Hello WOYWWers - You catch me in the middle of a sort out. I have mess everywhere.
That is the dreaded scan disk running on my PC again. I don't know what's going on with it. If I'm lucky it just crashes once an hour but it's usually more. Have tried cleaning it, defragging, running virus checks you name it. Have been frantically backing up my photos and documents in case the dreaded final crash happens any time soon. I usually save £1 a day towards the Ally Pally show, however I've talked it over with Craig and we've decided that I will miss the September Ally Pally, continue saving and then come Christmas we will see how much I have and he'll put the rest of the money towards a new PC for Christmas. In effect he's bought the whole thing - it's his pockets I raid for change each day. It's easier to save this way than find a big lump in one go.

I am still trying to get round all the desks from last week so if you find a random question totally unrelated to your desk this week it's because I'm still nosing at last week

For my regular readers I have some good news. Lucy is HOME! She is still a little wheezy, shaky and a bit spaced out, the vets still don't know what actually happened but over the last couple of days she has been eating and drinking more and today she is a lot steadier and faster on her feet. Fingers crossed she is on the mend. Thank you for all your well wishes.

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  1. Carmen, thanks for your comments about my living room, hope yours now gets the seal of approval from Craig!! Shame you won't be at Ally Pally (I've just ordered my ticket) this time, but PC's don't come cheap do they!

  2. Good news about Lucy. Poor girl. She has been through such an ordeal. I am sure she is glad to be home with her family. I hope she is over this rough spot soon and fully recovered.

  3. I have some crafting stuff on my desk this week!

    Yeah...I know.... mega!...



  4. Good luck saving for your new PC. I bet you've got lots of stash to keep you going!!


  5. Your desk looks just fine to me!

    Hope Lucy continues to improve

  6. Good luck with the PC - hope you get enough saved up for a new one - what a treat!!

  7. Is that a book or a page? Whatever it is, it looks awesome - I'm intrigued. I could do with a new PC, too - mine's almost as old as I am - only joking, lol.

  8. Hi Carmen
    oh hope you get your computer sorted, backed mine up this morn as it was playing up! glad to hear Lucy is home, have a great day, sue,x

  9. Take it from someone who's been there, backup storage is cheap compared to the loss of precious data. Sounds like you have a plan for getting your new one, though.

    I've read people talking about Ally Pally. I really MUST find out what it's all about. A British thing, maybe? Happy WOYWW.

  10. Aww shame you will miss out on Ally Pally, but a functioning PC is an essential. Glad to hear Lucy is feeling better

  11. I hope you get everything backed up in time, i know only too well what it is like to lose photos. A new computer will be a great pressie. I raid my OH loose change to pop in our gigging money box, trying not to break into it till next year, hopefully it will pay for a few tickets.

  12. YAY




    OOOh PC's - may I lecture you seeing as we are friends and I have a BSc Hons in the subject matter?

    Missy - think on - depending on your make & model - you may only need to upgrade a part not the whole thing - and then have pennies left over for other things - scan disc usually recurs if the PC is not shutting down properly - and you may have had problems if you shut down in the middle of auto updates; if you spend a long time connected to the tinterweb....then push the off button ...you may not even know you are doing a BAAAD thing...you may even be 'hibernating' not shutting down and the poor thing is just confused...

    if you've got your external hard drive & done a back up you can afford to faf and see if you can fix the box -- see if performance improves after: PROPERLY POWER DOWN - power back up- full scan check, defrag, take all your upgrades IN FULL - leave it doing it overnight if necessary, then do full virus check , remove all detritus - cookies you don;t need etc- - check your software install list and remove everything you don't really really need ( you can always reinstall) - and do seven ghost washes (check it out on the web it removes the data a PC stores that no one except a freak would find) - pain in the ass but could save you £100s - also check you don't have a virus checker running without you knowing - it will cripple your PC - only certain virus and firewall software is worth having - a good security system will not compromise your processing power... or cause disc failures

    Never fear - my beloved vaio laptop recovered from the blue screen of death last week - and is fine now -

    if you already know all this and its F^%$£D BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION-

    most important thing you have already done - full back up to a trusted server...

    and you're still coming out with me & Lizzie even if you are broke...

    I am saving for my MAC (Luke had 'mine' for his 18th) - so If I get to my target before you lose your PC - you can have my desktop packard bell - so don't think about how you spend those crafting pennies yet...

    Soo happy about Lucy

  13. Thankyou for the link honey, gonna have a good look at that later, any help with gig prices is much appreciated.xxx

  14. Fabulous news about Lucy and please take take Doone's advice re the PC ... that way we can have coffee at Ally Pally this time ... coz I aint working :0)

  15. Good news about Lucy :-)
    Bad news about the PC :-(
    I like saving up for things. I think it makes you appreciate them more.

  16. My computer is playing up at the moment too and I really need to back up my photos. I am so pleased that Lucy is home. I know how stressful it can be when our pets are ill,especially when they look at us so pitifully as they don't know what is wrong.

  17. tee hee make the cake..make the cake..make the cake..is it calling to you yet?

    if you bake it they will come...

    so you better eat it quick lmao!

  18. Good lord - I think you need to ring donna!! I couldn't agree more about Ally Pally and PC replacement/repair - you HAVE to be online, but you can go to the next Ally Pally. Or some other! Good news for Lucy. Relief. And yeah, bake the cake.

  19. well, Doone's said it all, can't add to any of that! 'remove everything you don't need ' is good, coz it goes on under everything you do, and the poor thing sometimes just can't cope! Have a crafty WOYWW

  20. Lol, get a new pc, we can't not have you online can we??? Very glad to hear Lucy is home and doing better, she looks such a sweetie! Oh, I LOVE to drive too, I find the windiest roads on the way to work just so I can drive fast round the bends!


  21. Sorry I'm late calling in this week. I'm having a really manic week and even had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62mile round trip :-)].
    Good luck with the computer fund. Hope the old one lasts a good wheil yet for you. Glad to hear Lucy is back and making a steady recovery.
    A x

  22. Plenty of stuff there and good luck with your fund !!

  23. I can sympathise with the PC thing! My laptop recently upped and died after languishing for quite a while. I'm afraid I just clutched the nettle and went and bought a new one... then there's the nause of trying to find out how all the slightly different operating systems work!
    Hey Ho!


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