasmodic for your neck- & a hot pack - ask a pharmacist....

    missed you,


  9. Great sculptures, especially like the photo of your daughter hugging the knight chess piece! Looks like you had a good time, hope your back feels better soon x

  10. Fab piccies, glad you enjoyed your break. x

  11. Wow, Carmen, those Hastings sculptures are fantastic and there's me thinking Hastings was for the dead and the dying. Oops, got it wrong that's St Leonards.

  12. Ooh, welcome back. Nothing wrong with showing holiday photos! lol. Lucky you with the weather too. Have missed you in blogland, hope your back is better soon, Nicky. x

  13. I Missed you ... and now you are back ... I am going ... catch up properly next week XXX

  14. PMSL ...yep I actually knew it was Tuesday ...didn't mean to click on post but once I did well ....I'll link tomorrow lol. Wonder Woman I am not ...I have the odd moments if insanity ... the odd flash of energy ... the other 90% of the time I sit around being lazy and ignoring the chaos ...doing what i want to....have to say the eating healthy has helped with energy levels. xx

  15. Good to have you back Carmen :) sorry to hear about the neck pain though - I hope it's a bit easier by now.

    It's nice to hear someone else missing their bath - everyone round here apart from me prefers showers.

  16. Yay you're back from your hols (I know I'm a bit behind and you've been back for ages but I'm still glad you're back!) Glad you had a great time and those sculptures are fantastic. Know what you mean about wanting to move. Tell your OH you want to live the dream and if he doesn't agree beat him up til he does :) (LOL) Jaqui x


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