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What's Rocking My World Friday :)

Can it really be Friday again? Evidently it can so that means...Well first of all Lucy is home, well and almost fully recovered. It's amazing to see her now you wouldn't believe she was the same doggy that, if I'm honest, I thought was knocking on Deaths door last Friday. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The PDSA ROCK! We will be taking out insurance for both our doggies with their insurance company because they get some sort of percentage if we do. They've been amazing.

Secondly - another thing I seem to say every week but that's not a bad thing right? My family and friends. Not because I've been grumpy and down this week - I've been a happy bunny and really... you lot are in part responsible for that and I loves you all because you ARE here both when I'm happy and when I'm a moody mare.

Next we have all three of my girls getting their hands dirty with their art this week. Their Mum may have a sparkly clean desk still but they've been busy, busy, busy.

This was Devvie's entry on a Facebook competition to win a giant Andrex puppy. She didn't win but she is getting a runners up mini puppy which she is very happy about. The comp criteria was to draw a picture of yourself with the Andrex puppy. I love it!Below is Phoebe's work in progress. She's altering a teabag box. So far she has covered it in tissue and glue and lots of acrylic paint. Loving the way it's going. She's talking about more paint and rub-ons next.And this picture shows the latest page in Ruby's book. I love the colours she's used this time. If you would like to see more pages from Ruby's book you can click here. I absolutely love it.And finally, I'm hoping to be signed up to a Suzi Blu class by this weekend. I've got my eye on the Goddess and Poet class which amongst others has $10 off at the moment. (Be quick - only till the first of August!) I've wanted to do one of her classes for a long long time but am such a ditherer. However Donna of Doone's infectious enthusiasm for the classes has finally given me the push I needed. I am so excited. Not just about this class but about so many creative doors that seem to be opening lately. I don't want to sound cheesy but there has been a definite shift in my attitude the past few weeks and it feels like I am finding out who I am not just creatively but in all aspects and I'm lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it!

Oh wait...I can't not mention my world record breaking (in terms of my Blog's lifetime) 79 comments this WOYWW Wednesday. The comments received have had me in stitches. I am just a tad worried what I'll have to do to top that next week. AND I visited every blog on the list by 9am on Thursday! Whoooo yeah! Go me!

Thank you as always for stopping by you lovely people. If you'd like to play along with the positiveness that is Rocking Friday - be sure and link up with Virginia here :)

Oh and hold on again... Gauche Alchemy is sponsoring a very cool contest on These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things at the moment to win the last GA ACME kit before they move to subs only. The challenge is to create something about your favourite bands. Why not pop over for a peek.


  1. Ooh you're right, that pic of Dev's is ace! Well done Devster! :)

    Glad you've had a good week


    Gail xxx

  2. Your kids have obviously inherited your talent! Glad you've had such an UP week, long may it continue. have a great weekend - hope you get your desk dirty!

  3. Glad Lucys ok now and lovely to see your kids art work!
    My Reki attunement went well and my friend loved her gifts!

  4. Wow Carmen, you really do pack it all in! You sound really happy and positive, hurrah! It's a lovely feeling when you feel like you are connecting with the person you were meant to me - sounds a bit naff, but you know what I mean.

    That class looks amazing! I look forward to seeing your creations and progress, you talented girly you.

    And the cherry on top of the icing - the girls artwork. Wow! Devon can draw about a million times better than me, and Ruby's teabox - what can I say, it's genius.

    But Ruby's book - oh, I lovelovelove it. Beautiful - what a treasure to keep forever.

  5. What a fantastic list of gratefuls this week Carmen - loving them all! Hubby was happy someone understood his grapes comments LOL - the meal was great the dieting has left the building again (can't seem to hold onto the motivation long enough if I'm totally honest). Loving the fact that Lucy is making great progress - awesome stuff - I can't imagine your accent had me giggling today particularly with your comments about my gorgeous Yorkshire accent the other week tee hee! Loving the creativity that you've got going on with your girls and well done to Devon on being runner up in the competition the picture is awesome! Mmmm another online class - step away from the computer I tell you - I'm still struggling to complete the first rock journal entry how about you?



    you are just the last to see it - everyone else can!

    from a mile away!

    must go - filming in progress - will post stills later.....


  7. Well you've got me feeling all positive and creative just reading about what you're loving this week!

    Your girls are obviously a chip off the old block and the kind of encouragement you are giving them is priceless :)

  8. I am soooo pleased to hear about Lucy xx

  9. Hi Carmen! Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blogpost today! And wow... another booklover with a marvelous book-blog-background!! And I LOVE your art journal page! (I'm more of an art journaler too - the entry for TAAFOMFT is one of the lesser layouts I make sometimes...) Have a great week with lovely weather (it's cold and rainy acros the Northsea...)

  10. (Oh, I'm sorry, It's your daughters page... tell her I LOVE it!)

  11. lovely creations Pheobe, Ruby and Devon. Glad to hear Lucy is fine.

  12. Just poped back to say the light arrived safely and the cats send their purrrrrrrs....and a bib thank you from me too.
    How do you get round everyone so quickly on WOYWW??? ...takes me days xx

  13. awww I love Devon's entry that pic is so cute!!! And that kit looks amazing :)


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